V0.18 Patch update!

Hey Everyone,


V0.18 patch will be releasing tomorrow at 4PM PDT! We were hoping to get it out today, but due to some last minute fixes are going to be later than the ingame timer.


The new patch is pretty massive, here is the current change list – expect this to change a little bit by tomorrow as we get our final fixes in (especially for MP!)


V0.18 Complete


  • More of world opened up/developed
  • New background mountains added (replacing old green mountains)
  • New sea weed added to underwater areas
  • New explodable rock type added. Place explosives near by to destroy rock.
  • New cannibal village hut style: Beach hut
  • New neon climbing rope texture
  • New story related pickups added!
  • New Plane interior art and exterior crash art
  • New Plane lighting! (more moody, closer to trailer 3)
  • Moved boars to only appear in top half of map, tortoises now only around lake zone
  • First pass at full gamepad support !
  • Re-work of all icons – will now display key set in custom key mappings, will switch automatically to xbox controls when using controller.
  • New player arm model/textures (no more seam on thumb! and better overall looking)
  • New inventory backpack model.
  • Foundation destruction system ! Foundations can sustain a certain amount of damage up until the point they will completely collapse.
  • Building destruction system ! Smaller buildings like wall collapse at once and bigger ones can lose whole chunks before collapsing
  • Building explosion system ! Small buildings like built fires are instantly blown apart but bigger ones like log cabins lose bits and suffer damage
  • Building repair system ! Costs 1 tree sap to repair all damages done to your building (will eventually increase this amount once balanced)
  • Enemies will now try and attack built structures.
  • Audio – Over 200 new mutant voice audio events added
  • Audio – balance and tweaks on footsteps, animals and other world sounds
  • Player can no longer jump climb up steep colliders
  • With climbing axe equipped, now *any* cliff face can be climbed, and you can move left, right, up and down!!
  • Oar mechanism added to raft – press e to enter driving mode, mouse1 to move forward, a/d to steer left and right
  • Raft should be pushable while on land now
  • Fixed camera jumping to a random angle when exiting sled/rope climbing
  • Player can no longer climb a rope whilst pushing a sled
  • Procedural buildings in ghost mode are now properly culled
  • When pot is filled with clean water, it can be drunk from within the inventory (like the waterskin)
  • Some axes now are faster at chopping trees than others (Hint, modern axe is better)
  • Sleeping at night in a shelter will keep you asleep now until the sun is up (unless woken by enemies)
  • Fixed skull decoration not turning red when impossible to place
  • Timed Bombs can now be planted on trees/walls/traps like the walkman
  • While placing Foundations, it now shows a log between target position and the floor below before any position has been locked
  • Each foundation chunk how has an anchor near the top !
  • Fixed Foundation/Floor/Roof ghost collider requiring to move out of collider before it can be targeted
  • When exiting swimming & climbing it now properly restores the previously equipped right hand item
  • Cold damage now has a more meaningful visual feedback
  • Raft now takes 4 rope to build (along with other needed items)
  • Cloth can now be combined to craft rope
  • A.i./pacing tweaks. Removed a delay before enemies start populating world. In overworld, enemies will sleep at villages and cave entrances during day, whilst some will patrol world. On dark, all mutants become active. At dawn some mutants will run back to villages to sleep and others will continue patrolling world
  • Improved accuracy of a.i. water avoidance
  • Fixed mud pickup being bright purple
  • After cutting down a tree, spawned logs do not roll as far or as fast
  • Fixed falling trees sometimes not turning to cut logs straight away
  • Player crouch speed is now set correctly
  • Moved cave 4 death position further back so you don’t get instantly killed by Virginia
  • Made dead tree roots smaller by 30% and added more accurate collider so it can be climbed
  • Fixed generic meat pickup icon having stick picture
  • Fixed bug where game would sometimes start with player facing wrong direction in plane
  • Fixed bug where animals would sometimes dart off at super speed
  • Increased speed of deer to make chasing it down less viable
  • New bush type added: Blackberry
