The Forest is an open world survival horror game currently in development for PC.

Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.


The world

Enter a living, breathing forest with changing weather patterns, plants that grow and die. Tides that roll in and out with the day/night cycle.  Below ground explore a vast network of caves and underground lakes.


Complete player freedom

Chop down trees to build a camp, or start a fire to keep warm. Scavenge food to keep yourself from starving.  Find and plant seeds to grow food.

Build a small shelter or a large ocean side fortress. decorate your home with found items. Lay traps and defenses to keep a safe perimeter.



Explore and build during the day. Defend your base at night. Craft weapons and tools.Bunker down during the evening or bring the fight directly to the enemy.


Fight or Hide

Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly with crude weapons built from sticks and stones.


A new type of open world, survival horror experience

Defend yourself against a clan of genetic mutant enemies that have beliefs, families and morals and that appear almost human.


For PC and Oculus Rift  - Alpha Version Coming May 22 2014

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  1. The game has a open world. is the World random generated? Is it Infinit, if not, how the border look likes?

    Thanks for your answer.

    Game looks great;)

    • Lime Thomas said it’s an island so it’s not infinite, and from all I’ve read so far they have said the initial release won’t be as big as the full game but still be big enough to get lost in. As for being randomly generated they said that was something they looked into and may be implemented in the far future but for now it’s a set map. Because it’s hard to get really breathtaking unique seniors when it’s randomly generated.

    • can it be a lot people lay together in lan mode for more player to join in. it sound cool and more hardcore in type of place in the where they out. that will be cool it have monster attack in the days too.

  2. This sounds pretty nifty, I wouldn’t mind beta testing… *Cough cough*
    In all seriousness though, I am going to buy this game. Thank you for all the hard work!

  3. curious…what engine are you guys using? i am very excited for this. The more small detail of survival the better, even an intense minigame to start a fire with a bow-drill method to simulate difficulty before discovering a hard to find lighter. Also, randomly generated loot seems to be a must for longevity.

    • They’re using Unity to power the game. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be powerful enough for this game

  4. This game seems to have options to deal with different scenarios all of which you could do in the real world. One example is to block of any entrance to a new cave with traps or rubble to stop the mutants. Very few games especially in the survival horror genre allow this kind of creativity. Been waiting the 10 months since the first trailer came out to play this game. So far 9/10 until hands on gametime.

  5. This game looks absolutely amazing!
    Will there be any kind of multiplayer/co op? (PLEASE PUT MULTIPLAYER IN!)
    Will there be beta access? *hint hint*
    How much will it be upon release/preorder?
    When is it expected to be released?

    • 1. They say that they plan to look into coop after the initial release. (See FAQ)
      2. The game will be released on Steam and this website, apparently as an Alpha. (See FAQ)
      3. The Alpha will be $14.99 USD. (See FAQ)
      4. The most recent trailer (the third one) has the release date as May 22, 2014. (See video, on front page)
      Hope I could help! I’m looking forward to this game, but next time read the FAQ : P

  6. So i was wondering if this game is going to include multiplayer. The physics look like they wont be able to handle a large amount of people on the server with out it dying, so even if there was to be a multiplayer then it would only be like a max of 4 or 5 survivors no?

    • I remember reading somewhere they were highly against multi-player and seemed hesitant to even include 2-3 player coop because the more players they had the more it took away from the fear aspect of the game. Because two players working together significantly makes it seem easier/less threatening, even if there are more mutants to compensate you still feel comfort and safety with other people helping you.

      • Personally If they do add co-op (which I am preying they do) they should add when more than one person gets on lets say 2 than the mutants spawn rate doubles. To me that alone would scare me into submission! haha but in all seriousness, The co-op would need the mutant boost just to make the gameplay equally as hard! and fair!

  7. it shouldent even be mre then 5 player co op thats more then enough but i dont want only single player cuz then it feels like im not rly buying a full game tbh in my opinon* ou cant survive on ur own in the wilderness u need a team and a leader (: just like in lost <3 pls lisen to ur followers and get us some awesome co-op or make like Clans of 2-5 people where those in the clan can join the same server as u so if ur 2 playing and progressed a nice castle youre 3rd mate could join and seek defence at ur castle (; ps ur doing an awesome jobb on this game and thx for not realesing to early (=

      • Your comment is rude and really uncalled for. They are obviously trying to learn English and doing the best they can to communicate.

        • I don’t agree, Howltusk is obviously trying to type as fast as possible using sms style text and not caring about the difficulty that other people will have trying to decipher his or her spelling. Now that’s what I call rude. The problem isn’t so much about learning English but about taking the time to construct whole sentences that make sense.

