v0.26d – balance pass


Hey everyone,


Here’s another small patch, mostly focused on improving some balance issues, along with fixing some bugs.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub




  • (multiplayer – balance)In general you will now see smaller groups of enemies early on, with size of groups increasing overtime
  • (multiplayer) Lowered chance of enemies finding players straight after plane crash
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some bugs with enemy spawn amounts, all types of mutants should appear after enough time has passed
  • (multiplayer)Fixed player_net faces looking too shiny and some arms not matching look of face
  • (balance) Slightly lowered how much damage enemies do to player
  • (balance) Old food that’s still edible now gives some health instead of none (previously only fresh food gave any health)
  • Increased custom effigy base range and per limb and torso bonus range
  • Fixed some glitches in enemy effigy effect reactions
  • Slightly higher damage from fire to all mutants
  • Fixed player sometimes losing armor even when blocking
  • Reduced overall block damage amount slightly
  • Fixed a case of save with bridge not loading
  • Fixed some bark having incorrectly scaled textures/and overly broken moss look
  • Fixed large missing piece in cave1
  • Fixed case of partially built treehouses causing issue on loaded games/inability to add items to them or complete them due to them using the old stairs ghost model



v0.26c – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


here’s another small hotfix, this time fixing a small issue introduced in previous hotfix!




  • Fixed issue with saving a game if no previous save game existed
  • Fixed ghost building rotation speed really high when using a gamepad



v0.26b – Fix for missing mp kick menu

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small fix for the missing multiplayer host menu, which allows host to kick/ban players and which got lost in last update!


We also improved how rock wall building works, and fixed some issues with multiplayer save games.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


v0.26b Hotfix


  • Fixed invisible buttons in MP player list stopping hosts from being able to kick/ban players
  • Each ghost rock fence visible model now costs 1 rock and no longer fills the whole chunk at once
  • Fixed all ghost walls and fences first locked point position being offset from placing model
  • Fixed following area not available message not showing up in sinkhole
  • (multiplayer) Fixed loading save file with custom rope sometimes breaking loading
  • (multiplayer) Fixed loading save file with fires erroring
  • Fixed energy mix staying on crafting mat when closing inventory without removing it first
  • Empty save slot can no longer be clicked to load from



V0.26 –  Improved gardens, co-op rafts, multiplayer improvements and lots more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve totally re-done how enemy and player animations are synced in multiplayer which should both improve animation accuracy and lower cpu usage. We’ve also fixed some issues with enemy combat in multiplayer games being too easy compared to single player, and worked on some enemy balance which should make things more challenging with multiple players.


We’ve taken a pass at overhauling the garden system. Planting should now make much more sense as little dirt piles appear for each seed you plant. Plants now grow in size over time, so leaving plants for awhile before harvesting is a good idea.


The snow area of the world has had some improvements, including some new snow covered props, snow rabbits and some gameplay tweaks to when you get cold.


