v0.08: Stealth gameplay improved! First pass at infinite weapon upgrading added, more buildable items, new animal type, better animal actions and lots more.

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve focused on improving our stealth gameplay. Enemies will now search for you and you can use the many bushes, rocks and trees to hide behind and evade them. (hint, use Crouch!)


We’ve also introduced weapon upgrading, a new animal (deer) and a bunch of other tweaks and improvements.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


V0.08 Changelog:

  • First pass at infinite weapon upgrading! use collected items to upgrade your weapons. Use teeth, feathers and glass shards to improve weapon speed and damage.
  • Cloth/fire upgrading system added – add cloth to your weapons and set them alight
  • Stealth gameplay! Lowered vision range on enemies and gave them a smaller cone of vision.
  • Bushes will now hide player from enemy vision when crouched!
  • Player now less visible to enemies at night – unless lighter is out, making him more visible.
  • Covered in Mud will now correctly conceal player making him harder to spot by enemies.
  • Lowered range that enemies can hear player when walking/running
  • Stealth kills added! If player attacks an enemy from behind with rock or axe type weapon and enemy is unaware of player it will be an instant kill
  • Enemies will bash away bushes looking for player when hidden from them
  • New cave explorer model added to cave (hanging)
  • New cave explorer model added (crushed)
  • Better death theme (less grating)
  • High detailed plane doors added
  • Better looking log held model
  • Improved building memory usage
  • Improved HUD memory usage
  • Heads can now be cooked on fires to create skulls
  • New pick up item added: Skull
  • New craftable item : Club (skull plus stick)
  • You can now pick up and use enemy clubs
  • Picking up items in quick succession will now display a number for how many were collected
  • all collected items now have message appear
  • Improved previous weapon switching system to be more reliable
  • New buildable item: Chalet Style Treehouse
  • New buildable item: Meat drying rack
  • New buildable item: Bonfire
  • New buildable item: WalkWay
  • New buildable item: Small animal trap!!
  • New buildable item: Gazebo
  • New buildable item: Defensive spike barrier
  • New art for body stumps (decapitated head, leg, arms)
  • Cannibals eating dead bodies now takes longer
  • Chicory and coneflower plants are now collectable
  • New Craftable item: Energy mix (chicory plus coneflower)
  • Eating Coneflower will restore a small amount of health
  • Eating Chicory will restore a small amount of energy
  • Raccoon group behaviours added
  • New raccoon animations added, walk, trot, improved idling, overall raccoon animation speed increased
  • New craftable item: Headbomb (head plus bomb)
  • Fixed door on medium cabin
  • New animal added: Deer! Deer will turn towards approaching player, eat grass, run away from player and more
  • New crafted axe model
  • Crafted axe now requires rope to build (Rock,Stick, Rope)
  • Improved motion blur quality,stability and memory usage
  • Fur! Raccoons and rabbits now have fur shading
  • Improved look of lizard armour
  • Improved bird reactions to player, should fly away when you approach
  • Increased fog ranges
  • Reduced clipping of player arm in body when looking down at self
  • Removed deeper cave dead positions. Waking up in cave will now always be reasonably close to surface
  • New detailed rope model added, along with new curled rope pick up prefab
  • Tweaked pacing of daytime enemies
  • Less blue enemies in upper parts of caves
  • New lizard skin inventory model (replacing scaled lizard mesh)
  • New inventory item : Tree sap! can be collected from trees, can be used in weapon upgrading/crafting
  • New tooth model and texture
  • Improved pickup system. Will now pick up closest item you are looking at
  • Increased chance of meds and torches in suitcases, lowered chance of tennis balls.
  • Improved look of alpha selected items in inventory(feather, herbs)
  • Torch now displays amount of charge left in inventory tooltip
  • Inventory herb models replaced with more realistic versions
  • Fixed issue where weapons would swing a second time if you clicked again during early part of swing
  • Randomized size of animals
  • Cave lakes, collision,lighting and layout improvements
  • Added more randomness to plane crash possible locations
  • Flashlight no longer auto equips on pick up, needs to be manually selected from inventory
  • You can no longer pick up rabbits, you need to catch them in trap first


Note: Due to changes with how saving works on some items old saved games will no longer work with this version.


V0.07: Buildable tree house, movable log holder, new animal types, visible lizard skin armour weapon balancing and more

Hey Everyone,

For this patch we’ve added new buildable structures including a moveable log holder, a rock holder and a first pass at treehouses!

We’ve worked on the player combat, adding new axe swing animations and a new system to slow all weapons down if an item is held in the opposite hand.