  • Added waypoint system for cave mutants, instead of sleeping some cave mutants will patrol between set points
  • Removed speed penalty when swinging weapon while holding lighter (for now, may change with further game balance)
  • Lowered friction on dynamic plane chairs so they’re less ‘sticky’ when pushed around
  • Reduced ‘slippery slope’ effect, player is less likely to slide out of control when moving fast down a hill
  • Revamped mouse detection in book to make sure nothing gets in the way and prevent from clicking entries
  • New improved ssao with color bleeding
  • Fixed missing moon texture!
  • Better cloud lighting!
  • Trees now fall in the direction of the last cut
  • Fixed trees visibly popping in after plane crash sequence
  • Graphic settings are now saved when leaving the pause menu in game instead of when exiting the game
  • Falling trees now send damage to whatever they hit (including buildings!!)
  • Experimental walls are now split into individual buildings when placed (means they can be individually canceled/built/destroyed etc)
  • Stealth kills can now be performed with any axe/rock/stick type weapon
  • Rebreather no longer auto equips (open inventory to equip) and light now only comes on when underwater
  • Fixed bug where explosives would explode apart some mutants into purple chunks
  • Tree billboards now blend instead of popping between angles!
  • Improved vegetation updating system with tiling to only refresh objects in player’s surroundings (less cpu usage, more accurate updating)
  • Fixed some bugs with rope climbing hands not being aligned correctly
  • Fixed some instances of player not playing fall to ground animation on dying
  • New procedural stairs system !
  • New tree occlusion based draw distance calculation system (improves visual quality in open areas)
  • You can now trash partially built structures and recover (some) of the items used!
  • Removed blocking near big lake
  • New dangerous animal type added!
  • New discoverable camp added!
  • Fixed bug where some particles would be drawn with a black box around them if ssao was disabled
  • New dynamic wind system. Wind intensity will change sound and leaf/grass tree rustling. (currently only on 1 tree type)
  • Fixed flickering in the transition between procedural building ghost and built states
  • Music added to player dragged away scene
  • Music (removed horror sting when player is sighted)
  • Shadows – Fixed bug where close shadows would flicker/break up even on highest shadow settings
  • Torn off cockpit is now findable in world along with the pilots and some supplies
  • 2 new cave systems added
  • Cave 5 door can now be opened by placing items on weight
  • Fires now properly save their fuel amount and lit state
  • Improved lod system to reduce amount of objects when using low (66%) or ultra low (33%) draw distance setting
  • Improved distorted mutants pacing and navigation in world
  • Increased player fall damage, it is now possible to die from a great height
  • New building: Tree sap Collector ! Add to a tree (like tree houses) and come back frequently to gather the resource. Use it wisely to repair your fort from mutant attacks ! (can be found beside Bow Target in book)
  • Fixed bug where skinning a raccoon would give you lizard skin
  • Fixed numerous issues with log sleds!
  • Billboards now have translucency, better normal maps, and match the rendered meshes closer
  • Bombs now do more damage to enemies.
  • Fixed various issues with all built traps
  • Various performance improvements (cpu and gpu)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issues with item holders (sticks, rocks, logs etc.)
  • (multiplayer) Flare gun now works for clients
  • (multiplayer) Player will not get stuck sideways when climbing ropes
  • (multiplayer) Added support for throwing flares, bombs and molotovs
  • (multiplayer) Bow damage works properly for clients now
  • (multiplayer) Experimental building system now works
  • (multiplayer) Bridges now work
  • (multiplayer) Fixed log duplication bug
  • (multiplayer) Fixed raft not working
  • (multiplayer) Fixed all issues with log sled
  • (multiplayer)Added hit prediction to mutants and other players so attacking them is more fluid
  • (multiplayer) fixed bug where mutants would not appear in caves unless player was near server host
  • (multiplayer) Armors will now show up on other players
  • (multiplayer) Fires should now work reliably for all players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where players would sometime receive damage ment for someone else
  • (multiplayer) Arrows can now damage other players


