137 thoughts on “Trailer 2

    • Yup AMAZING
      I noticed 2 problems though first is that when the guy is gonna pwn the enemy with the rock his shadows head is missing, also im pretty sure a smash with a rock would be alot more brutal.
      But I’m not saying it sucks this is still BEASTlY

    • When this game is made how will we control our guy, this is pretty complicated looking checking your arms in lightning and pwning noob with rock lighting fire building stuff making BODY PARTS FIRE this sounds pretty hard to control

      So how would i control my person so i wouldn’t get pwned because I’m a person that must kill ALL ENEMIES.

    • Uh, instead of using the stick why dont you attack enemies with the axe
      and also last trailer the guy used a more primitive looking axe, will that be like a crafting thing in the actual game?

    • Just heard about this game today, Kinda reminds me of the book “I Am Legend.” Except on an tropical island. Which is a good thing.

      I will definitely be getting this game on release.

      The only thing I am curious about is the freedom of choice in the building. Will we be able to build our home how we want it piece by piece? or is it a choice from number of preset options?

  1. I know this says you are an indie developer, but how are the animations, textures, lightning and graphics so high quality? Are all they purchased assets from somewhere? Regardless, looks really damn good for an alpha product and I like the tense environments that have been shown off so far. Looks like it will be horrifying.

    • He’s an experienced Film / VFX Industry worker, so has lots of experience with creating assets that are realistic, In part, quality is dependent on how much time you can spare on the project as a whole. I’m not sure how many people are working on this, but i agree with you… it looks fargin awesome.

  2. wow, that looks really amazing! With this game you`re doing something very special! Just get some small regular updates out now so the pain of waiting isnt that hard to suffer anymore :D Full support!

  3. Holy sh*t!!! You are the best!!! F*** EA, activision and all that they don’t know how to make a awesome game like this with this quality and stuff. This video took my breath away. GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!

  4. Выглядит превосходно! Анимация, текстуры, освещение и всё остальное сделано первоклассно! Парни, вы сделаете революцию в жанре survival/horro!!! Ждём от вас демо версию игры.

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!! the game LOOKING AWSOME !!!! guys u have made my day ive been waching the trailer since i got home over and over again you guys r F#@$ING AWSOME!!!!!

  6. Игра выглядит превосходно! Анимация, текстуры, освещение, звук – всё сделано первоклассно! Парни, вы совершите революцию в жанре survival/horror! Ждём от Вас demo-версию игры!

  7. This looks really really awesome and very promising!

    How is this project being funded, are there any plans for a kickstarter or is the development financially secured already?

    Will you support motion controllers for those actions performed in the trailer? (wood chopping, smashing heads, carrying birds)

  8. This game just looks awesome ! I’ve been waiting for a new trailer ! Here it is, the best trailer i’ve ever seen (congratulations for the dynamic light system ;)) ! This game will be amazing ! Sure of it !GG to devs :)

  9. This is one of those games that looks too good to be true! First trailer got me so stoked, second trailer blew me away! I think multiplayer would be a nice addition, and definitely appreciated by a large group of players, but regardless this will be an amazing experience!

  10. Amazing, superb and great. I can’t wait for a release or maybe even a beta release for this game. Truly unbelievable I can’t wait to see/ hear more about it

  11. Holy shit! This game looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to play it, will there be a closed alpha or will we have to wait until the beta is released?!?
    I test A LOT of beta games is why I’m interested! I can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on this one!

  12. Omfg! You are an indie company and it looks much better than most “famous” companys. You must have really worked your asses of the last couple of months. It is awesome!!

  13. I’m repeating what’s already been said but that’s no bad thing really. Really nice work guys, I’ve been following this for a while and I’m painfully excited to play it.

  14. Looks great! I hope to buy it, and if there is co-op then I will buy two. For an Indie developer you have what seems to be the highest quality game I have seen in years. Great and original. Hope everything goes great with development!
    God bless.

  15. ….Guys I think there’s an issue already =/ I keep throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening, is this an issue the DEVs know about ? are they working to fix it ? ……….XD seriously though, give me an option to throw money at your amazing game ;p keep up the epicness !!!

  16. finally someone work on a open world game environment and have the balls to do it right , like some other big companys games should be and theyr not. Thank you for your work.

  17. I am curious when this should be released? I bought Rust and Sevendaystodie in Alpha. I want to do the same with this game. Is it going for public soon? It looks very very promising. And i like the base building.

    • they are planning on releasing the alpha sometime this year…they havnt told us exactly when but I assume sometime in december :D

  18. Come on slap this sucker onto steam so we can pay and help both fund the game and alpha/beta test for you. Arma III did it, and I for one will pay the cost and play this amazing game from alpha to finish.

      • Yes I understand it has been greenlit, thats what I am saying. There are lots of Alpha/Early Access games on Steam and this should be one of them. This is a small developer, and could use the help with testing the game. Sell early access helps test the game on multiple setups, OS and other things.

