Welcome to the development blog for The Forest.

The Forest is an independent game currently in development for PC and Oculus Rift.

Check back at this blog often for new screenshots, videos and updates.

Here’s our first trailer:


And if you would like to see The Forest on steam, vote for us at:

133 thoughts on “Trailer release

  1. Please keep up the great work and keep the site updated! This game looks remarkable and like there has a lot of effort been put into it. I look forward to seeing what cool things this game can bring to the table!

  2. You have my vote on STEAM Greenlight this game look phenomenal. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a new game. Best of luck and I look forward to playing.

  3. Damn this really looks amazing. An open world survival game, with good scary elements and sandbox gameplay. Definitely hyped as hell for that, can’t wait to see it happen, it’ll without a doubt be a day-one buy. Make sure to keep us updated, and maybe offer an open alpha or beta to get feedback :P

  4. I’d buy it but only if it was NOT Steam. Put it on DVD, let me load it onto my system, let me play it offline without having to log on every time I start the game.
    Some of us like to play but either cannot, or choose not, to have an internet connection. I Cannot due to my location. I get my email and satisfy my internet cravings when I’m at work, I have to drive half a mile from home for a cell phone signal and I like it that way.
    That being said, It looks like it will be an awesome game and I will look for more info as it becomes available.

    • Hey Patrick,

      The song used in the trailer is titled ‘Morning’ by brian madigan and is available on audiomicro.

  5. Hell yes, voted for and shared. Can’t wait to see any updates and hopefully an open/closed alpha/beta test!

  6. This game looks like it could shape up to be an experience unlike any other. I would love to be able to purchase this on STEAM. You guys have my vote 100%. True survival horror has literally vanished from consoles, but PC’s keep the genre alive and breathing! This is proof of that! Games like this is the reason why I just recently bought a PC.

    This pre alpha footage gives a sense of loneliness. I like games that don’t throw constant tutorials in your face, but instead let you figure it out for yourself. What could be more frightening than trying to survive on an island with little knowledge of anything? TRUE survival horror. #theforestgame

  7. Any way to get glimpse on it and join alpha? After playing Don’t Starve for a while, i got CRAZY about The Forest. Can’t wait to put my dirty hands on it!

  8. The Forest has a lot of potential, and I am eager for it to be able to get my hands on it. Is there anywhere besides here that suggestions for the game can be posted? I have a few ideas that you may or may not want to hear but it always nice to allow your target consumers to let their opinion be heard.

  9. I’m sold. Take my money, just put my name on a list somewhere for the alpha testing :-) but very cool concept, temperate rainforest setting looks sweet. Can’t wait to kick some mutant butt!

  10. WOW this game is exactally the kind of game I love! Keep up the good work and I’ll surely buy this game! Also what I think would be good would be if you added more gameplay or clips of the game :D

  11. Excellent Work so far, the forest looks.. well.. foresty. Its gorgeous. Up-voted on steam for sure. What engine are you developing with?

  12. This looks amazing my friend showed me this last night and I got excited immediately I don’t have a good gaming pc so I hope it will come out for the Xbox soon but if not I will be watching YouTube videos about it all day.

  13. WOW! This look’s AMAZING! Will there be any chance of this coming on to consoles PLEASE SAY YES! Because i don’t have a beast computer to run games like this. But besides that it look’s great keep us updated please. :P

  14. I have a lower end laptop and I’m not that tech savvy. I really want this game when it comes out, but I’m not sure whether or not my computer could potentially run it. What are the expected minimum requirements for this game?

    • Hey Zach,

      We’re still doing a lot of optimizing and so don’t have exact spec’s yet. A low end laptop would really struggle.

  15. That’s what i call amazing piece of work guys :). Both thumbs up, very high. And Oculus Rift idea for this kind of game is just perfectly terrifying…FEEL THE FEAR…

  16. it looks so breathtaking! hope for more gameplay soon or a pre alpha. wish i could be a part of this game, playing an alpha and give some feedback!

    • Hey VoverKebab,

      We don’t have an exact release date just yet. But we are planning an open alpha at some point.