Two new animals have been added to the world along with a new system to have animal populations deplete over time if you hunt too many of them.

There are also a bunch of other bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, but best of all, we now have visible lizard armour!

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.

Version 0.07 Changelog:

  • Rock holder blueprint added

  • Moveable log holder blueprint added

  • Mid sized cabin blueprint added

  • Tree house blueprint added

  • Working door added to custom build doorway

  • Male version of skinny mutant added

  • New animal added: Tortoise

  • New animal added: Racoons!

  • Animal numbers will go down over time if you kill a lot of them. Will eventually slowly repopulate

  • Different animal types now stay around specific parts of world

  • Weapon balancing, all weapons will be slower when holding an item in left hand (Lighter, walkman etc) faster when held with both hands. New slower axe anim in combat.

  • More accurate weapon collider sizes, small axe smaller, stick bigger etc

  • You can now catch rabbits and place them into the rabbit cage

  • Better previous weapon switching system

  • Improved blueprint placement, items will now turn red and be unplaceable if intersecting trees

  • new rock attack animation, more powerful, uses more stamina

  • Cave’s now only contain blue skinned enemies and distorted mutants

  • Better combat theme

  • Better lake theme

  • Fixed peaceful mode (was accidentally broken in last update)

  • Further improved enemy pacing over time, fixed bug that could cause enemies to vanish over time

  • Energy now replenishes faster when sitting on bench

  • More small props added

  • Switching weapons whilst holding molotov will no longer cause it to drop

  • Sound effects added for adding sticks/logs and rocks to storage

  • Whoosh sound added when items moved around inventory

  • Fixed molotov pieces bouncing around causing fire to move in strange ways

  • Fire now scales with amount of fuel

  • Plants now burn for longer

  • Trees will tumble over if burnt now and added new burning material with embers

  • Tree leaves will now burn away correctly when on fire

  • Energy bar now flashes when playing music to make clear that your stamina is getting a boost

  • Crafting info pages unlocked in survival book (rough, missing lots of items)

  • Fixed bug where you could get infinite flares by dropping flare gun and picking it up again

  • Fixed bug where day count could change when entering/exiting caves

  • Fixed yellow axe mesh not visible when equipped

  • Terrain texture and shape improvements

  • Fires can now cook an unlimited amount of items, food will be placed at random location on fire

  • Fixed bug where you could sometimes get infinite sticks/rocks in inventory

  • Arrows should now work more effectively against enemies

  • Visible lizard skin armour!


Improved enemy pacing and world population (along with some small bug fixes and performance enhancements).

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.

Version 0.06B Changelog:

  • New spawning system for enemies, better world population, better pacing and progression over time

  • A.i has more chance to venture to expected areas (ie cannibal villages)

  • Optimized sky light occlusion performance

  • Fixed birds getting faster and faster over time
  • Fixed fog showing through ocean water

  • Improved ssao!

  • New camping prop added

  • Improved ocean sound effects

  • Improved Bow and arrow sound effects

  • Fixed yacht lod bug where it would vanish for some players

  • Added sound effects to timmy dragged away scene

  • New improved cave drips and cave wind sound effects

  • Fixed some dynamic objects flying up in air on spawning (boxes, suitcases)

  • Fixed bug where skinny enemies would switch to default shading when injured

  • Cave ambient track added

  • Enemy combat theme/suspense themes added (rough)

  • Lowered (4x) damage and speed of arms and legs when used as weapons

  • New first class passenger model added

  • Skinny woman made blood less shiny

  • Fixed bug with inventory light at night being too bright

  • Balance tweaks : Increased fall damage, lowered how much health meds heal you

  • Turtles can now be killed by repeatedly hitting shell (although hitting them in head is much quicker)

  • Fixed brightness of standing fire (same as regular fire now)

  • Fixed fire stick enemy too bright

v0.06 fix!

Thanks to everyone in the community who helped us get this crashing issue resolved so quickly! It turns out it was an issue with our latest ocean shader that strangely only affected certain nvidia cards.

We’ve turned off the water caustics for now that were causing the issue and re-uploaded v0.06 for everyone to check out!

v0.06 patch update

Hey everyone,

Trying to track down the crashing issue with last nights patch so reverting to previous version until we can fix it.

In the meantime, if anyone crashing can send us their system stats to support@endnightgame.com it would be really helpful.

We will try and update everyone as soon as we can.

Resettable traps, more cannibal-like cannibals, better looking and faster shadows.

Hey Everyone, Here’s our latest patch adding a new tribe type that will not only try and eat you, but also eat it’s own fallen comrades. Along with a bunch of visual, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and improvements.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


Version 0.06 Changelog:

  • A.I. – New tribe type added – starving cannibal! Will eat fallen comrades

  • A.I. – Different tribes will now interact with each other, hunting, stalking, killing and eating each other

  • Shadows Improved! Fisheye shadow distortion gives higher resolution shadow up close and now uses a single cascade (experimental, maybe cause some glitches)

  • 2 New cave systems added near geese lake

  • Fixed missing light on crafted torch

  • Real caustics added to water

  • Lighting effigies uses the lighter correctly now

  • Fixed issue where cannibals could get stuck after being knocked down

  • Creepy mutants and animals no longer get stuck in noose trap spinning forever

  • Improved look of noose trap when sprung but empty

  • All traps can be reset

  • Player will set off traps if he touches trigger

  • 5x new plant types added

  • Fixed (Unity fix) issue where grass would cause slight framerate hicks

  • Hint to NVIDIA driver that it should use the discrete GPU in Optimus chipsets. (Unity fix – should help laptop performance)

  • Added press space to skip tutorial to opening plane crash

  • Fixed bug where arrows could get stuck in sky above fires

  • Fixed rockpit floating slightly above terrain

  • Moving forward, crouching, jumping or pressing e will make player stand up if sitting on bench

  • Better bench model

  • Fresnel effect applied to specular and fixed specular leak around backside of objects

  • New props added: washed up packages and shipping containers

  • New prop added : Orange tent

  • New improved opening plane crash sound effects

  • Fixed marigold and dead rabbits overlapping in inventory

  • Improved plane interior textures and resolution

  • Added icon to remove ghost structures, fixed issue where add icon could sometimes stay on screen after removing ghost. Limited ghost removal to only if no resources have been added. New crunch sound effect for when removing ghost structures

  • wall built can now be destroyed by hitting it with axe, giving you back resources

  • musical sting added to player waking up on plane

  • Improved terrain spec and (finally) fixed water accumulation when raining, added new sharp rock terrain texture to under lakes

  • Improved pond water distance settings

  • Crafting:  Fixed issue where you could remove feathers before crafting arrows and still craft the arrows. Fixed issue where you could sometimes not craft items depending on order of items placed. Adding an item to a craft that isn’t needed will stop you from crafting until it’s removed again. Fixed bug where you could lose medicine by crafting the same item multiple times

  • Lots of collision issues fixed in caves

  • Improved cave lighting! Better looking settings for skull lights and less light popping on/off

  • Sped up rabbits

  • Lowered brightness of click to place buttons in survival book

  • You can now save your game at a shelter without sleeping

  • Fixed bug where coins could vanish after adding them to a craftable item

  • Fixed bug where day counter wouldn’t increase correctly

  • Fixed bug where crickets would continue to play during the day

  • Fixed issue where cave sounds would sometimes vanish when walking between connecting caves

  • More combat balance and a tweak on weapon settings

  • Performance and memory improvements

Note: Some reported bugs may be due to old save games! To ensure your game is fully up to date start a new save game every couple versions.

Craftable bow, arrows, medicine and improved visuals


Hey Everyone,


Here’s our latest patch focusing on expanding crafting and improving our lighting and image effects. By popular request we have also added a bow and arrow! Check below for a full list of changes and additions.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


Version 0.05 Changelog:


  • New craftable item added: Bow (Stick plus cloth plus rope)

  • New craftable item added : Arrows (Stick plus 5 feathers)

  • New craftable item added: Fire torch (Cloth plus Stick)

  • New craftable item added : Medicine (Aloe plant plus Marigold flower)

  • Fixed staircase built scale being different from ghost scale

  • Fixed hunting shelter built scale being different from ghost scale

  • Fixed enemies not playing correct death animation

  • Enemies no longer get stuck jumping down from trees

  • Enemies will dodge around close trees more often, less instances of getting stuck on trunks

  • Fixed(removed) weirdly shaped weeds

  • Fixed rusty axe duplication bug

  • Fixed yellow axe not appearing in inventory

  • Lower sound effect tree breaking notification

  • Fixed bug where you could throw multiple tennis balls at once

  • Added support for more resolutions

  • Parry no longer affects burn/poison and other damage to player

  • Carry log animation added to player

  • Improved enemy collision detection with built walls and structures

  • Enemy vision is now properly blocked by player built structures

  • ‘check bloody arms’ animation can be cancelled by other actions more reliably

  • Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck and walking backwards forever

  • New 3d models added, first class passengers * 2

  • Fixed rope not appearing in inventory when collected

  • Added new female texture and hair variations

  • Fixed glitch in cave where players could fall through ground

  • New cave prop added : Mining hat with light

  • Fixed some pathfinding issues in animals and mutants

  • Fixed lit fires blocking enemy vision causing weird AI behaviour

  • Enemies should set themselves on fire less often

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would get stuck on spot while climbing trees

  • Fixed counter attacks of cannibals sometimes not registering

  • Fixed missing turtles on main beach

  • Fixed enemies getting stuck in trees

  • Fixed enemies freezing upright after being shot with flare gun or burnt

  • Batteries can now be used to restore charge in flashlight and lowered torch battery drain speed to half

  • Stick holder now holds 20 sticks!

  • New cannibal village art added: Blankets, drying racks

  • Rabbits and lizards will navigate around trees and rocks better

  • Distorted mutants can now be killed with flare gun/fire

  • Improved bloom

  • Adaptive photographic tonemapper added

  • Fires now drain slightly faster

  • Improved sunlight settings

  • Motion blur now takes into account HDR

  • Improved foliage lighting

  • Improved water shader, more refraction as depth increases, more accurate sky reflections

  • Raised player fire damage amount

  • Rope pick ups added to some cannibal villages

  • Pedometer now shows outside temperature

  • Logs should no longer fall through rocks

  • Fixed plane seats vanishing on loading save game

  • Made feathers brighter, made batteries brighter (easier to see in inventory)

  • You can now carry 3 dead rabbits and 3 dead lizards (instead of 1 each)

  • Fixed plane crash crazy motion blur bug

  • Marigold and AloeVera now get stored in backpack when picked up

  • Texture resolution option added to options menu (start screen options menu only) Try lowering this to improve memory on lower ram systems and improve performance on lower end cards.

  • Fixed issues with taking bombs from inventory

  • Birds now spawn feathers when killed

  • Day counter now starts at 0 from when you first wake up in plane

  • Improved cave items/layout and lighting

  • Fixed lizards & birds vanishing when close to edge of screen

  • Rainbow will be forced off now if night time

  • Enemies will now push past bloody table instead of getting stuck

  • Improved look of dead

  • Fixed some missing sound effects, improved night time sound effects

Note: Some reported bugs may be due to old save games! To ensure your game is fully up to date start a new save game every couple versions.


Mini-Patch 0.04B – Performance optimizations and some small bugs

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small performance hotfix. We’ve added an option to disable skylighting occlusion as it was causing performance issues on some PC’s and also added more terrain rendering options to help speed up performance on slower cards.


  • Added graphics options for ambient Skylighting (will be off by default)

  • Terrain settings added to graphics options (Parallax, Relief, Simple, Classic)

  • Fixed grass distance not changing correctly for different quality levels

  • Optimized greeble physics use

  • Optimized sound detect system on player weapons (less colliders)

  • Fixed issue with shadows light leaking

  • Fixed plant rendering glitches

  • Fixed missing small rock pickup

  • Fixed issue where plant triggers would sometimes make book items impossible to click

  • Fixed bug where houseboat blueprint wouldn’t appear or couldn’t be placed in world

  • Fixed held arms/heads registering attack even if not swinging

  • Held arms/legs behave like axes not sticks

  • Tennis balls no longer infinitely bounce

  • Fixed Player sometimes being killed in one hit by enemies

  • More Accurate player fall damage


Hidden new features:

  • You can remove placed blueprints by pressing C

  • You can press space to skip opening plane crash

Patch 0.04

Hey Everyone,


Here’s our latest patch, improving enemy behaviours, world lighting along with more bug fixes and some new features.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


PATCH 0.04


Features and changes:

  • New A.I. behaviour, mutants will sometimes go home to sleep during day along with other new routines

  • Distorted mutants can now be killed with regular weapons

  • Distorted mutants more aggressive and deadly in combat and have expanded actions

  • Better ambient lighting.  Trees and large objects diffusely occlude skylight (experimental)

  • Pause menu now actually pauses game

  • Enemies use rocks more often to jump attack at player

  • New female enemy type added.

  • Better distribution of enemies throughout the world.

  • Constructed bench now works and players can sit to regain energy or watch sunset

  • Increased axe damage against enemies

  • More variation to female cannibal models, added procedural breasts size system

  • Improved Rabbit/Lizard distribution and optimized CPU usage.

