Where can I submit a bug report?

Email your bugs and feedback to:  support@endnightgame.com or post them in the  Discussions area of the Community Hub


Where can I post comments and see community discussions about the game?

Please visit our Community Hub on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/app/242760


Will there be a wiki for the game?

Our official wiki will be on  http://theforest.gamepedia.com


Where can I buy the game?

The game will be available on Steam, Humble Bundle, as well as in GameStop Stores.

We are also looking into other different options for selling the game and will update this question when things are confirmed.


How much will the game cost?

The initial Alpha release will cost $14.99.


Will you support motion controllers for those actions performed in the trailer? (wood chopping, smashing heads, carrying birds)

We haven’t announced official support for motion controllers yet, but we will be aiming to support the most popular motion controllers as the virtual reality platform develops.


Will this game run on my computer?

We haven’t released official hardware specs, but we aim to have the game run well on as broad a range of hardware as possible.


Will there be co-op?



Will there be a peaceful mode?

Yes.  If you type   veganmode   during the main menu you can play without enemies.


Who is making this game?

Endnight Games is a 3 person indie studio based in Vancouver, Canada.  We also make significant use of outside contractors, depending on production needs there have been anywhere from 5 to 10 people working on the game at a given time.


What game engine are you using?

Unity 5.


Why does it look so good for an indie game?

With our background in VFX and the use of some very talented artists/coders we have been able to aim as high as we can for the visuals of the game.

Will I be able to build shelters anywhere? such as a hill, on the island or in a cave.

Currently you can build structures almost anywhere in the world.


Will there be more than one type of shelter?

Yes, you will be able to build many types of shelters, from basic leaf-covered to large wooden cabins and more.


Will the axe be an item I can craft in the game?

Yes, it is possible to craft simple axes from items in the environment.


Will you be able to climb trees or mountains?

Currently you cannot climb trees, although enemies in the game will make use of them.  Access to mountain areas will be blocked off in the first alpha release.


Can you build defensive structure or bases in the caves and underground?

Not at this time.


Are there different suits you can wear like camouflage or ghillie suit like thing?

There will be clothing you can craft. As well you can cover yourself in mud/leaves as camouflage. Everything will be made from items found in the forest.



Will there be different areas like different caves (sedimentary, igneous or/and metamorphic caves) and will there be different surface environment with like different animals to hunt or kill (is there hunting?) and different plant areas like marsh, jungle, plains?

There will be different small animals you can hunt. There will also be different environments based on North American forest. The environment will include caves, swamps, lakes and mountains.


Can you scavenge from your plane?

Yes you can.


Can you play as a female character?

Not for the initial alpha release.


Why don’t you guys give more regular updates?

We are a very small team working tirelessly to get the game finished. We get carried away making the game. :)


Email info@endnightgame.com with your questions.