    • Yes, you can survive on your own. Or at least you should be able to. Not all games must be multiplayer, although it can improve the experience. Look at games like The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, and Skyrim, to name a few. Great singleplayer.

      • The thing with single player imo is that you can’t share your experience with someone else. I always get so much joy out of sharing my fun and fears with a friend. The game already looks awesome now, but it would be even more awesome with co-op(max 4 people maybe even less) :)

        • Look I’m not saying that co-op will be bad if they make co-op, but if they put co-op in it ,that means that there is going to be level up and if there is level ups then it’s not a survival game any more.

          • From what I’ve read on this website there won’t be any multiplayer because the developers don’t want situations where one player kills other players and runs of with their equipment. They’ve seen this happen in other games and it ruins the experience of players. So if they introduce co-op it will be non-competitive and there won’t be any levelling up.

    • multiplayer would be ok, ecsept for its a island not a big map like rust
      that not true rust is a island but its big
      if its a big island then this comment should be DESTROD!!
      dam, huge mental blank lol =D

  8. I’m really really looking forward to this game, but I was tormented by one question, what languages ​​will it be? =)

    • If you’re wondering if it will be available in Russian, I do not know the answer. I think that I read somewhere that the developers plan to make it in as many languages as possible, but I might be confusing this game with another indie game that I read about.

  9. Is there any chance this will make it over to ps4? I dont have the kind of computer to support a game of this awesome magnitude, it barely supports minecraft. It looks amazing, somehow i will find a way to play it!

    • I hope they will focus on pc and maybe in the far future(when the pc version is almost finished) bring it for consoles. Consoles tend to make great pc games shitty

      • I mean yeah, they definitely should put their full attention on making this game as awesome as it looks so far, on the pc. I get that, I’m just thinking the ps4 can handle this, maybe if the game becomes popular and gets lotsa money, then I’ll ask again.

    • I don’t think so : ( It is possible that they will make a OSX compatible version after release though, especially if there is a demand.

  10. You know what would be cool? That in the coop mode, one player plays the main character, while the other one plays the kid.

      • More week than the adult if that happens. But in the story line the child was the mans son which died. There should be other survivors if it is co-op.

        • welll couldnt there be a alternate story line for multi-player, so like, one is all like, oh no my son died, and the other is all like, yay my son is alive i shall protect him. or however the second player would play, but it seems the son would be more for hardcore players, so id say there should be 2 different ways to choose from alternate story and then another survivor if you dont wanna deal with the sons problems of being weak

          • If I were the son I would go off into the forest and play with rocks and sticks, while the other player frantically searches for me

  11. Hey there,

    So far the game looks awesome! cant wait to play it. Are you guys thinking about releasing some raw gameplay footage with developer commetary? it would be nice to know how the gameplay works out and why you implemented surtain features.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. This game looks great, even better if we can play with a team and defend from monsters.If you do that it will be better than minecraft!!!

  13. The game looks extremely great. 10/10
    If you guys put the co-op mode will be perfect. 11/10
    Greetings from Brazil.

  14. looks great, and i have 3 questions
    1. do the creatures have a smart ai,like will they avoid traps,and go around unmovable objects.
    2. can you protect those people like your own (they wont be killed unpreventable).
    3. can they game be accomplished, like minecraft, were after a while of having supply and skill you will have little trouble fighting these guys.

  15. This looks very very promising but please, dont do it like the Metro 2033 or STALKER guys did it and create a beautiful game that ‘ends’ when you end the final mission or whatever.
    Or like Skyrim and limit all the options & immersion to Single Player only. It gets boring after a while, no competition.

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  17. I think co-op should be a reward for completion of the game otherwise players will miss out on the scary atmosphere on first play through.

    • I would agree, but then I feel like people would just be rushing through the game to unlock coop, then they just miss out on everything

  18. I really hope the developers just listen to every person that complains for multiplayer or large co-op. The game looks absolutely amazing the way it is right now, and I feel if small number co-op is done right and there still is the major threat level and fear while I play co-op that would be amazing. But for now I really want to game to come out polished single player before moving to co-op because I feel if rushing into that too quickly van ruin the game. From what I’ve read so far from q and a’s and such I think the developers know exactly what their doing and can get this done right if they stick to it and create the game they originally set out to make.

  19. This game looks super awesome! I have 2 questions that I would like to be answered:

    1. Approximately when will the game be available to buy
    2. Is “The Forest” powered by Unity

    Thank you :)

  20. This game is a WINNER! <3 i do love the idea of the Fear aspect , but there have to be a coop like 4player or something.
    also, hosting own servers would be awsome. like in minecraft.

    I have High expectations from this game! This and Destiny are my games of the year! Keep up the good work!

