v0.11- Custom foundations, new wall building system, multiplayer host saving, squirrels!! And more…

Hey Everyone,


This patch introduces our new experimental walls and custom foundations, you can find them deeper in the custom building section of the survival manual. These are a work in progress so haven’t fully replaced the old systems just yet. The new wall system gives you complete control over angle and position of walls, is massively faster to place, conforms to terrain and gives you the option to change from wall/doorway/window whilst in blueprint mode. We’re really excited to hear what you all think of these, and to see how this changes the bases you construct, as well as which improvements you’d like to see.


Other additions include a new animal type, multiplayer host save/load system, gameplay balance, new textures, more grass! and a bunch more stuff, all listed below


Save files from 0.10 should continue to work fine in this update! but if you notice anything weird start a new game to ensure everything is up to date


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


V0.11 Complete


  • New buildable item: Experimental walls! (single player)
  • New buildable item: Custom foundations!(single player)
  • Multiplayer save/load added Note: Currently limited to server being able to load the savegame, clients will start game fresh each time but still be able to enter a previously saved hosts game. Server/host will be able to save state of game world/structures.
  • Steamworks saving to cloud added – Regular save/load still works however it will now try and load from cloud first and pick most recent file (We’ve just hit the checkbox to enable this, it should be available soon)
  • Improved bridge snapping to be more responsive and less chance of it snapping to wrong position and improved visual feedback
  • Fixed wooden path blueprint not saving
  • You can now use the walkman as a distraction device. Stick it to a tree, confuse your enemies! Attach to a trap and lure them to it.
  • Re-worked title screen and cleaned up button animations
  • New options menu, with more organized layout
  • Added grass density slider to options menu – newer graphics cards can turn this up for better looking grass.
  • Player can now attack whilst crouched improving stealth kills
  • New animal added: Squirrells
  • Fixed bug where some animals wouldn’t show up
  • Improved look of ponds
  • Deer now have more health and will attempt to flee if you hit them
  • Killing deer will now attract skinny mutants who may attempt to feed on the carcass
  • Skin from deer can now be collected and worn
  • Deer skin will keep players warm if worn, can mix/match lizard skin and deer skin
  • New item added: Generic meat (can be sourced from deer or raccoons)
  • New item added : Wrist watch (can be found in luggage, or on some dead passengers) – use as crafting ingredient (such as on timed explosive)
  • Changed recipe for timed explosive to include watch
  • Audio – new cave sound effects added
  • Audio – Improved cave ambient audio fade out zones
  • Audio – Fixed audio slider in options menu not working correctly
  • Audio – Reverb added to cave sound effects
  • Audio – All sound effects now fade out on player death
  • Audio – Tuned levels of weapons, footsteps
  • Audio – Made frog sounds quieter,less frequent and less annoying
  • Audio – Lowered chance to cave combat music playing
  • Audio-Fixed suitcase open sound using flesh hit sound effect
  • Skinny enemies – increased speed, added in some missing animations. Increased health slightly. Will now travel in groups of up to 3 making them more of a threat.
  • Pale cave enemies faster, more health and increased hit damage
  • Improved geese lake layout, new rocks and details
  • New ground textures! – improved parallax mapping, and better blending – switch to relief or lower if there’s any slow down with this (via options menu)
  • New rock detail textures added to most rocks
  • New pine tree and pine tree moss textures and improved look of (some) dead trees
  • Major re-work of cave2 environment, more interesting rooms, better layout of rocks, new rock types and better flow through areas. Added small water falls
  • Armsy will now sometimes tear down trees
  • Reduced chance that regular cannibals will flee after player kills one of their group
  • Fixed skinny cannibals sometimes having leader props on dead body
  • Fixed some instances of enemies stuck not doing anything
  • Fixed bug where player would have issues climbing rope if cold and shaking
  • (multiplayer) Fixed log duplication bug, where it was possible to spawn multiple logs when picking up up a log
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t pick up rabbits. You can now take rabbits out of traps or out of cages.



v0.10 – Building foundations, a new creature, climbing, walkie talkies and more!

Hey Everyone,


This latest update introduces auto foundations to some building types (log cabin, platform, gazebo) giving players ability to choose how high buildings are placed, and having them auto conform to terrain with our new procedural foundation system. (future updates will include ability to manually place these foundations yourself)


Adding the ability to climb rope has opened up a lot of possibilities with caves – and as such we’ve blocked off some of the beach cave entrances, replacing them with holes in the ground with some old rope dangling in. Combined with our new experimental tree bridges and platforms, rope gives everyone a new way to traverse the world.


Multiplayer has seen a bunch of fixes and improvements, but most importantly voice chat! Press Q to bring up your walky talky and communicate with friends. (for those without microphones, we’ve fixed a bunch of issues with the ingame chat)


There’s also a bunch more stuff, new art, bug fixes, balance improvements, new animated plane passengers and more, all listed below


NOTE: Due to the changes to some of the systems, old save games won’t work with this patch – we’re hopeful that the new saving improvements we’ve made to the saving serializer (listed below) will alleviate this for future patches and make occurrences of updates breaking save games much rarer.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


v0.10 Changelog


  • Platforms! Place the log cabin on a slope and procedural platform will be constructed underneath to give it support. No more cabins on side of hills.
  • New buildable item: Tree platforms!
  • Building height system added Look up to place structures higher (using procedural foundation system) or downwards to place on ground (as in old system)
  • Climbing system! Player can now climb rope
  • Removed steps from tree houses! Replaced with climbable hanging ropes.
  • Added clamp to tonemapper to stop it sometimes turning screen completely black if seeing a very bright pixel. Fixed related issue where bloom would sometimes cause screen to turn black if it found overbright pixels.
  • Fixed issue with plastic torch spamming errors, causing a performance drain when using torch light source
  • Tweaks to world lighting and fog/ambient colors. Lighter and plastic torch now cast shadows.
  • Tweaked enemy density in caves
  • Added option to turn off all hud elements in options menu (not recommended!)
  • Increased size of rabbit on fire to match world scale
  • Small performance optimization on cpu by removing OnGui calls
  • Meds will now be auto consumed if health below 20 when picked up
  • (single player only bug)Fix for pine tree top heavy not being cuttable
  • Fixed missing marigold and chicory plants
  • Improved ambient audio zones and fixed outside sounds continuing to play when inside a cave
  • Improved cave audio ambience
  • Lizards can now be caught in cages along with rabbits (and raccoons)
  • Fire Arrows! Press L with bow equipped and at least 1 piece of  cloth in inventory
  • New falling leaf particles (3x) added and improved look of leaf burst (less bright/unlit)
  • New fluff particles added and using a new dust shader (bright in light, dark in shadow particle shader)
  • Improved look of torch light – now two tone
  • Fixed overbright lights on mutant creepy’s fires and all bombs/held bombs and better balance on bomb explosion particles
  • Balance pass on all mutant textures, improved look of skin and put all into same texture value space
  • New improved blood particles!
  • Fixed issues with sticky bombs
  • Fixed enemy skin and player arms sometimes losing ability to receive shadow and appearing overbright
  • Fixed molotovs not exploding on impacting enemies
  • Improved transition from cannibal village hole to caves using new generic rock chunks
  • Log holder is now pushable using push and hold animations
  • Fixed audio issue where some sounds would fade out instantly/abruptly
  • New suitcase art (6 textures variations, 2 model variations) added!
  • Fixed missing mesh renderer at front of plane crash(animated forward hull)
  • Animated passengers added to plane crash! – Don’t skip crash!
  • Fixed dead lizard normals flipped causing ragdoll to look different than regular model
  • Improved look of small shelter (better rocks, better log renders etc)
  • Lighter will always light after a limited amount of attempts (was previously possible to attempt to light 20 plus times if unlucky)
  • Fixed lighter animation playing continuously when stashing lighter quickly after getting it out
  • Improved held item switching sequence (better use of existing animations)
  • Pale enemies no longer attack each other or the distorted creatures
  • Removed cave beach entrances -replaced with rope climb out areas in lower caves fixing issues with entering caves near ocean
  • New molotov weapon art
  • Fixed lighter flame being too small visually
  • Fixed flare gun making shooting sound when fired without flares (will now make an empty click sound)
  • Improved tree falling sound settings
  • Swimming sound effects added!
  • Tuned/balanced pick up sound effects, eating sound effects etc
  • Enemies will now  always prioritize visible players over other enemies in combat
  • Improved instances of small items pushing player and added max velocity to attempt to stop player flying up into sky
  • (multiplayer) fixed bug where some shadows would break/change after respawning
  • Improved some environment art, started implementing better cliffs in some areas and higher detail rocks. Added new lake zone.
  • New art for (some) cave stalagmites and stalactites
  • (hopeful fix) for players sometimes swimming even when not in water area
  • Player will now stash weapon when swimming!
  • New creature added! – Check the caves.
  • Delay added to combat music so it won’t continuously trigger when entering in/out of combat
  • (multiplayer)Walkie talkies added! Press Q to communicate in multiplayer games.
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where items needed would sometimes stay on screen depending on if client/server destroyed a blueprint
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where returning to start menu would break game and turned back option in menu
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Enemies not showing blood particle fx on clients when they are hit.
  • (multiplayer) default player cap increased to 8 along with option to go up to 128 players (for adventurous players only! not recommended)
  • (multiplayer)Fixed Suitcases not being replicated over the network and existing only locally for each player
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Mutant ragdolls not replicated properly on client
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Wall built in MP vanishing instead of turning into logs when destroyed
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where remote players would not alert enemies via sound detection
  • (multiplayer) Lizard skin player armor now visible by both client/host
  • (multiplayer)Fix for overlapping chat text
  • (multiplayer)Fixed some Log duplication bugs
  • (multiplayer)Fixed Logs invisible for client in certain spots on the map
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where only newly built effigies would only be seen by host
  • (multiplayer) Fixed client/host sometimes having differently positioned yacht location
  • New art added for some of the cave entrances
  • Re-worked save game system so future updates will (likely) not erase save games to work!
  • Fixed issue with weapon upgrades have no or very little effect
  • Improved animal spawning in world- less chance of dead zones where no animals ever show up.



V0.09b HotFix:

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small patch to fix some of the issues found in yesterdays multiplayer patch.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


Version 0.09b Changelog:


  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where building a Bonfire/Standing Fire/Fire Pit could cause game to crash
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where traps wouldn’t reset correctly (rabbit trap, 3 enemy trap types)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where destroying blueprint/ghosts could cause client or server to be kicked from game
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where rock holder/log holder/log sled use/construction could cause clients to be kicked from game
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bug where if Host alt-tabbed out of game client would be kicked almost instantly
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bug where having max rabbits or lizards in inventory and trying to pick more up could cause client to be kicked from game
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where molotov could crash/kick players from game
  • (multiplayer)Hopefully fixed issue where client/server pc camera would intermittently turn completely black – this one is hard to track down, let us know if still occurring.
  • (multiplayer)Fixed missing enemy sound effects for client player (may still not appear in some cases if client is very far away from server player)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where picking up a fish would destroy player and crash server

Co-op multiplayer added!

Hey Everyone,


Here’s our first pass at co-op multiplayer implementation, expect bugs!


We’re really excited to see what you guys think and hear any ideas you have for either additional game modes or additions to the current mode!  – As this is a first iteration we’ve limited this mode to 2 players but expect to increase this in future patches.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


0.09 Complete


  • Slowed down tennis ball throw massively so players can play catch together on beach
  • (multiplayer)Server configuration screen – This will automatically tell you your public ip address – This is temp, server browser or better Steam integration coming soon!
  • (multiplayer)Chat box – Press enter to type messages to each other – This is temp and may be buggy!!, Voice chat is coming soon! (we’re modeling walkie-talkies)
  • (multiplayer)Player texture variation, run around with your survivalist buddy!
  • (multiplayer)First pass at player respawn system, on dead try and find way back to body to collect your belongings
  • Fixed bug where building a bench could cause save games to break
  • Fixed female skin being too dark
  • Rest of skinny animation variations added



Known issues:


Saving in a multiplayer game will save over single player save game, allowing you to continue progress but not as a multiplayer game (working on fix for this currently)


Destroying partially built items can be glitchy! Try not to destroy structures you haven’t placed yourself!


Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small patch 0.08d containing mostly bug fixes (Including finally a fix to distant shadow distortions!)


Our bigger patch 0.09 has been pushed back to this coming Monday whilst we sort out the last remaining co-op multiplayer issues!


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


0.08d Changelog:


  • Tree structures (tree houses) are now destroyed when the tree they’re on is cut down
  • Improved raft and fixed issues with raft and save/load
  • Fixed Drying Racks food positioning
  • Fixed Bench ghost positioning
  • Fixed bug that caused projectiles to be “paid” twice when thrown
  • Fixed glass upgrade recipes for most weapons
  • Fixed Plane Axe’s Cloth on crafting mat (for fire weapon upgrade)
  • New upgrade recipe Sticky bomb: Bomb Timed + Tree sap
  • Player run animations added!
  • Fixed thunder sound being cut off early
  • Fire enemies will now sometimes attempt to burn down player built structures again
  • New sound effects added – fixed missing underwater sounds, added splash and fall sounds to player. Added transitions between day/nighttime. New improved tree cut sounds.
  • Fixed some issues with skylight occlusion option
  • Improved bloom performance by 2-3x
  • Fixed bug where item would be unequipped after using inventory, then opening book then hitting escape
  • Massively reduced amount of memory ghost items take up
  • New player textures
  • (multiplayer)Player head added! (this also fixed issues with player head shadows in single player)
  • New better looking torch cookie
  • Fixed destroyed wall logs not being pickupable
  • Fixed feathers being hit away by weapon when killing birds making it hard to collect them
  • Fixed issue where held weapons would get permanent motion blur on them
  • Fixed glitchy shadows break up in distance!
  • Fixed some bugs with using lighter and it vanishes/equipping at wrong times and fixed bug where pressing the ‘O’ Key would attempt to bring up lighter
  • Fixed fire on effigies not burning birds or player
  • Enemies no longer sleep outside during the day
  • You can now destroy enemy built art and effigies!
  • Fixed camera position on during plane crash so you can no longer see down your own neck
  • Improved performance of held flare
  • Tweaked animal density in world
  • Improved weapon colliders for more accurate hits



v0.08c- Subsurface skin shading hotfix for AMD cards and save/load fixes

Hey Everyone, here’s a small fix for AMD cards, as the latest patch caused skin subsurface rendering to break on some models.


As we’ve also fixed some save load issues, previous saves may not work! We hope to stabilize saving and loading soon so that future updates don’t break save games.


  • Hotfix for subsurface skin on AMD cards
  • New skinny enemy animations added
  • Out of date saved games will now be ignored, instead of attempted to load if incompatible with latest patch (clicking load on these will start you back on plane)
  • Fixed plane crash location that was set too steep and where players would die instantly if they fell out of without eating medicine first
  • Fixed issues with some buildings causing load times to increase
  • Fixed issue where buildings would disappear from your save game and you would have to load from a fresh game to see them. (this one was hard to track down! let us know if it’s still happening for anyone after this update)



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.

V0.08B – Memory improvements, new footstep sounds, Fmod implementation, and a bunch of bug fixes!

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve focused on bug fixing and memory improvements and are also really excited to be introducing FMOD audio support. We’ve also improved memory quite a bit and finally got some subsurface scattering rendering on plant leaves.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


V0.08b Changelog:


