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  1. I’m so happy for you, but I gotta admit, I haven’t been as hyped for a game since a long time.
    I hope to see your game soon, but don’t rush it. :) I can wait.
    Congrats with this achievement and good luck with futher developement!

  2. Phew, for a while there I thought you guys were dead. Good to know you’re still working on it, would like to see updates every once and a while. Even if it’s a tiny one, just to know you’re still alive.

  3. This is the game that everyone’s thought about and dreamed for, but this looks incredible! Thank you guys so much. It would be cool to keep us updated with what’s going on and when you think it will be coming out. Also a donation link would be awesome cause I would love to donate. :)

  4. Congratulations! I really look forward to playing your game, whenever it comes out. So far, it sounds and looks amazing, and I’m so glad someone is finally making a game like this.

    It would be cool if I was able to donate btw. I’d love to support this in more ways that just voting for the greenlight on Steam.

  5. Could you guys add a standard survival mode, with no derpy fire death monster things? But instead more natural enemies.

  6. This game looks amazing it is truly a game that I have waited forever for! And I can’t wait for it to come out (of course don’t rush I want this game to be amazing)!
    I was just wondering though about a few things that i would like to see in the game. (just ideas of course)
    I was wondering if as someone said will there be a mode with more “convetional/natural” enemies or like an add-on maybe in the future that you can get? (don’t get me wrong though i love the whole monster night thing and the day exploration and building).
    Another thing I was wondering was can you climb trees, mountains? (mountaintop fort would be pretty cool to have)
    As well can you build defensive structure or bases in the caves and underground?
    Are there different suits you can wear like camoflage or ghillie suit like thing?
    Are their bows and arrows in-game?
    And you said that the monsters have families and whole lives so does this mean peace can be made, or like different ones are more docile or stealthy, or like you kill one of their family members and the rest of the family has like a vendetta or something?
    Well anyways I have lots of ideas and as you can see can’t wait for the game to progress and have an Alpha gameplay. Anyways though thank you for building the game of many peoples dreams and I know it will turn out great, Thanks!

  7. This game looks very promising, great job so far! I know you’ve considered a lot of game play options for “The Forest”, I just have some thoughts if anything helps you. Realizing you have a limited budget, some of these may not be feasible, just a thought.

    First person character:
    - Not overpowered to take on hordes of zombies at a time, use strategy of the traps to take them out. It wouldn’t be freighting if you knew you could take out a whole bunch of them easily with stones and sticks.
    - Level up system where the more you chop trees, the quicker you can chop down things, the more you build the more heavier objects you can handle to make stronger fortresses. Depending on what you spend your time doing will increase that trait faster (killing increases resilience and power of striking, running increases stamina/speed, etc.)

    Mutant Cannibals:
    - Alpha mutant in some hordes to make things more frightening
    - Have them sneak around and crouch sometimes when they hear you, wait for your reaction as they stare at you (would be chilling), instead of immediately always running at you the first sound you make like a horde of zombies.

    Running from the mutant cannibals:
    – Be able to swim in the ocean to a certain distance, limited by a stamina system. Maybe even be able to have a built boat out of logs ready to push into the water to escape temporarily. Always risk of being in the ocean due to sea creatures/ sharks.
    - Climb trees (mutants can climb too, it’s a temporary escape to allow traps to go off below without dieing)

    Thank you and good luck!

    • I disagree with the leveling system, I think it takes away from realism and balance. as for the sneaking cannibals, i feel they would be fore feral and just run for their meal.
      As long as it isn’t minecraft or casual I’m good.

    • I also disagree with any rpg elements ,exepct crafting an armor or weapon .. It needs to be hardcore surival game not joke like deadisland

  8. If you ever decided to make a leveling system, it would be awesome to have the character say something in dialogue to give an indication that he leveled up (“I feel quicker”) or show maturity in his muscles (instead of showing level/talent-tree system on the screen). Or instead of displaying a stamina bar on the screen, the character would show signs of fatigue (gasping, slowing down). Everything in the trailer looks great and if you stick to that, you will do awesome. I’m just hyped about being completely immersed in the game (Especially with the Oculus Rift VR). Thanks again

  9. If they made a levelling system it would be good if the player was to throw away his shoes. Basically you level up to a faster running speed by wearing out your shoes and thus realising you’re faster without them.

  10. Hello,

    I think you should really play and be inspired by a game called “Don’t starve”. Certainly the best survival game ever done. If you manage to transpose this game in a whole 3D world with Oculus VR, you should have the best game of all time. Please think about it : Don’t starve !!!

  11. Hey! This game looks amazing, this is what i’ve been looking for!
    I wanted to know when will you let people try it? If you need people in pre alpha i would be honored to try it out!

  12. still waiting for a demo release or something from this title.. I can make a trailer about my dog running around in the yard and make it interesting.. I have yet to decide on this game, I refuse to make a final decision based solely on a trailer.. where’s the demo? Lots of hype… which makes me think it will fail, I hope it’s good but who really knows..

  13. It would be great if there was a cooperative !!1
    If you can make the Cooperative at least 2 !
    Your game is very beautiful and terrible, my friends waiting for her very much!

  14. Uhm… is this dead or something? no updates in over 2 months. nothing about progress what so ever. Your fans would like to know the status thus far.

  15. I love survival games, and I’m looking forward to playing yours. I hope that there will be a wide variety of food sources (from both hunting and gathering) as well as many different cooking methods.

  16. Can you please give everyone a update? I am so hyped about this game! and i want it to last! This game is gonna be big. Pewdiepie will play it obviously it is a horror game so.. and everyone knows when pewdiepie plays something everyone will know about it! So good luck on the development! can’t wait!

  17. The second this game is out, I’ll do everything to make Gronkh, a famous german youtuber with millions of viewers per video do a let’s play of your game, it’ll make the game way more popular i think. Simply because the idea of a horror/survival game with a more realistic graphic sounds amazing. It’ll stand out among all the other indie games.

    I just hope the graphic will be close to the graphic shown in the trailer.

    Keep us up to date or we’ll forget about “Survive The Forest” :)

  18. um update please??? are you planning to just randomly release this game or have you put it on the back burner? IGN even noticed this game which is why many have put this on their radars. we need to know what the heck is going on!?!?

  19. Anna, I agree with Ricky! You should let pewdiepie test pre alpha! He has 15,000,000 subscribers and about 13,000,000 will know about the game and will buy it because he played it! Imagine 13,000,000 people buy the game! The game will be,well,let’s say $80 and $80 times 13,000,000 is about 900,000,000 dollars! You people just have to use your head a little bit more. If you need game or sponsoring ideas, contact me. I will be honored to help you develop an amazing game like that. Anna, fell free to contact me!

    My Email: mr.opanak@gmail.com

    • Bro , bf 4 was selling with price of 60$.. I dont say bf 4 is better , because is not .. But they have armies of game designers , programers , movie scenarists for that game , and they have invested more then 50 mil $ in promotion of game .. And if they are happy with profit with 60$ per game , why forest shouldnt be with , 20$-25$ per game ..that would be great succsess if they manage to sell game in great numbers.. Main difrence between AAA game franchisees and indie frist trown in market games is that aaa games have a huge fan bases and they can never dissapoint them , but games like these can .. Thats a true surival horror of indie games, small percentage succssed .. So i hope that forest will take smart way ..

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