All trees now work with the new wind system, new sound effects have been added for some of the creepy mutants, a bunch of multiplayer and single player bugs were fixed, some new props, some new animations and more.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • (multiplayer) Fixed combat for clients being easier than in single player games due to enemies not using counter attacks as frequently
  • (multiplayer/Balance) Tweaked enemy frequency to work better with multiple players compared to single player
  • (multiplayer) All droppable items now sync between players
  • (multiplayer) All projectiles are now replicated over the network
  • (multiplayer) Fixed swimming sounds of other players being really loud
  • (multiplayer) Fixed a bug that was causing mutants killed by happybirthday trap to not fall down for clients when trap was reset
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some instances of enemies duplicating when killed
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some instances of enemies having wrong material on death, ie not burnt material if killed with fire
  • (multiplayer) Fixed plane not aligned for clients if host plays crash sequence all the way through
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with incorrect material on creepy mutant ragdolls
  • (multiplayer) Bloody tables are now synced between players
  • (multiplayer) Raft now synced between players!
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where items would remain on pedestal (metal doors) after being placed and taken again
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where if one player was holding full map, other players would only see them holding a partial map piece
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some issues with cooking food for clients
  • (multiplayer) Fixed repairing log cabin walls when whole chunk is broken
  • (multiplayer) Fixed a case of save failing for clients
  • (multiplayer/performance) Reduced cost of processing nearby tree detection for host
  • (multiplayer/performance) Optimized animator usage of all creatures in MP
  • Fixed bug where hanging scene could break if player had torch equipped instead of lighter
  • (performance) Removed some extra unneeded mesh colliders on distant objects
  • (performance) Decreased math instructions in ocean shader by 30%
  • (performance) New fully deferred version of skin shader
  • (performance) New Ocean Quality: Wave Displacement Low (previously existing option is now called Wave Displacement High) – note it doesn’t change wave height, just how good it looks and how much strain it has on the hardware
  • (performance) Now forcing flat ocean on 32 bits systems
  • (performance) Greatly lowered per frame memory usage of ocean waves
  • (performance) Tuned down bloom on 32 bits systems to limit memory usage
  • (performance) Combined ocean/lake depth passes to save memory
  • (performance) Optimized sheen billboard icons distance detection
  • (performance) Optimized grass displacement system to use terrain height instead of a raycast to find terrain height
  • (Visuals) New art added: Stonewall built models (replaces rock pickup mesh in built walls)
  • (Visuals) New plant vface shader added! More accurate lighting on single sided plants. Included new vface billboards which contain sss
  • (Visuals) Tiered waterfalls now have working water connecting them down to the sea.
  • (Visuals) Cleaned up trees/small plants intersecting sinkhole
  • (audio) New flesh, object smash, tree hit and plane impact sounds for mutant limbs
  • (audio) Improved armsy arm sounds
  • (audio) Added some distant Armsy sounds
  • (audio) Improved mutant baby sounds
  • (audio) Added more cowman sounds
  • (audio) Added garden digging sound
  • (audio) Hitting plane with weapons now plays sound
  • (audio) sound event now plays when player is attacked by a shark
  • (balance) Lowered molotov fire spread duration
  • (balance) Halved chances of raining
  • (balance) Slightly lowered amount of active animals in the world
  • (balance) Pale mutants are now more aggressive when outside of caves
  • New winter top heavy tree added!
  • New item type: Yellow cave crate containing flares
  • New decorative magazine added
  • New burn animations added to creepy mutants
  • New look at story item animation added
  • New add seeds icon for garden
  • New change color icon for stick marker
  • Small wooden cages are now destructible!
  • Fixed plant type that was uncuttable/distorted when hit
  • Fixed treehouse ghost meshes containing old stairs mesh instead of rope mesh
  • Fixed player getting infinite leaves when hitting explosive caches and improved shading on rock over explosive cache
  • Fixed some breakable wood planks in caves not being breakable
  • Fixed garden plants popping on too close even on high draw distance settings
  • Fixed rope mesh vanishing whilst climbing if player was on low draw distance setting
  • Fixed enemies sometimes clipping through walls when jumping over rocks and other objects
  • Fixed bug where dragged mutant would not transition to death if killed
  • Fixed visible section where terrain ended under ocean and would be darker than other water
  • Fixed small (tiny)pine tree having blue outline in far distance
  • Fixed dead wood especially on beach all rotated the exact same angle
  • Fixed some props looking too shiny/broken. Hanging body parts, legs, some enemy built art.
  • Fixed some trees wind settings not matching for trunks causing leaves to visually break away from trunk at some distances
