Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix fixing some of the issues that came up after yesterday’s patch release


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.41b hotfix:


  • Fixed completing ghost tree structure causing trees of this type to keep the cut leaves when pooled/reused across the world
  • Calibrated floor & foundation floor log cost with new log size to match old cost for a given area coverage
  • Fixed loading saves with buildings ghost past ingredient requirements, it now automatically completes it (to fix rare cases of this occurring)
  • Fixed blocking while in hanging cut scene breaking animation
  • Updated navmesh in cave 2 to improve enemy pathfinding
  • Fixed boats not properly undocking when dock gets destroyed
  • Floor hole cutter now only cuts structure within the visible white rectangle area and no longer those that have been targeted and are above or below
  • Fixed roof hole breaking height calculation, causing roof shape to change when applying the cut
  • Fixed roof not calculating height properly depending on alignment with world
  • (Multiplayer) Further increased damage distortion of regular (not procedural) buildings for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bombs exploding over a foundation floor not distorting for client