V0.17B- Small performance improvement, enemy pacing tweaks and some other small fixes

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small patch with a few quick fixes to issues that have been found over the last few days.


  • Changed fullscreen behaviour from full screen window to exclusive mode (should provide some performance benefits)
  • Fixed icons not visible for lower shelves of snack holder
  • Fixed loading a game that was saved inside a cave (not retroactive)
  • Slightly increased rate enemies populate world as days pass
  • (multiplayer) Fixed clients not being able to add fuel (leaves/Cash) to fire
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where clients would sometimes swim in caves
  • (multiplayer) Fixed arrows shot by clients not affecting animals/enemies

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


Hey Everyone,


Here’s our latest update. We’ve focused on improving the player control, It’s now way easier to navigate in caves without player collider getting stuck on everything. We’ve also fixed the issue where you could jump climb trees! (sorry!)


We’ve tweaked a bunch of visual elements also, adding in an adaptive tonemapper now based on histograms. Ocean has seen its first round of improvements


View distance of trees has been improved, and we’ve also improved performance of distant tree rendering. If you see trees popping in too closely, try setting the draw distance in options menu to high, very high or ultra


We’ve also fixed a bunch of small bugs, added a new player attack, improved swimming and underwater vision and lots more, all listed below!


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


Known issue: Unity 5 grass can cause occasional stutters on high settings, we’re working on a fix.


v0.17 Complete


  • Fixed volumetric lighting not shadowing through leaves
  • New low tree lod added when draw distance is High/Very High/Ultra High, increasing range before trees turn to billboards in distance
  • Fixed lake and pond drink locations sometimes having icon in wrong place
  • Fixed water not showing up in pot until inventory has been opened once
  • Increased minimum fog distance and maximum fog distances and balanced light scattering, and increased time it takes to randomly change fog value (making things less foggy/washed out)
  • Fixed beach rocks popping off too soon
  • Fixed custom wall being on wrong layer and being culled too soon
  • New art added: Small waterfall model
  • More cliffs added/re-worked
  • Improved shading on some plants
  • Arms & legs can now be dried on the drying rack !
  • New eye adaptation based on GPU generated histogram
  • New filmic tonemapper
  • Greeble Zones toggle distance now scales up accordingly with LOD ranges when Draw Distance quality setting is Very High or Ultra
  • Improved greebles spawning performance and reduced pop-in
  • Increased terrain mip map sharpness (won’t blur as soon)
  • Fixed missing normal maps on pickup items
  • Fixed distant calls from mutants not audible
  • Fixed/polished water vision level – now turns on correctly and smoothly
  • New art added: Cave in model (used to block dead ends in caves)
  • Fixed player death anim not always playing after fall
  • Fixed issues with standing up again after a fall
  • Fixed camera not locking correctly on player death
  • Fixed weapon sometimes becoming unresponsive after heavy axe swing
  • Lowered player height in water whilst swimming
  • Smoothed transition between swimming and diving
  • You now need to tilt camera further down to transition from swimming to diving and added more slack to system to prevent jittering between the two states
  • Fixed pine tree leaf texture cut off early
  • Tuned rabbit, lizard, squirrel and raccoon audio and added new lizard fast run sounds
  • Increased cave ambient leak in lights, and added extra ambient lights to caves
  • Less shiny/distracting tarp in inventory
  • New art added: Tree stump roots (replaces old half tree log)
  • Cave lighting tweaked/improved
  • Improved character controller! No longer can climb up trees by jumping smoother walking over rocks, and a bunch of other small tweaks to make player feel better. Added “air control” to jumping, making it easier to make accurate jumps.
  • Swimming upwards is now faster than swimming down. Added more drifty movement when swimming to feel more like being in water. Improved swim/dive speeds. Can now jump properly if in water and pressed again an object to get out.
  • Tweaked drown death formula: rate & damage were reduced
  • Air breathing count down now starts when water covers at least 50% of the screen
  • Doubled bare air breathing capacity (without rebreather)
  • Various small script optimizations (7-8% CPU freed)
  • Foundations now block the player and AIs
  • Fixed target missing shader
  • Geese lake made deeper, and easier to swim in
  • (multiplayer)collision added between players
  • Added gasp for air sound effect
  • New sound effect for eating poison berries added
  • New sound effect added: Player drowning
  • Fixed logs shaking like crazy in multiplayer
  • Changed name of Level of Detail in options menu to Draw Distance
  • Fixed bed using leaves instead of rope as ingredient
  • Arm, leg and head now show present amount over total in ghost building ingredients (like all other ingredients)
  • Added arm, leg and head to build missions
  • Changed drink zones to big unique ones per water area that repositions icons based on player’s position
  • Can no longer drink while in water and made drinking at edge of pond/lakes easier
  • New water drink poison sound effects
  • Partially below terrain Foundations no longer go all the way down to the cave below and end up being very expensive
  • Fixed foundations log material
  • Fixed square leaf in inventory
  • Fixed plants not burning away and instead popping off
  • New art added: Long log hollow
  • Brightened squirrels making them easier to see
  • Fixed missing light and particles on held flare
  • Fixed bug causing trees to flash on/off during opening cutscene
  • Lowered intensity of fire light and added in new fire particle!
  • Lowered throw force on molotov
  • Improved look of burning tree materials
  • New camp fire particle effect for regular fire and fire pit
  • Fixed fire built floating above ground
  • lighter stays out now when floating in water, player holds lighter slightly higher when in this mode
  • New heavy stick attack! Hold down attack with stick type weapon to do a heavy damage swing
  • Object sheen now only visible if there is some ambient light hitting object (won’t make cave’s look like disco’s)
  • Improved look of cliff rocks
  • Player now respawns in MP with full stamina
  • Added new tree stump to beach
  • Lowered chat text in MP to not overlap drop icon
  • Improved lake water – lakes and ponds now have depth and box projected reflections, and better bump textures
  • Fixed some small inventory glitches
  • Fixed oversized sticks in some saplings when hit
  • New graphics option to tweak reflections on ocean
  • (multiplayer) fixed bug where boars could appear as deers on client pcs
  • Fixed water & drink icon not visible in water collector
  • Fixed item holder being empty when loading a saved game as host
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where other players couldn’t see light from other players lighter or flashlight.
  • (multiplayer)Fixed animals sometimes moving without playing animation