  17. Ce jeu pourrait ce façonner jusqu’à être une expérience unique. J’aimerais être en mesure de l’acheter sur Steam.Je vous soutient a 100%.

    Ces images pré-alpha donne un sentiment de solitude. J’aime les jeux qui ne jette pas des tutoriels constants dans votre visage, mais laissent la place vous de le découvrir par vous-même. Quoi de plus effrayant que d’essayer de survivre sur une île avec peu de connaissance.
    tenez au courant pour la alpha/beta test,beaucoup de monde serait volontaire.
    continuer comme sa.

  18. Tienes mi voto en Steam! Creo que amo el juego! hahaha, Estoy muy seguro que sera el juego del año!!

  19. This game looks so amazing!! Can wait for it to be out.
    I volunteer for a game tester if you would need one :)
    please let me have it already in alpha :D

  20. I loved the game, its just amazing and unique, if we could play as a coop game(2,3 or 4 players) better.

  21. Looks amazing I rarely actually leave comments on anything on the net but this one deserves one!! Will buy.

  22. Hey I just wanted to know what program you are using to create all of the world objects because i know that unity isn’t really the best thing to do that on.

  23. Looking forward to this games release! Keep this site updated please, very curious as to what you guys are up to at the moment.

  24. Very promising! Looking forward to what you are able to accomplish with this. Please have a multiplayer feature! That is really important to me and most other gamers in the 21st century! Keep up the great work!

  25. This game looks awesome:
    But can I have the date of release and will there be any other creatures excluding the mutants

    Can’t wait till it comes out
    Good luck

  26. This game looks amazing. The graphics look incredible and it looks like a fun game overall. And If you guys add Co-op i think a lot more people would play. I know me and my friends would. I look forward to this coming out so i can do some YouTube Videos on it! Thanks for working hard on a this game!

  27. I have been waiting for a good game like this for a while now, and i would also like to know more details about/if there would be co-op, because, lets face it, this game would be great for it. I would also like to know about if it would have a chance to come out on Xbox, and what the minimum requirements are for this. Really excited for this and vote this on Steam Greenlight! I just cant wait to do a Youtube Lp on this and i would really love to be an alpha tester! I…Just…Can’t…wait…

  28. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for quite a while! This looks great! I really hope it’s rouge like as in one life only. Or they add a hardcore mode with that requirement. Man can’t wait for this.

    • Hey Nickalee,
      We’re still working on it! It’s only been a couple weeks since our first trailer release.

      We’re a really small team so it’s hard to update very frequently

  29. This game looks/sounds bad-f**kin-a$$, more updates PLEASE. And definitely give it a phat amount of sandbox gameplay (minecraft status in terms of rearranging/modifying landscape to fit building creativity) on top of the epic survival/horror the trailer shows already. Plus if you give it more hardcore combat than what Minecrap provides, I think this could very well match if not exceed Minecraft.. Easily

  30. very cool. The industry needs more ideas like this. Keep it up, im looking forward to this. Please do let us know about any open Alpha content !!

  31. you said there would be traps/weapon crafting what is that going to look like as there was no sign of any in the first trailer please show some in the second one no no pressure its got to be tough to make and update at the same time

  32. I can’t wait i posted the rest of my comment over in the Greenlit comments by accident but anways. I can’t wait for this dream to come true game to be developed; AWESOME!

    • This game looks amazing it is truly a game that I have waited forever for! And I can’t wait for it to come out (of course don’t rush I want this game to be amazing)!
      I was just wondering though about a few things that i would like to see in the game. (just ideas of course)
      I was wondering if as someone said will there be a mode with more “convetional/natural” enemies or like an add-on maybe in the future that you can get? (don’t get me wrong though i love the whole monster night thing and the day exploration and building).
      Another thing I was wondering was can you climb trees, mountains? (mountaintop fort would be pretty cool to have)
      As well can you build defensive structure or bases in the caves and underground?
      Are there different suits you can wear like camoflage or ghillie suit like thing?
      Are their bows and arrows in-game?
      And you said that the monsters have families and whole lives so does this mean peace can be made, or like different ones are more docile or stealthy, or like you kill one of their family members and the rest of the family has like a vendetta or something?
      Well anyways I have lots of ideas and as you can see can’t wait for the game to progress and have an Alpha gameplay. Anyways though thank you for building the game of many peoples dreams and I know it will turn out great, Thanks!