        • Ah, I didn’t see what you mean in your first post. But I agree with you, I sure hope that it’s first alpha release is sometime later this month. :D

  19. Amazing!

    I don’t need to play to know it as the best game ever.

    Im totally in the world of survival-horrors. I need this genre as an RPG or Strategy game. And there are such a few games.

    Good work, You have me as Your customer :)

    If You need beta tester, let me know :)

  20. I have a question. I’d like to play peaceful nice sandbox game. Will this game have a mode without all these horror elements? I am weak, and horror in Oculus Rift would kill me. I’m looking for good sandbox game which is not Minecraft.

  21. Awesome!
    I am buying this game the second it comes out, I’ve been coming to this website off an on for months hoping it’ll be released soon.

    I really hope they gives us a lot of things to build, the survival aspect is more of a draw for me than the horror.

  22. That looks really nice!

    I totally like the idea of surviving in woods middle of savage and hopefully scary tribemens,

    Pls pls pls make it scary as hell

  23. i am loving the idea behind the game but u NEED to work on some of the sound affects because there not sounding too good maybe make them more realistic sounding like the attack sounds and hopefully u can put in a peaceful ( all alone ) mode were u can just build and survive with out having to look over your shoulder in case of enemy’s

    u NEED to have MULTI-PLAYER pls i beg u (and make it free for the first week or two or for ever)

        • I argue, they actually are realistic now I’m no expert on bashing peoples heads in with rocks or beating them with a wooden club but I can safely say that there is flesh and bone under that skin and it doesn’t make a loud noise when hit probably a hard thud but nothing more the internal damage is what kills ‘ya your brain getting rattled like that and it would also not just explode under a heavy rock your head is tough and isn’t as delicate as you think. Hollywood has made most sound effects in games and movies WAY unrealistic and everyone has followed those SPLATS, SLURS and CRACKS since then.

    • I really wish there was an official forum for this website. It would be fun to talk to you all about this game and the ideas we have for it, maybe a few would get passed up to the developers and implemented. I know there’s a steam forum, but I hate they layout.

      I haven’t been this excited about a game in forever.

      Admin please add a forum, please please!

  24. I really hope this game doesn’t get too hyped like the rest in its genre cause that never ends well. From what I can see though it looks nice. But we have no information on game mechanics.

    Also please don’t sell this game in Alpha. Too many companies do that and it ends up just making people mad.

  25. I think I wetted myself a bit at the last bit, but the rest of the trailer had me squealing with joy! At the workplace, btw, so I got an audience, who insisted on seeing the trailer too. If you ever need testers, there’s four of us here now!

    The bird on the hand made my day:)

  26. What engine is this game using? The graphics are amazing. Cryengine?

    Also that nile monitor’s animations are very similar to zoo tycoon’s nile monitor…


    • Do you know how difficult it is to port a game?
      For starters, This game isn’t released yet, when it does, it will still be needing the occasional patch, (for PC).
      I doubt there will EVER be a console release.
      If there is, it will be at least a year or more, and that’s if at all,

      • The Forest is being developed by Unity engine and with unity it is really easy to port to consoles, you just need to buy plugin from their website. And with a push of a button you can port it. So there is hope that this game will be released on consoles.

    • It’s not 2002 anymore, capslock is seen as being rude or childish nowadays.

      OT: aside from a console port being a huge hassle, it also requires a bit of infrastructure. On PC you can simply use Steam, or dl it via the site itself, but on a console you need a psysical disk of some sort, which means you need to make those disks, get them in the shops, etc.
      Moreover, you lose a bit of money every step of the way; most companies see something south of 10% returned when selling through a reseller.

      Also; how big is the console market? I personally know no-one with a console but without a decent PC.

    • How would you forge this armour or are you referring to like tanning leather and making it into makeshift armour, although I don’t think a random guy would know how to make this armour. Now I have never tried or researched the making of leather armour but I assume it is quite complicated and tedious to make it versatile without proper tools, please correct me if I am wrong.

  28. God im making alot of posts suggestions coop, multiplayer, certain difficulties, acquirable hud, can get mutant abilities, armor again, and peaceful mode with no monsters, and finally creative like minecraft unlimited all and you can troll monsters :D

  29. PLEEEES make this game coop/multiplayer!! :O play it with a friend or two and explore the world and try to rescue eashother and stuff like that… I…. WILL…. SHIT…. MYSELF!!! of pleasure xD

  30. Какова будет система постройки дома ( убежища )? Можно ли будет строить дом на холме, на горе , в пещере, и прямо на других мелких вещах ( пнях, кустах, камнях) ?

    • in english please

      Also what it will be like playing the forest
      Hey mom im playing the forest
      Ok, Did you remember your diaper, you remember what happened last time

  31. Smash with rock must be Brutal!

    Other things are O.K.