Hey Everyone,


here’s a small hot fix to last nights build, fixing missing volumetric lighting on windows 32bit machines, the missing underwater blur swimming effect and a few other small tweaks.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


  • Fixed bug where all volumetric lighting would turn off if windows 32bit was detected
  • Fixed water blur vision not turning on when player goes underwater (still a bit buggy in waves, but should work well again in flat water)
  • Fixed bug where cave props could stream into scene multiple times if you quickly went in/out of a cave
  • Fixed sparkly disco looking cave floors if bloom was enabled
  • Fixed rock type in cave with no textures
  • Increased grass draw distance at highest settings
  • Set high preset to use ‘very high’ level of detail setting (lower this to high or medium if you find it impacts performance)





v0.16 – The Forest Unity 5 update!

Hey Everyone,


Wow this was a big one! This patch switches The Forest over to Unity 5. Replacing all the old shaders with new PBR materials and textures. We also went and replaced almost all our tree models, implemented a new billboarding system, and put in a first version of our new ocean shader.


Plant shaders now have sub surface scattering, our skin shaders have been rewritten, and many other visual tweaks and improvements have been made to the look of the world, we’re really excited to hear what you think.


For multiplayer we’ve introduced a new network prioritization algorithm to provide more relevant updates of remote entities to players. This means smoother multiplayer gameplay and although the lag isn’t completely removed, we’re confident we can continue to tune in the coming weeks.


Some new graphics options should help those with slower computers get the game running faster, including a new level of detail setting which will allow you to raise or lower the view distance of most elements from Ultra all the way down to Ultra low. Across the board everyone should see some performance improvements.


Sick of dying in a cave and having no idea how you got there? We added a drag away by cannibals system! You’ll now see yourself carried off through world.


New bendable grass means you can see it part slightly as rabbits run through it, making them easier to track.


Some major animal improvements mean geese can now fly from lake to lake, and if you like you can follow them and watch how they spend their days. Plus, Deer now no longer run headfirst into trees!


Player audio has been partially implemented, along with a new take on the female skinny audio.


Due to the massive re-working of some of the environment and terrain we’ve had to wipe save games this patch!


Btw: Sorry we’re late today! We had a last minute game breaking bug that felt impossible to solve .