  • Fixed bug where player was able to hit tree’s/enemies that were behind him
  • Fixed anchorable rope/tree houses/tree platform climb rope icon overlapping with rope model
  • Fixed ghost traps placing floating above ground (not retro-active)
  • Fixed fish vanishing while running with them on the spear
  • Fixed fish sometimes appearing in the air around player
  • Fixed cooking on raft causing it to go haywire
  • Fixed raft sometimes being unusable after loading a saved game
  • Fixed issue with raft’s buoyancy when built bellow water or after severe wobbling
  • Fixed scale on snow ground sparkles
  • Fixed fog height being too low in some snowy areas
  • Fixed player sometimes falling down when exiting at top of ropes
  • Fixed some navmesh issues when placing happy birthday traps
  • Fixed an edge case of rebreather light not turning on underwater
  • Fixed armsy being able to fall into water at the bottom of cave 5
  • Fixed missing dead tennis team in cannibal village
  • Fixed plane axe not getting bloody
  • Fixed a bunch of misaligned rocks, flying rocks, gaps between terrain and cliffs and other world errors
  • Fixed camera sometimes offset on plane when starting a new game from within a previous game
  • Fixed several issues with the rope trap in SP
  • Fixed mutants being able to follow player into water in cave 8
  • Fixed a case of molotov getting stuck unlightable after a failed lighting attempt
  • Fixed medium preset using SMAA by default
  • Fixed an issue where lower half of screen could be black after after loading a game in caves
  • Garden revamp: Seeds are now added one by one and spawn little dirt piles in the garden. Plants grow visually over time and provide from 1 to 3 of their respective yield based on growth time. Plants die after 1 to 2 days (depending on plant) at max yield. Plants growth timer now properly saves as well as account for slept time.
  • Terrain and detail improvements for section above big lake
  • Removed ferns and marigold flowers from snow areas
  • Added new snow covered rock, snow covered hollow log, snow covered dead wood
  • White rabbits will spawn in snowy parts of the map
  • New enemy behaviour:  Fire mutants can now throw firebombs at the player
  • Tree houses & platform now automatically position their rope above ground like anchorable rope does
  • Stick marker now also tints the top cloth piece the color of the flag you set
  • Hitting escape while in options in game now saves it
  • New sinkhole interior art added – along with enemies – sinkhole can now be accessed via lowest cave
  • New blend materials shader (used currently in sinkhole)
  • Improved look of cave 1 entrance, better rock materials and fixed running water settings on cave wall molted type
  • Resetting traps now require to hold the “Take” button for half a second
  • You can now save/Sleep at the tents in world and in caves!
  • Cave props – blue buckets and cut old arms are now dynamic and pushable
  • Burnt arms/legs in overworld are now dynamic objects
  • Orange snow covered tents added to snow section
  • Updated enemy layout in Cave 7 & 8
  • Cave 8 moved walls near entrance to clear walking ledge
  • Cave 8 fixed air pocket in corridor water
  • Cave 8 re-exported walls to fix issue with climbing down ropes through rocks
  • Cave 8 weights moved down to more easily see what you are placing in them
  • Cave 5 added mineral walls to swim up room and added new props
  • Cave 2 removed extra cave corpse in dead room
  • Cave 2 walls rexported with improved collision
  • Cave 2 hole in corridor plugged up
  • Cave 10 extra props added
  • Removed shiny cave debris
  • Less body part debris in caves
  • Rope layer changed so you can see it from further away in caves
  • Improved enemy nav mesh should result in less instances of mutants getting stuck
  • Improved collision on some cliff pieces to stop player poking head through
  • Improved draw distance on outdoor old white tents
  • Improved draw distance on thrown explosives and on built garden plants
  • Improved look for light molotov and light arrow animation
  • Improved look of molotov burning cloth – now correctly uses 2 sided material
  • Improved garden dirt material/texture
  • Improved draw distance on lake lily pads
  • Improved ambient reflections on objects
  • Improved timmy model/textures during plane crash
  • Improved ocean foam lighting at night with torch out
  • Improved look of cave water and fixed sharp edge/white outline around cave water
  • Improved accuracy of bonfire collision and its fire damage range
  • Improved accuracy of plane collision, can no longer crouch/glitch out of plane side doors
  • Improved accuracy of bridge collision shape
  • Removed some old purses and suitcases from overworld
  • Made it easier to light campfires with lighter (lighter does not have to be exactly over the fire any more)
  • Raft’s driver now automatically unlocks when raft gets out of water
  • Added a safety net to bridge saving, to allow recovering it if anchor data gets lost. This isn’t retro active, broken bridges are gone but all the new ones as well as working ones from saves will make use of the system after saving
  • Food cooking on a fire is now easier to target
  • Crafting mat feather/tooth/tree sap piles are now a bit smaller and teeth are more centered to prevent it from being inaccessible under bottles
  • Weapon rack, explosive holder and metal door now bring up same item if available after putting down one


v0.25b part 2 – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s another small hotfix, this time (hopefully) completely fixing the issue some cards were having with new ocean causing game to crash. All cards should now be able to turn on Wave Displacement quality mode in options settings. (although slower cards may want to keep to flat for performance reasons)


It turned out to be a texture format (R8) we were using for the ocean that wasn’t supported by all models of cards!


Additionally, whilst testing we found the sharks had been missing this patch, so also fixed them.


v 0.25b part 2 hotfix:



  • Fixed issue with new ocean crashing on some model cards (older ati cards, some integrated laptop cards), let us know if this still happens for anyone
  • Fixed sharks missing from ocean!



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

v0.25b – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small fix to properly switch ocean types at start of game for some players who were having crashes on integrated graphics cards/low spec machines. As well as some other small fixes listed below.


v0.25B hotfix:


  • Changed how new ocean behaves at start of game. New ocean will no longer be active at start if ocean is set to ‘Flat’ from title options screen. If playing on an integrated graphics card or having any crashes when starting the game, set ocean quality to ‘Flat’ in options menu. (temporary solution until we find a better fix)
  • Possible fix for some players having invisible ponds/lakes
  • Fixed issue with scale/blend weight of dead enemies sometimes not applying on client
  • Fixed issue with props on mutants sometimes popping in after death for client
  • Fixed intermittent issue that could be preventing saving in SP



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

v0.25 – Custom effigy building! Multiplayer improvements, New fish types, new ocean! Fixes, balance, audio improvements and more

Hey Everyone,


We’ve thought for a long time that effigies are cool. It’s really fun to kill an enemy, chop him up and make some art out of his body parts on the beach. However it’s been limited to preset designs – we thought giving people total freedom in what they can construct would be a great feature, especially in multiplayer where you and a friend can create something unique together. So this patch we’re introducing Custom effigy building! To start, select the Custom Effigy, it replaced the old Simple Effigy *(prebuilt effigies are still available for those not interested in designing their own) Once the basic custom effigy is constructed, find an enemy, chop his limbs off and bring the parts over to start building. Note – Even torsos work with this new system, and you can use sticks to further increase size of effigy.


This patch also introduces our new ocean. It’s based on a new unity asset store plugin, however the creator has joined the team here and has been customizing it and helping us implement it. For those with lower end pc’s we’ve included a ‘Flat’ ocean type in options menu which will let you switch to the simpler looking old ocean.


Audio has seen some more improvements and additions, most objects now react and have sounds when pushed.


For multiplayer we’ve changed the network interpolation delay and tweaked packet settings to (hopefully) smooth out the multiplayer experience. We’ve also fixed some additional bugs. Suitcases are much smoother to push as client, the metal doors are now working in mp, and breakable crates should now sync between players.


Enemies now have lod’s added to them and we’ve improved how they use motion blur hopefully improving performance drops caused by enemies being near by.


Along with this there are also a load of other fixes, changes, gameplay balance and small art tweaks, for the full list check out below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.25 Complete