      • I’m sorry but the curiosity is killing me and I just had some ideas i wanted to throw out there.
        Can you burn down forest or have like raging wildfires?
        Will there be different areas like different cave (sedimentary, igneos or/and metamorphic caves) and will there be different suface environment with like different animals to hunt or kill (is there hunting?) and different plant areas like marsh, jungle, plains?
        Can you scavenge form your plane and are there other crash sites (i saw that screenshot with the pile of bones so I guess there might be other crashes or dead people (maybe living))?
        Can you upgrade weopons like have different weapons then add like more teeth to them or have a nicer handle maybe light arrows or your blade on fire?
        Can shelters be upgraded or are their just a variety of them?
        Do you “harvest” rock to get stronger shelters and such or just trees and bones and stuff?
        When you kill one of the monsters do they give you valuble items or something or do there lairs/homes contain important items or useful items?
        Do you ever “finish” the game?
        Are their boats or water buildings?
        Are the walls, doors? Are their any building or anything where you have to have like electricity form like some sorta abonded plane or radia tower thing?
        Did people evr use to live on the island or build stuff on the island?
        Are their like faction of people on the island or monsters like are their groups of like survivers who are like bandits or have like a huge “town”?
        Is there any armor in the game, vehicles of some sort?
        And is there more than one island?
        And finaly (not to rush you) but i was wondering when (estimate) will there be a alpha open version or such lke Q4 2013 or maybe even Q3 2013?
        Anyways though I know you are buisy building an awesome game and that this comment is super long (sorry about that) but anyways good luck with the game and thank you for making/developing such a great idea and game!

        • Hi Kelly,

          Sorry for the delayed reply, we have had a lot of spam on the website lately.

          We can’t answer all your questions without revealing too much of the game :) but, there will be a new trailer that will hopefully answer some of them.

          We also don’t have an exact date for the alpha just yet, but we are working on it!


  33. yes there will be more then one island caz the dev said you can build boats and sail to other islands Did people ever use to live on the island or build stuff on the island yes don,t no what will look like but maybe like old ruins?

  34. This game looks amazing, both conception and execution from what i’ve seen in the trailer are great. I don’t think i’ve ever played an open world survival horror game before. If you do an alpha or beta please include me i promise to be responsible and report any bugs like i have done for other alphas/betas i have tested. Also add me to the emailing list. Best of luck on this project, this game could be really successful. Also, moar trailers!

  35. This game looks perfect! Work as long as you need to reach you goals. Also, I was wondering will this game be open to modding when released and is all of the map randomly generated/unending or is it a built map. PS will alpha be open to everyone, free or pay, or will it be closed if so how will you be able to get a copy

    • Hey Drake,
      Thanks! We’re hoping to put modding support in and the alpha will be paid but we don’t have an exact date of release yet.

  36. Hey whats up man I just wanted to say like as crazy as this sounds I had the exact and I mean the exact same idea for a game a couple of years ago but never knew what to start send me an email if you can I wanted to ask some questions (my email is geryafreitas97@gmail.com)

  37. This looks amazing! Great mix of horror and wilderness survival! I’ve been looking for a wilderness survival game for a while now and I found it! I can’t wait! Please put me on the list for trials :P

  38. hmm i see many co-op opportunities in this game… great trailer, i’d like to see more weapons, the possibilites are endless, im curious if from that plane crash you can salvage items? hmmmmm again the possibilities seem endless.

    • Also curious who is the company behind this game? rather are you guys looking for more people on your team?

  39. Any word on a rough estimate on the new trailer and possibly the alpha release also? Ever since I discovered this game (mid May I believe it was) I’ve been checking on this site at least once a day and I’ve been drooling over both the screenshots and the trailer ever since. It’s been a while now and while I still find the screenshots and the trailer absolutely breathtaking even now after I’ve seen them a couple hundred times, I still feel the need for more.. give us moooore. :D

  40. Is the world a man made map or is it randomly generated, if so is it infinite, is there a plot to get off the island? Looks fantastic so far, great job!