  21. Will there be a co-op mode? Will take the game to a whole new level if you and one or two mates could see how long you can fend them off!!!


  22. The game looks amazing but my only concern is the lack of multi player……just cant see a survival game working in single player without it getting repetitive and boring. But i have not tried Oculus yet so it may blow me away…..who knows.

  23. How much RAM is needed for the game to not lag and look good? In other words how much RAM is needed for the game to run normal? Please answer ASAP! I’m literally planning to buy a really nice Asus desktop to play this game! I want it to be GOOD! Game looks fantastic! 10 out of 10 stars can not wait to play it!

  24. Any guesses where the “creatures” came from or their back story? My first thought was the Lost Colony of Roanoke, but that’s just a huge guess.

    • The Lost Colony of Roanoke is on Roanoke Island, it’s not tropical, but keep trying that was a nice guess.

  25. This game looks like it could go a long way if the developers keep working on it in the future. The concept is amazing, and the price is totally affordable. I’m buying this as soon as it comes to Steam. I also love the support for the Oculus Rift, I own one and I don’t think I will be able to take it off once I get into it.

  26. Hey, do you guys think you could also have a peaceful option within the game. I don’t want to be horrified by cannibals, I want to live an awesome survival life in the wilderness.

  27. Will there be storyline and plot in this game?

    It’s awesome by the way, loved every bit of it.

    I like freedom, open world game, survival crafting game, and I’m quite a big LOST fan!

  28. Hello, wanted to ask, whether game will support Russian? You know, and after all in Russia and Ukraine very many players wait this game. And also at many a problem with English. I ask to forgive for mistakes.

  29. I’ve seen the trailers and it looks amazing, i really hope you guys keep working on it even when its out, don’t give up on it! and add co-op!!!!!!!

  30. Plz do Multiplayer in this game co/op is ok but Multiplayer is much much better and you can sell this game 10x more as without multiplayer. Singleplayer is after short time boring :)

  31. i dont like the monster.please make it real whitout monster but only whit wild animals and cannibals.please,dont make this game a shit like minecraft ç_ç

  32. This game truly look amazing, hope you guys are considering a pvp experience which would really bring this game to a whole new level of perfection

    • For a game like this i would hate pvp, its looks like the ultimate survival game, and to be just killed by another player for no reason would suck. Surviving with someone is more fun than surviving against someone in my opinion

  33. Can’t wait for this game!! So looking forward to an open world, crafting survival that doesn’t rely on multiplayer for action. Have co-op and multiplayer but please don’t concentrate the game solely on multiplayer…. has ruined too many other games with childish hackers and griefers.

  34. My goodddneess I would kill for co-operation, both figuratively and metaphorically, but besides this point, just absolutely unrivaled environmental scape! Again, spotless in-game demonstration and trailer, and am actually buzzed about a survival-horror game for once. (^_^)

  35. This game is awsome,looking forward about this game.20/10 start i say,though,can you guys make it like creative or no mutants/creature except animal,that would be peace for me ^_^ .

  36. i honestly cant wait for this. when i first saw that trialer on IGN. i didnt expect a beautiful world with wildlife, but when he burnt those arms, i was like da hell. but geese i want to play this game so bad right now. but i wish i could contact you guys. i had an idea for a game, with a hella ton of details, but i couldnt find the right people who would put it to good use. untill i saw this. it has everything my game has, a beautiful forest land, lights, and that free world experience. and yes it a horror game, but you guys. i cant wait for this game

  37. I know I’m responding to a comment that’s nearly a month old, but I just have to say with regards
    to an infinite, procedural world, I hate the idea for this game. Some games work with it, but this
    game doesn’t need it, and in fact, it would cheapen its world. An infinite map always makes me think
    that the devs intended for the game to be an endless sandbox and that you must make your own fun with
    the game’s mechanics, but games with set maps made by hand are built for finality in what the game
    is trying to accomplish, and that always feels more special to me.

    Frankly, an infinite map to me, makes a game feel like a faintly burning candle that will burn until
    it one day silently dies, leaving no lasting impact or vivid memory of what it once was. It’s a nice
    concept, having an infinite map with endless possibility, but the juxtaposition of an end to the beginning
    of an adventure is what closes the book on your time with it and gives you a moment to reflect on what the
    game made you experience. Without that final page, it’s just a broken story with no conclusion, never
    delivering that final farewell that makes the times spent with it all the richer. If you would allow
    me to borrow a quote to finish, I believe I could wrap my sentiments up nicely:

    “You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a
    friend.” ~Paul Sweeney

    • Excellent points, but I will have to agree and disagree, in the nicest possible way….