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


v0.16 Changelog:


  • New options menu setting ‘Render Type’ will allow you to switch between new deferred renderer(recommended for modern computers) and Legacy renderer (recommended for older computers)
  • Full pbr shaders on all items. Reworked most textures to fit new lighting.
  • Reflection probes added.
  • New ocean shader (work in progress)
  • Better bow aiming – sight added to bow. bow tracks better with camera view when aiming up and down. Looks better now when viewed by another player
  • Animals will now attempt to dodge trees, obstacles and other animals
  • Fixed rebreather’s air resetting to 0 after loading a saved game
  • (Multiplayer) Reworked the network prioritization algorithm to provide more relevant updates of remote entities to players (Smoother, less jittery enemies)
  • Upgrade balance: Inverted bonus curve, it now goes from small (10%) to big (100%)
  • Fixed booze upgrades still not showing up for some weapons
  • Added a small outline to chat text to make it visible in bright lighting conditions
  • Fixed issue preventing to lock floors/roofs on multiple walls on the same height level
  • Grabber system now turned off when in in inventory/book/pause menu or while placing a building (ie, placing a building near water will no longer trigger drinking)
  • New snapping grid gizmo to help with manual placing of experimental floors & roofs (tip shows the current lock position and is big enough to be seen from either side of a wall)
  • Experimental Roofs now snap back to closest edge on current support (ie the wall you’re putting it on)
  • Goose simulator added. Geese will now fly between lakes and swim around acting like geese
  • Fixed Bon Fire not lightable
  • Fixed flying food on rock fire pit
  • Fixed burn lizard scale
  • Added generic meat burnt
  • Fixed drying generic meat
  • Fixed Treehouse + Treehouse Chalet floor not buildable
  • Deer will now drink at lakes
  • Fixed issue where deer would run right through trees!
  • Dead birds now have a chance of spawning feathers when hit
  • Revamped cooking to allow eating burnt food but with far lesser gain
  • player will now see himself briefly dragged away into a cave when knocked out but not killed.
  • New art added: Improved airline foodcart
  • Fixed bug where climbing rope for first time would sometimes cause it to release right after climbing
  • New trees! New bark and leaf types.
  • New billboard system with lit billboards and rotation
  • Unity 5 reflection probe system added
  • New clouds/sky
  • All shaders switched to use new unity pbr
  • Dirtied up and improved regular enemy textures
  • New pbr skin shader!
  • In game controls remapping, both in Title & Main scene options
  • Falling particle leaves now accumulate on ground
  • Fixed logs flying up into air when trees were cut
  • Fixed physics on some trees not colliding with terrain when falling
  • New art added: dead small trunk
  • Graphics options: added rendering patch selection
  • Graphics options: added new setting to turn off sunshine occlusion
  • Graphics options: added new setting to tune Level of Detail
  • Graphics options: SSAO setting now also changes sample count
  • Graphics Settings now properly show the saved preset name after restarting the game
  • Graphics Settings: Renamed “Laptop” level to “Ultra Low”
  • Fixed survival book entries not clickable on occasion
  • New art added: new version of plane food! plane tray, styrofoam cups and trays
  • New bushes- replaced 2 of the worst looking bushes with new type
  • New lake shader added! reflective and with murkiness
  • New dead trees! Better textures and models, and now all cuttable!
  • Better shark ragdoll
  • Jump animation added to player
  • New combat move – Flying axe attack.  Attack downwards with axe while jumping to perform a powerful ground chop.
  • When falling from high up, player will briefly stumble to his hands and knees
  • You can now cook arms and legs (and … eat them – but you probably shouldnt)
  • Dead trees replaced and now cuttable!
  • New log type for buildings that matches carried log
  • (audio) New player sounds!
  • (audio) New female skinny audio!
  • New blueberry bushes!
  • New multiplayer octree based priority calculation
  • New art: Re-done plane seats
  • Fish and sharks are now also in multiplayer games!
  • Touch bending grass added! enemies, rabbits, animals and player will now slightly rustle the grass as they move through it (this is a first pass at this, next version will include better bending)
  • You can now climb fishing stands
  • Experimental Walls now block AIs (mutant & animals) from going through it
  • Fixed fire particles staying up after cutting down a burning tree
  • new world art: cliff wall variations.
  • Lighter now stays equipped when exiting/entering ropes
  • Added some additional optimizations and memory tweaks for 32bit machines that have less than 4gigs of usable ram
  • Fixed molotov fire never shutting down



v0.16 patch update

Hey Everyone,


Due to some last minute bugs with saving, today’s 0.16 patch release has to be delayed by 24hrs! We will release tomorrow at 3PM PDT instead of today. (please ignore ingame timer which still lists the patch as coming later today)


(BTW : The update is AWESOME)

Thanks everyone!

hotfix v0.15b

Hey Everyone,


Here’s is a tiny hotfix for some issues with the new boars, and a small drowning fix.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.