  • Improved sky and sun look

  • Improved dead cave lighting and cave 2 lighting

  • Better cave textures and rock look

  • Dead cave prop fixes, fixed some incorrect rock placements

  • Improved load times and added loading percentage amount

  • Re-balanced hunger drain

  • Better cave ground with flowing water and more detailed textures

  • Enemies will now push small items out of the way instead of getting stuck on them

  • Dead sharks now ragdoll



  • Fixed rain sound never going away even after rain stops

  • Fixed bug where some partially built structures couldn’t be completed after loading a saved game

  • Fixed animals sometimes disappearing in regular and vegan mode

  • Fixed issue where you could still shoot flare gun or use other weapons when pause menu was open

  • Yacht random position won’t change now or get lost when saved game is loaded

  • Fixed all effigies turning into arm effigy on load

  • Fixed E to add icon showing up if holding a rock or stick even if items not needed in building

  • Fixed cave drips continuing to play even when not in cave

  • Fixed fish swimming outside of pond near cliff section

  • Fixed fullness always starting at half when loading a saved game

  • Fixed moonlight sometimes missing completely

  • Fixed stick marker vanishing on loading saved game

  • Fixed missing collision roof of cabin

  • Fixed player flying in air after chopping dead bodies

  • Rain effigy effect should now work and will wear off after time

  • Cannibals spawning in villages no longer ‘pop’ when waking up

  • Fixed creepy female model attacks sometimes not hitting player

  • Fixed bug where bird landing on hand would sometimes stop axe from working

  • Fixed enemy head and leg pickups sometimes appearing as arm pickups

Peaceful mode, player head, house boat, inventory saving fixed, better sound effects, new surprise item and more. -v0.03

Hey Everyone,


Here’s our second major patch adding some new features, and fixing a bunch more bugs. We’ve also finally added a player head!!


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.


Version 0.03 Changelog


  • No enemies mode! Type “veganmode” on title screen to activate (without the “”)

  • Player head added! And held items now correctly cast shadows

  • New suprise item added to plane

  • Yacht location is now random

  • Bats now correctly fly out of cave entrances

  • Partially built structures are now saved

  • Fixed water not accumulating on terrain when raining

  • Cassette player can now be turned off by clicking it a second time if it’s already playing

  • Log Cabin now has a floor, a door with hinge and a sleeping/saving spot

  • Birds will now land on window ledge of your built log cabin

  • Molotov will extinguish if in contact with water

  • Improved sunset/sunrise lighting

  • Two new effigies buildable, simple head on stick and arms pointing to sky

  • House boat buildable (Warning : buggy!! – especially with sharks. Also, may sink)

  • Stick marker added to custom building, quickly build yourself waypoints

  • Coral and seaweed added under water (rough)

  • New buildable item : Stick holder

  • Inventory can now carry 1 additional stick (to make shelter construction easier)

  • Small texture tweaks/improvements

  • Shadow distance increased for High and mid settings

  • Improved motion blur on held items

  • Hanging rope pick ups added to deep in caves

  • New cave lighting prop: Laptop

  • 11 new filmic inspired grade options added to graphic options menu

  • Bench now buildable via book section ‘Furniture’

  • Single bat prefab added to parts of caves

  • Improved lilypad pop-in

  • Med pickups now go direct to inventory instead of being eaten on pickup



  • Improved cannibal village track implementation

  • ‘Lake’ track added to Geese Lake

  • Bash pass at all ambient sound implementation, better transitions, better positioning, fall off and ranges

  • Thunder and rain sounds randomized

  • Cave audio pass, adding reverb and echo, better balancing

  • Underwater sound filter added

  • Water footsteps sounds now play when you walk into water



  • More memory optimizations should improve stability

  • Lowered memory usage further if 32bit windows is detected, should fix crash on opening if less than 4gbs of usable memory is available (note: 4gb usable is still recommended)


  • Head no longer pokes through collision!

  • Fixed some items missing from inventory when game was loaded

  • Fixed collision where you could wall walk out of plane

  • Fixed can’t carry more raw fish message that would appear when you had too many rocks.

  • Fixed pond covered in logs

  • Fixed left hand held conflicts between lighter, torch walkman etc

  • Removed gleam on inventory coins and flares

  • Fixed floating garden

  • Fixed leaf vertex colors on small leaf hut

  • Fixed flare gun falling through yacht

  • Fixed log going to -1 if you died whilst holding a log

  • Fixed small effigy construction shader being too faint

  • Removed grass cutting from opening inventory (was causing crashes on some pc’s)