  • FMOD audio support added.
  • New tree fall and break apart sound effects! fall sound will now play until tree connects with terrain
  • New ambient sound effects mix and implementation
  • New improved footstep sounds. Running footsteps sounds added. Sand and water depth footsteps. Carpet sounds when in plane
  • Raccoons can now climb trees!!
  • New art added, cave explorer bloated
  • New art for red plane axe
  • New art for crafted timed bomb
  • Massively optimized 3d roots model
  • Improved collision on gazebo and added in grass cutting to prefab
  • Fixed missing collision on spiked defence structure
  • Fixed small shelter and gazebo collision not blocking enemy vision
  • Energy now drains faster when carrying logs (and faster still if carrying two logs)
  • Added bloom option to graphics menu (turning off will improve GPU performance on slower cards)
  • Fixed overbright small uncuttable plant
  • items now spin around as upgrade are applied!
  • Fixed timing issues with lighter and walkman stash anims (items would disappear before the hand was off screen)
  • Big sapling is now cuttable and collision no longer blocks player movement
  • Fixed music in plane sequence off by a few seconds
  • Optimized deer model
  • Attack improvements : less chance of double swinging when attacking ground with axe. Axe attack at ground will switch to forward attack if player looks up whilst attacking.
  • Fixed bug where flare gun would stop working after you put it away/load game
  • Fixed body parts rolling (only decapitated heads will roll now)
  • Fixed some player stats not being set on load save game (lizard armor, hunger etc)
  • Fixed fish cooking instantly on drying rack
  • Improved collision on custom wall piece with window (you can now shoot arrows through window)
  • Fixed bug where you could fall through ocean or lake onto dry ground below
  • Improved lake swim zones
  • Skinny enemy unique animations added!
  • Improved physics on small rocks thrown
  • Fixed (hopefully) player thrown into air after chopping dead enemy up
  • Fixed sprung rabbit traps not resettable after loading a game
  • Thrown rocks and tennis balls can now be used to distract enemies. Hitting trees with items will cause noise that enemies can hear.
  • Thrown flares will now attract enemies to them, and improved feel of throw
  • Cliffs and large rocks will now block building structures instead of letting you build the items underneath them
  • Fixed small cabin door and custom wall door getting stuck in terrain
  • Axe added to blocked cave room
  • Fixed bug that was stopping raft from being buildable via book
  • Fixed bug where cut trees were not saved the first time you saved/loaded a game
  • Fixed bug with escape key if pressed once in building mode
  • Fixed bug where selecting tree houses in book multiple times without actually building them could break building other items
  • Fixed suitcases around plane not having working pickups on loading a saved game
  • rabbits should now be saved in rabbit cages on save/load
  • rabbits/raccoons will not disappear from traps if player moves far away
  • Poison will no longer take away armor, only health
  • Added low memory option to graphics menu – will be on by default if 32bit windows or if you have under 4gigs of ram. Will limit/turn off some of the effects to keep memory down.
  • Improved memory usage and performance of skin shading. Introduced new skin wrap textures to control where skin is more translucent
  • Fixed missing audio on weapon fire
  • increased length fire stays on some weapons
  • Fixed missing sound effect on eating meds
  • More informative text about leaves in inventory
  • Increased amount of impact upgrades have on weapons
  • Tweaked how and when combat/stress music plays
  • Fixed upgrades not showing on weapons after loading a saved game
  • Main menu audio now plays throughout loading of game
  • Fixed pedometer being slow to open and close
  • Fire weapons will no longer be lit when lighting a regular fire
  • Disabled player inventory and game pausing if player is dead
  • Fixed garden not working with seeds
  • Collected seeds are now visible in inventory
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t cut aloe vera plant
  • Simple leaf sub surface scattering added!
  • Improved motion blur performance on enemies and creatures
  • Music volume now has it’s own slider in options menu
  • Cassette tapes are now pickups and have unique names/info in inventory. Search caves and other areas to find them.
  • Closing inventory now removes items from crafting cog
  • Fixed gui messages and icons appearing over pause menu and fixed red cross appearing on load screen
  • Added option to return to title screen from pause menu
  • Simplified bomb building to use any amount of coins
  • Texture and animation memory improvements
  • Left hand does not play block animation if using non-stick weapon
  • Longer damage trigger added to enemies to fix player ducking from attacks cheat
  • Fixed issues with enemies sometimes standing back up instantly if struck
  • Fixed issue where enemies would sometimes stand in one place forever
  • Less bunching up on turtles


Note: Some reported bugs may be due to old save games! To ensure your game is fully up to date, start a new save game.