  • Lowered amount of boar in world
  • Boar ragdolls now correctly turn off after time
  • killing an animal causes a delay before animal is respawned into world
  • Additional visual/performance optimizations to deer and boar ragdolls
  • Fixed bug where dying from drowning would be instant instead of gradual

v0.15: Wild pigs, Rock climbing axe, wall decorations, new art, buildable beds, better bow, buildable archery targets, and more

Hey Everyone,


We have a slightly smaller patch this week, as in the background we’ve also been getting The Forest up and running in Unity 5!


Upgrading to Unity 5 will provide a massive visual and performance increase for everyone, We’re really excited for you guys to see how the world looks with the better deferred renderer, and improved lighting/shading.  We’re planning on officially switching to unity 5 for this next upcoming patch (0.16) which will be out in 28 days!


For this current patch we’ve introduced a new aggressive animal to the world (wild pig) along with some new buildings, improved bow and arrow, a first pass at wall decorations and numerous other fixes and improvements all listed below.


Also, weapon upgrade saving now works!


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.


This patch is compatible with old saves, however if you notice anything extra strange start a fresh game to make sure everything is up to date


Version 0.15 Changelog:



  • Fixed bug where raft would no longer float
  • Fixed bug where arm effigy wouldn’t be lightable
  • Lowered damage drinking polluted water does to players
  • Added hint text to dying screen about finding pots at camp sites
  • Added sheen highlight to pot pickup to make it easier to find
  • Turtle Shell now fits in backpack !
  • Holding pot while it rains now fills it with water
  • Enemy bodies can now be transported via the log holder!  (SP only)
  • Fixed bug where player could sometimes climb down rope out of world if tree house was placed on a slope
  • Spider lady a.i. improvements and additional animations added. Now has more attacks, can jump attack, can dodge players. Will react to explosions and can be killed with 2-3 bombs now.
  • Fixed FMOD bug that would cause memory to climb up over time
  • Animal footstep sound effects added!
  • Fixed held plane axe upgrade visuals positioning
  • Fixed booze upgrade visuals
  • Fixed loading upgrades from saved games (not retro-active)
  • There is now a limit to the total amount of upgrades per item (currently set to 30 for all weapons. You can choose to have either 30 teeth or 10 teeth + 20 Feathers, or 10 teeth + 10 Feathers + 10 booze etc)
  • Visual added to show item upgrades distribution when crafting upgrade recipes
  • Bonus per upgrade now decays as you use a single upgrade type
  • Dying no longer resets fullness to zero
  • Collision fixes/improvements for caves
  • New item/weapon added: Climbing axe! (check caves!)
  • New climbable (with climbing axe) cliff rock added to overworld (currently limited to only 1 type of cliff rock)
  • New climbable area added to cave 2
  • Fixed bugs that would sometimes cause log sled to fall through world. log sled should now collide with boulders and cliffs. Fixed log sled audio playing drop noise when in its trigger or being pushed. Log sled now casts a shadow
  • New art added: Hanging skull lamp
  • New art added: Skull floor pile
  • New art added: terrified skeletons (check deep caves)
  • New art added: (removed*SPOILER* – Check deep caves)
  • New art added: Eerie tribal fishing stands
  • New art added: Cannibal village props (small cages, fire pits)
  • (multiplayer) Fixed sitting on bench not lining up correctly
  • Tree sap, skulls, blue and orange paints are now part of the construction system
  • New buildable item: Skull lamp
  • New buildable item: Deer Skin Decoration (as floor carpet or hanging on walls)
  • New buildable item: Skull wall Decoration
  • New buildable item: Arrow Target – shoot arrows and improve your aim!
  • New buildable item: Bed! build inside a custom building to allow saving and sleeping
  • New system added (rough) Player point at map. When holding map in cave player will point to his current rough location
  • When the game is already started and an MP invite arrives, player can now choose to either start a new game or continue with his saved MP character
  • Drowning now causes instant death, without respawn in cave
  • Fixed underwater bar appearing before character’s head is underwater
  • Fixed hydration icon fill values not set properly after loading a saved game at full thirst
  • Player can now suffer brief knock down and damage from explosions
  • