Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve focused on fixing some of the bugs that have been popping up over the last few days since the 0.51 release.


We also added a new clothing type for MP characters and a new game mode, both of which become available after completing the ending. If you’ve already completed the ending you’ll need to run through the end again to unlock these.


We also switched the re-grow cheat mode into a checkbox that you can select from the game options menu, making it more accessible to people who don’t know the cheat exists. Ticking this will cause tree’s to slowly grow back for you whilst you sleep in game. We also made one of the distorted creatures more resistant to molotov attacks, and fixed some multiplayer issues with restarting the game after finishing the story mode,  along with a few other fixes. The full list is included below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • A new game mode now gets unlocked at the end of the epilogue
  • A new clothing option is available in mp for players who complete the game
  • Fixed snow falling into some areas it shouldn’t
  • (multiplayer) Fix for an enemy turning invisible during transformation
  • (multiplayer) Fixed players overlapping each other in a cutscene
  • Lighter can no longer be equipped during a particular cutscene
  • (multiplayer) Fixed clients seeing additional dropped bodies
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some dropped bodies not being visible for clients
  • Fixed water source trigger appearing to not respond if trying to interact with it before the end of the re-use delay
  • Some texture memory optimizations
  • Ghost wall type switch is no longer concurrent with the regular ghost interaction trigger (both can be used at the same time, regardless of holding log or not)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed a case of story progression getting blocked if client left the game at the wrong time
  • New gameplay option: Regrowing Trees On/Off (replaces the regrow mode cheat)
  • Added latest story items to notes chapter of book
  • Optimized memory usage of some end game animations
  • Fixed keycard doors not retaining unlocked state
  • Made boss creature more resistant to molotov attacks
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed restarting a new game lobby not working after finishing the story as host
  • (multiplayer)  Fixed other player weapons sometimes being held in wrong pose when first joining a game