  41. I think this game looks absolutely amazing! It reminds my of The Sims Castaway for Wii, but more awesome because of the thrill of fighting for your life. However, I am curious about something. When you make a camp, can you fast travel back to it, or something similar, from a main map? I am directionally challenged, so this is important to me!

    • Additionally, can you play as a female character?Have you considered methods of food preservation, such as drying meat and creating storage containers?

  42. Ok Guys im checking this website EVERY day! sometimes i visit it twice a day! I`m really excited about anything your working on. Pls if theres any news at all just get a small post out. doesn’t have to contain something thrilling, but just.. something :)

    Peace & You can do it !!!

  43. Hi everyone, i’m looking for news every times i come here (every two days). A little sign from the devs will be appreciate ! To know this game is still indev … but actually i dont think so … .3 months without news, little team, ok, but just tell us something like : we are alive !

    Hope this game is still indev and good job to developpers for the very good trailer ;)

    • Trust me, been on steam greenlight and being greenlit is a good thing. The Devs are still working on it I can promise you :) Keep calm, if you hear nothing by december then worry a little bit

  44. I’ve been watching this for months with no updates… It’s getting on my nerves! Can we at least get a small update, even if its just one new screenshot. Just let us know you’re alive!

  45. It’s so cool!!Your game is very popular in Russia ;)
    I saw 6000+ people which wait it only in one group in Facebook!
    And 4000+ in Vk.com!
    We all hope that you’ll translate this game into Russian.And believe that The Forrest will be very interesting and scary game!)

  46. I really like the look of this game, looking forward to seeing more details about it. Considering the game uses the Unity engine, are you planning a linux version? I use linux pretty much 99.99% of the time, so a dx11 exclusive windows title would be a deal breaker for me, unfortunately.

  47. Hey devs, can you release the system requirements for running The Forest? With the new trailer out, I’m starting to worry that my pc will not be able to run the game, with it’s amazing graphics and all. Man…. It’s just… So beautiful… Anyway, I’m sure many other people besides myself would like to hear this information too, so please (if you can anyway, not trying to be pushy), post the specifications some time when you can! Thanks in advance, and for making such a wonderful game.
    P.S. The new trailer looks super amazing! (which makes the wait ever so more painful) Keep up the good work!

  48. i am loving the idea behind the game but u NEED to work on some of the sound affects because there not sounding too good maybe make them more realistic sounding like the attack sounds and hopefully u can put in a peaceful ( all alone ) mode were u can just build and survive with out having to look over your shoulder in case of enemy’s

    u NEED to have MULTI-PLAYER pls i beg u (and make it free for the first week or two)

    • Oh… are there different close u can make or fined and different characters like a girl and a black man / girl that would be nice

      where would i be able to get the game on this web site (<– pls be this) or on steam

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  51. I just saw the 2nd trailer, and I cant wait for the alpha to be released, but i have a few questions!
    1. Until TheForest is released via Greenlight, where might someone purchase it?
    2. When it is released, how much will it cost?
    3. Will there be any modes other than survival?
    4. Will the game ultimately result in death? Meaning, is there a way to escape TheForest?
    5. If the game results in death, will it be perma-death, or will it have a death system reminiscent of Minecraft’s?

  52. I assume that as a small company the developers regularly read through the comments so i’ll address this directly to you guys. I’ve been following this game for a couple months and thing look great. One burning question though. co-op? Seriously I’ve never seen a game that looks so tailor made for a great co-op experience. When i think of all the great times i’ve had in other games like this it all boils down interactions with other people, Weather it’s the shared comradery of base well made or bludgeoning your companion to death over the last pork chop co-op is what turns a good games into great games. Keep up the good work guys

  53. Guys, this is so so so so amazing, keep up the good work, I really cant wait for alpha =D
    The Forest impresed me more than GTA V, or….well I think this will be the best game I’ve ever played….well I hope I will paly it =D

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