  • New building: Custom Effigy – replaces ‘Simple Effigy’ in book (once built, use sticks to add to base shape and/or limbs and torsos to create effigies of your own ! Range and duration of the repulsive effect when lit depends on amount of added limbs)
  • New Ocean shader! Now has 3d waves and foam! – note – low, ultra low and fastest quality settings default to old ocean. This can be changed in quality settings
  • Player will now find themselves hung upside down when waking up in cave and will need to cut themselves free
  • New rain shader! *again – this time runs faster and looks better
  • Improved terrain water accumulation
  • (multiplayer) Animations now blend more smoothly for client players when attacking enemies.
  • (multiplayer) Fixed animation issues for client when mutants would die
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where cave enemies would sometimes ignore clients if client was far enough away from host player
  • (multiplayer) Lowered network interpolation delay for clients to improve responsiveness over network
  • (multiplayer) Metal doors are now correctly synced between players!
  • (multiplayer) Fixed head bombs not synced between players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with grabbing items nearby a sled after looking at the sled picking up whatever is inside
  • (multiplayer) Breakable crates in overworld are now synced between players
  • (multiplayer) Improved suitcase syncing between players
  • (multiplayer) Fires don’t give light for players that aren’t around when first lit
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with scale of fire after loading a saved game in multiplayer
  • (multiplayer) Fixed some smaller issues with log/rock sled in multiplayer
  • (multiplayer) Fixed an issue that would occasionally stop players from connecting to a multiplayer game after already having joined one
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with effigies not always lighting up for clients or being lightable for clients
  • (multiplayer) Fixed animation issue that would happen when you were looking at another player dropping a corpse on the ground
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where suitcase “lock” icon would always be visible even after suitcase had been opened
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Defensive Wall Reinforcement sometimes doubling up
  • (multiplayer) Fixed cutting tree sometimes not finalizing properly leaving a floating cut tree
  • Fixed bug where fire would sometimes be really big when first lit under some conditions
  • (audio) Axe, club and rock weapons now make impact sounds when hitting plane hull
  • (audio) Ambient sounds no longer briefly heard before plane crash starts
  • (audio) Echo added to sinkhole!
  • (audio) Increased footstep volume when running
  • (audio) Revised scream sounds to sync better with animations
  • (audio) Fixed inaudible drop sound on pre-placed dead mutant bodies. Fixed bat exit cave sound inaudible.
  • (audio) Fixed thunder playing effect twice when rain starts
  • (audio) Added water drips to rivers during rain
  • (audio) Added less full-on inhales for when coming up from underwater
  • (audio) Randomised offset to fire start time to stop audio distortion when building lots of fires close to each other
  • (audio) Sigh relief sound effect is now played when the player extinguishes being on fire by entering a water volume
  • (audio) Weapon clean sound now plays when entering water with a bloody weapon.
  • (audio) Suitcases, laptops, small pots, food carts and plane seats all have sounds now when pushed
  • (audio) Fixed suitcase smash sound sometimes playing twice when hit and distorting audio
    (audio) Tuned cliff, item push, and some player sounds
  • New art added: Blue tent (replaced placeholder blue tents)
  • Terrain shader improvements, faster rendering, better performance when raining and more tweaks
  • (balance) Increased lung breathing duration to 25s
  • (balance) Rebalanced all weapon speed/damage/block strength
  • (balance) Slightly lowered energy drain from swinging an axe
  • (balance) Stopped bombs and dynamite sliding as much after being thrown
  • (balance) Blocking with weapons no longer drains stamina
  • (balance) Bow max charge duration set to 2s (was 5s before) Now, release when visually the bow looks ready and you will fire a straight shot
  • (balance) Lowered speed of shell attack
  • (performance) New Mid level trees added
  • (performance) Mutants now have skinned lod meshes
  • (performance) Optimized animator on distant/not visible enemies and bodies
  • (performance) Lowered memory usage in render textures by about 200megs
  • (performance) Lakes and ponds are now fully disabled when far enough away
  • Fixed blood visible on screen during drag away cutscene
  • (UI) Added weapon block strength display to inventory item tooltip
  • Amount and type of enemies in the world will change over time depending on how many are killed
  • More trees now respond to wind!
  • Trees when cut no longer switch shaders -improving jump between cut and not cut meshes*still some improvements needed to make this totally seamless
  • Lighting weapons and projectiles now requires to hold the “Lighter” button for half a second
  • Fixed suitcases around plane respawning at runtime when going back and forth to the plane
  • Fixed enemy placed art often being half underground, having wrong rock texture, or having items not pickupable when destroyed
  • Fixed strange shading on fire built model due to wrong occlusion map