      To me, a pre-made map, with set placements and landmarks will be, in my mind, entirely mapped out and examined in intricate detail by a select few power players within a day or two of release (earlier if they had early access). This can cheapen a game, when combined with multiplayer (which I see is an intended factor of this game) you will have everyone knowing where to look, where to find that clue and the surprise of discovery and exploration will have worn off before you even begin, if you’ve come to the game late. In a single player map environment this equates to limited or zero replayability. Of course, if done right, and if the map is large enough, with a random pattern on the placements, you could have a good gaming experience and completing the game, following the clues in this case, would complete the story.

      Now for procedural mapping, in my experience, equals replayability, if done right. With The Forest, and dev’s saying there will be clues you could find and follow to complete the ‘story’ and finish the game, their placements in the world, would have to be somewhat scripted to make sure they are all placed in findable areas, limited to certain zones etc, otherwise you could find yourself on a particular map seed that is not able to be completed or finished. As long as you can find these clues or locations and finish the game it won’t matter about the procedural map or premade map, but for me, if I wanted to finish the story and come back in fresh more than a couple of times, it would have to be procedural mapping, otherwise you’re just going through the motions, visiting the same locations by autopilot, since they’re pre-set, and getting bored too easily.

      • What if the game had a single-player mode where the entire thing was basically the same as the multi-player except with the scripted events and map. However, like Minecraft, you could start worlds and have your friends play with you on a map which could indeed be random because of the lack of need for coherent scripted locations. THAT would make the game for me. I love the whole, “no guns, only blunt objects ” thing. It makes it better for me because I don’t care how handy you are, crafting any gun, like in Rust, would be next to impossible if you have nothing.

  38. Awesome stuff here, my gaming dream is comming true, thank you devs.

    Will there be any sort of interaction with those mutants? like give them some food and they stay put that night or something? I miss these features in survival games. Everytime its just you vs enemy(+/or nature) but you kind of dont know why the hell are they hunting you. Arent they curious who is that guy on their island? They look quite inteligent in trailers.

  39. Will it also be for xbox one, if it is then im buying it because its frickin amazing and my computer can barely run mine craft properly so it will never be able to run this

  40. Seriously guys i can not stress this enough…PHENOMENAL when i seen the trailers i was blown away. I cant tell you how happy i am that you guys are making a game like this its EXACTLY what im looking for. Is there a way i can contribute even the slightest bit in helping you guys donating etc. cause i am backing this game 100% everything looks so good and my only worry is a small map which im positive you guys are making massive. You just took this game and made it look so real the wild life in the game is just beautiful please take your time to finish this game its worth the wait times 100 I can already come out and say that THIS will be my favorite game. A suggestion is definitly work on making it multiplier gotta worry about mutants and other survivors its always a fun twist.AND please go in depth like you are with the mutans that have belifs and familes and plants that grow and die. thats the shit that makes a game different and REAL do as much as you can with making each mutan have its own personality you know what i mean? some more aggresive than others etc. im very curious to see if theres a story behind the game to are you there just to survive? to look for your son? or mabye your some kind of scientist that was actully headed there and now your studying the mutans trying to find a cure or something idk you guys are the developers surprise me but please just keep up the good work. This game might become alot bigger than you guys expected if you play your cards right and im not just saying that because i like this game im saying that cause i know what my type of gamer wants and NEEDS and you guys are bringing it to the table like i said i cant stress this enough AMAZING take your time put in a FUCKTON of content i want to be able to make a axe out of this stick and this stone but i also want to be able to make it out of this mutan bone and his skull catch my drift? diversity it may sound stupid but gamers love decisions. idk that last part was just a small example of what im trying to say but anyway….. FUCK rust FUCK dayz FUCK my whole god damn PS4 cause im playing The Forest

  41. This game looks truly amazing, easily gonna get early access as soon as it’s out. Really hope the Devs don’t listen to everyone pretty much demanding large co-op, think that maybe 2 player co-op would be more than enough, any more and it simply wouldn’t have the fear factor this game is really striving for. Honestly can’t wait for more trailers and gameplay.

  42. Dear devs!
    Im really excited to play this game and i will buy the Early Acces anyways.
    But it would be great if u add a CO:OP Feature..
    It would be pretty awesome to play together against those mutants!


  43. Game looks fantastic. Unity was a good choice (terrain wise). Still contemplating whether or not I would like the idea of multiplayer. Co-op on the other hand I am striving for!

  44. Hey there,

    just hazarding a questioin which I assume has a one word answer,


    will there be any element of multiplayer. I think it would be awesome if i could go help my mate build his base or if my friend could hop into the game and we could hunt gather together :)

    I understand making such a game a multiplayer would be more than a challenge; but just a thought.


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