    When this will release?? (just give it though it is not finalized)
    Any Professional news about that???

  32. I have a little question.. Will be any kind of bow in Your game? Are going to include archery into hunting or fighting with mutants?

  33. There should be a way you can turn off monsters/enemies for those scared players who like survival games but are total scaredy cats like me

  34. This game looks really good. But i gotta ask…do you need food to survive here? Animals to kill? Can you craft weapons or find any weapons?

  35. game looks fantastic really excited about trying it but on this note lets not rush the developers maybe they will release it with the least amount of bugs and glitches so we dont have to listen to people complain about a alpha game would like to see something from the devs though on some kind of release to curb the appetite for the game

  36. this game looks beautiful, its freaking art, you guys are doing something amazing here, and to think this is an indie developer game, just have to say this, dont sell out, looking at this game you can see that you guys are pouring your soul on it, and its painfull when a good company who cares about the quality and experience their game offers, turns into a greedy business, i understand that companies have to survive, but theres a balance to be met, between caring about your games and profiting from them, so please dont screw that balance please, this game could skyrocket you, dont let that go over your head.
    it would be really sad to see a company capable of making something as beautiful as this game stop caring and just make subpar game after subpar game just to milk some money, i hope you read this, and keep it in mind regardless of how big and far you get, wish you the best of luck.

  37. The first screen shot I saw of this game looked incredible! And then I find this website and I watch the trailers! Man! Wow! I have such high hopes for this project and look forward to its release! Best of luck to everyone who is helping develop this amazing awesomeness! Go team! wOO HOO!

  38. *busts in the room waving a baseball bat*

    God dammit, I want to play this game now!

    *grabs a potted plant off someones desk*

    And I’m holding this hostage until you release!

  39. Here’s to hoping there’s a beta to test out soon. Would love to experience this in the Oculus Rift.
    I mean, who hasn’t wanted to experience being attacked by creepy cannibals? :D

  40. Hey guys -just wanted to say keep up the good work! I recently heard that the enemy AI will be more ‘human’ if you will. As in, even though they are trying to kill you they care about their own kind. So they flee, carry wounded, mourn over deaths, etc. This is freakin awesome.

    Now, I know I’m just some random dude on the internet, but if you do incorporate multiplayer then add on to this unique AI!

    Example: Roaming around in the forrest with a friend. We get ambushed. Friend gets captured and drug off into the forrest. -holy fuck
    I later find said friend in a clearing, bleeding with a broken leg.
    Go to assist friend. Its A Trap! -Holy fuck shit fuck
    They eat both of us.

    Again this is a quick example and may be flawed, but implementing AI in creative ways like this ehances the feeling of being hunted. -And that sounds both terrifying and exhilarating.

  41. Hey, I’m sure you get a ton of comments like this but I’d be incredibly interested in participating in Alpha/Beta testing when you get to that stage, both on PC/Oculus since I’m about to order the DevKit version of that as well. I’d really love the chance to help you guys out in any way I can therein, I believe I can help give you quality feedback on both thematic/gameplay elements of the game and in finding and reporting bugs & glitches.

    I don’t have much in the way of technical experience, apart from having participated in a LOT of other betas for various games, but I do boast a pretty sizable knowledge of the horror genre, both in video gaming and movies/books. I’ve played almost every survival horror game you could name, and probably some you couldn’t, and the vast majority of them were huge disappointments in my opinion. You have a chance here to make a truly revolutionary game, and I would like nothing more than to assist you with that goal in any way I possibly can. I’ve left my email address, if you read this and think that my services could be of use, please don’t hesitate to email me.

    Thank you and best of luck, I’ll be checking in on this project regardless of whether or not I’m chosen for any sort of testing.

  42. Oh and one more comment, not to spam or anything: just read the Eurogamer interview you guys did, and I gotta say, don’t add multiplayer. I think you guys know that multiplayer is not the way to go with this. A lot of people will (and already are, as the comments page clearly shows) ask for it, but it’ll diminish the single player aspect and take away from the immersion of the game, as well as the horror.

    • Multiplayer would be an important feature for me. Where’s the problem if it is additional? You should have a look at “Rust”. Its in early alpha stage, but if you spent 3 – 5 hours building a house, and then hide inside at night, when another player tries to destroy the door and get in an kill you, it is horror, too ^^. The Problem with Singleplayer only is, that some day you have seen everything, and you can’t show to other players what you created ingame… OK, you can do that with videostreams and screenshots, but it’s not the same.

  43. This game looks real good, quality and graphics are excellent. Hope my of can handle it and hope its easy to pick up and play.

    Open world game usually nor my bag but this looks interesting .

    Let’s hope I can get through the forest without a change of pants lol

    So are we close to a release date yet ? I look forward to it, well done devs on make a stunning looking game.

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