  • (visuals) Improved look of lakes/ponds. Fixed mip mapping issues causing pixel distortion in distance. Better bump and fog settings. Brightened streams and improved bump/blend and reflections.
  • New enemy behaviour – mutants can sometimes be seen feeding on body parts in caves!
  • Fixed missing seaweed prefabs under water
  • Fixed weapon fire light having a really big range and lighting up entirety of caves!
  • Lowered brightness of player_net lighter
  • Blood particle effect made less shiny/metallic
  • Brightened colors on edible and spoilt fish, generic meat, rabbit, lizard materials to make difference between states clearer
  • Upped max arrow amount in inventory from 12 to 30
  • Multiple arrows can now be upgraded at once with a single bottle of booze
  • Fire arrows now look red in inventory
  • Fixed laptops being too dark and some still having old model linked in
  • Lowered chance of birds clumping onto perch targets on built items
  • Updated enemy cave layout in some caves
  • Improved some areas of cave collision to stop feet poking through
  • Fixed fullness not getting consumed while sleeping (so it behaves like thirst)
  • While sleeping both fullness and thirst can only be consumed up to a threshold, so that you never wake up on the verge of dying (unless you engaged sleeping in this state)
  • Sleeping is now limited to once per day (unless woken by enemies in which case it doesn’t count towards this limit)
  • Shelter now shows remaining time until next sleep instead of action icon while the feature is locked (display is relative to 1 in game day, ie if the bar is 50% filled it means half a day remains before sleeping again)
  • Effigies now require to hold the “Take” button for 0.5s to set alight
  • Added lighter action icons to all effigies
  • Added more fire particles to molotov to make it look spread out more
  • Molotovs can now be used to fuel fires
  • Molotov no longer leave fire floating in the air when colliding mid air with something
  • Fixed Destroyed Tied Tongue effigy parts not being pickupable
  • Fixed birds perching on other birds
  • Fixed bug where bodies could not be placed in Log Sled when carrying rocks.
  • Fixed bug with terrain sand making it look 8-bit around beach area. Balanced look of sand.
  • Improved cave reflection cube map for underground lakes
  • Sun is now correctly blocked by thick clouds in sky
  • Added blend option for clouds and new overcast texture to simulate clouds/storms forming before rain
  • New base cloud texture!
  • New rope material/textures
  • New cave art added: Stalagmites and stalactite types
  • Fixed bug where you could open survival book whilst climbing rope
  • Fixed some issues with matching props/textures when switching to dummy on death
  • Fixed 3 sappling types missing texture on thin trunks
  • New gameplay option: “Advanced controller support (XInput)” (required to use the game with a Steam Controller, it is off by default so check out options if you need it)
  • New gameplay option: “Show projectile reticle”
  • New graphics option: Ocean Quality [Wave Displacement / Flat] Low, Fastest and Ultra Low quality presets use Flat ocean quality by default.
  • New texture added for cannibal carry away timmy
  • New art added – replacement rocky/dirt ground texture
  • It is no longer possible to drink (from ponds/Lakes) while moving
  • Ensured better randomness of plane crash site roll
  • Cave 1 – fixed seam in floor, fixed distortion in parts of floor. Raised rocks in flooded room. lighting improvements, more walls replaced with mineral wall type
  • Graded ground textures to match values in trunks closer
  • Less electric green in tree moss
  • New fish models and types added!
  • Fish are now killable with regular weapons and explosives (hitting them with axe is pretty fun but probably way overpowered currently)
  • Fixed spamming the “Lighter” action with a fire arrow equipped creating several fires over time (could eventually cause fire to stay on forever and enemies to get caught on fire when poked with the fire arrow)
  • Lighting arrows now requires to hold the “Lighter” button for half a second
  • It no longer possible to shoot arrows while lighting it on fire
  • Arrow fire now properly shuts down after a few seconds
  • Arrow fire now properly burns close by objects
  • Lowered big effigy burn duration to 20 minutes (was 40)
  • Worked around an issue with some keyboards shooting keydown message repeatedly when holding down a key, preventing from using held input actions
  • Player no longer gets cold immediately when entering water at night or in caves, instead there is a chance it happens over time when water level is above ankles
  • Player can look down more while climbing cliffs
  • Fixed player movement breaking when sitting on a bench and alt attacking with a spear
  • Fixed player crouching glitching out whilst holding lit arrows
  • Fixed raft row material glowing
  • Fixed grabbing rocks from sled while carrying a body bug
  • Improved look of dirty pot water and improved look of steam particle when boiled
  • Fixed issue causing water pot to have a wrong texture when boiling dirty water on fire
  • Increased player swim upwards speed
  • Balanced blood amount on screen when suffering damage
  • Food cooking on a fire gets destroyed when the fire does, except water pot which you can pick up empty afterwards
  • Fixed bug where camera could be sometimes slightly offset after plane crash
  • Removed pre-placed dead cannibals in world
  • Raft is slightly faster now


v0.24b – hotfix


Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix to last night’s patch, fixing some small bugs found last night/this morning


  • Fixed bug where logs could not be added to sled unless you were also carrying a rock along with some other issues related to this and also issues related to sled and saving/loading
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with lighter behaving strangely if other players had molotovs out
  • Fixed new laptop art missing rigidbody and not able to be pushed around
  • (multiplayer) Fixed dropped decaying meat missing reference on rabbit
  • Fixed small bug with deer decoration rendering on top of inventory
  • Fixed arrow getting consumed on crafting mat when used with bow to set ammo type (it now properly goes back in the arrow stack)
  • Fixed issue with lighting arrows when having more than 12 arrows in a saved game

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

V0.24 – Multiplayer ban/kick menu, Clearer weapon upgrading, Improved tree cutting and more

Hey Everyone,


We’ve had lots of requests for a Kick/Ban menu in multiplayer and so have implemented a first version of this. Kick is temporary and players are able to rejoin instantly, ban is set by the server host and can be for as long as you want. Press TAB to bring this menu up.


For weapon upgrading, it was never really clear how much faster or deadlier a weapon was getting when you stuck teeth and feathers to it, so we’ve changed the display of the tool tip when you hover over weapon items. We now also display more information when placing items on the crafting mat about what effects the upgrade will have on the weapon stats.


Axes will now align much better to cut point on tree, hopefully improving feel of tree cutting.


You can now put out lit fires by hitting them, added new player animation for opening book, we finally added option to lower texture resolution  (this means we will eventually enable much higher resolution textures, but for now the option to go lower is available).


We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs, added ability to place rocks in log sled, more balancing and cave layout/fixes, added some new art (some new cave wall types, club models), some new hidden story pickups, A bunch of new audio and way more fixes and tweaks all listed below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


v0.24 Complete


  • New input action: Multiplayer > PlayerList (set to Tab by default, not added automatically if custom bindings exists)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed host not counting itself in lobby member count displayed in game browser
  • (multiplayer) Player list (has ban/kick features)
  • (multiplayer) Banned players list (has cancel ban feature)
  • (multiplayer) Title scene displays a message when sent back there after being kicked or banned or attempting to join a banned game
  • (multiplayer) Fixed weapon damage inconsistency between single player and multiplayer – ie modern axe now takes less chops to chop down a tree in multiplayer
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemies would play standing up animation often right after being killed
  • (multiplayer) Fixed client unable to finish defensive wall reinforcement
  • (multiplayer) Moved back button down to avoid blocking hosting game by Steam for several hours when clicking too fast on create lobby button at some resolutions
  • (multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies disappearing for clients when they die
  • Inventory camera now moves back to fit whole carpet in view at all aspect ratios
  • (performance) Texture resolution options added to options menu!
  • Rabbits that are lit on fire turn into edible cooked rabbits when they die
  • Fixed gamepad navigation in menus
  • Fixed ghost rock fence not saving properly (might require to recreate the ghosts to have the proper shape)
  • Fixed distance from water at which fires must be built to be lightable
  • (Audio) Added break SFX for wooden objects, cardboard boxes, laptops and effigies
  • (Audio) Updated drinking sound for drinking from water sources such as ponds and water collectors, sound now timed to pond drinking animation.
  • (Audio) Added bone rattle and cracking atmosphere sounds that react to wind to each of the cannibal art structures.
  • (Audio) Added new bone sounds to mutant leader movement, hit reaction and attack animations.
  • (Audio) Added SFX for weapons hitting ground, water, rocks and other inanimate objects
  • (Audio) Added slide SFX for wooden crates, small cages, tables, rocks, laptops and cardboard boxes
  • (Audio) Added moaning wind ambient SFX to cave entrances and built structures
  • (Audio) Added burn SFX for female creepy mutants
  • (Audio) Rain SFX now responds to wind intensity
  • (Audio) Added cracking wood sound to fishing stands, sound responds to wind intensity.
  • (Audio) Added creaking ambient sound to Tree House and Tree Platform structures, sound responds to wind intensity.
  • (Audio) Fixed female creepy mutant SFX getting left behind as she moves
  • (Audio)Seagulls make individual sounds
  • (Audio) Large structures now moan in high wind
  • (Audio) underwater, swimming sounds, and jumping into water splash made louder
  • (Audio) Fixed pale mutants sound being muffled
  • (Audio) Log Cart sound intensity lowered
  • (audio) Fixed missing katana air Whoosh sound
  • (Audio) New hacking up mutant body sounds and new hitting/killing animal sounds.
  • Reduced maximum amount of feathers you can get from hitting dead birds with rocks
  • Player can now put out lit fires by hitting them
  • Axe should line up to cut point better when chopping trees
  • Fixed various animation glitches when transitioning between axe animations
  • Fixed enemies not jumping over stick & rock fences
  • Fixed dropped upgraded spear turning into dynamite pickup
  • Fixed houseboat not floating correctly
  • Book open animation added!
  • New art – Enemy club remodeled/retextured
  • New art – new model for regular crafted club – also now easier to select in inventory
  • Fixed some breakable wood planks giving leaves and playing plant hit sound effect
  • Fixed dead screen showing action icons
  • Fixed big buildings (like the houseboat) flashing out when looking down while placing on slopes
  • Molotov tutorial now only shows when a molotov is up, and is deemed done when a molotov has been lit
  • Blood now accumulates on screen for longer whilst getting hurt and stays even longer while in grey zone
  • Fixed bug with ghost skull decoration when loading a saved game
  • Fixed place bomb feature showing place talky icon
  • Fixed action icons disappearing when alt tabbing back in game
  • Fixed rare case of UI looking doubled
  • Lowered swing speed of craft club and held enemy club
  • (performance) New lods added for cliff rocks, cliffs, lake rocks
  • Fixed suitcases sometimes showing as open but having a locked icon above them.
  • New cave tileable wall textures added
  • New cave ceiling textures added
  • Fixed mutant baby spawning 2 ragdolls when killed with fire
  • Fixed some survival settings (starvation/thirst/cold) broken after loading a saved game, causing for example breathing duration to be really small
  • Fixed some pathfinding issues with defensive walls
  • Fixed action icons of inventory item tooltip breaking their scale and position when switching from mouse to gamepad while it is visible
  • Faster transitions into and out of axe attacks
  • Thrown molotovs will wake nearby sleeping enemies
  • Screaming enemies will attract/wake up nearby enemies
  • New player/timmy animations added to opening plane crash
  • Hitting hanging bodies now has a chance to spawn cash
  • Improved foundation system to better work with explosive destruction and improve destruction performance
  • Fixed an occasional bug when using pouch to collect berries causing all icons to stay visible on bushes in range
  • Fixed issues with save files date not displaying sometimes
  • Fixed several file dates issues, including dates of cloud files (should now properly sync only once)
  • Fixed listening to walkman music not regenerating energy (works once per in game day) + the return of the flashing outline !
  • Arrows now go through cave doors and can stick to terrain behind !
  • Fixed slight fired arrow positioning issue
  • Tweaked arrow physics settings so that it falls down more at it flies in distance. With those settings, a fully charged arrow shoot (5s bending) is very accurate while a mid charged one cannot go far in distance and can only be used for close up combat
  • Fixed enemies sometimes facing wrong direction when hit with arrows
  • Fixed enemies sometimes glitching through walls during combat
  • Fixed skinny mutants appearing to damage defensive walls
  • Thrown flares should emit more light and be more useful for finding way in dark
  • Fixed burnt baby texture looking shiny
  • Building distortion now scales with damage proportional to max HP (from 1x to 10x)
  • Building distortion now only effective past 0 damage
  • Fixed upgrades not spawning renderers when reaching max amount
  • Removed upgrade counters in inventory item tooltip
  • Now displaying weapon speed & damage values (upgrade bonus included) in inventory item tooltip
  • Now displaying preview for weapon speed & damage upgrade bonus when adding ingredients on the crafting mat !
  • Improved inventory item tooltip positioning so that it cannot go below bottom of screen
  • Lowered penalty of each upgrade type
  • Arrows now limited to 12 in inventory
  • New upgrade recipe: Fire arrow (1 arrow + 1 booze)
  • New upgrade recipe: Bow set ammo (1 bow + 1 arrow, none consumed, sets which arrows are used first by the bow)
  • Picking up an item while underwater and dropping it underwater no longer equips previously equipped weapon
  • Fixed lighter tut coming up in caves while underwater
  • Improved molotov fire particle quality
  • Fixed issue causing rocks to stop spawning after collecting a large amount
  • Fixed issue where some hidden caches of dynamite were not pickup able
  • You can now place rocks in log sled! and switched log sled add to a generic icon
  • New close range attack animations added to cowman
  • Fixed some swimzones in cave 6 and in other areas around world that shouldn’t have been there
  • Fixed issues with jumping into water while holding story clues. Also prevented dropping those items
  • (performance) Lowered cost of rain particles to render and killed them faster instead of rendering them far under terrain
  • Deer run away from player more consistently, and run faster
  • Updated cave 8 enemy layout
  • Two new story clue pickups added
  • Terrain – fixing some areas with holes, fixing some cliffs misaligned. Improving look of area around big lake.
  • New terrain shader, renders faster, looks better. Includes improved snow, wetness near water and more
  • Improved cave water shader – now easier to see, better reflection and better clearer refractions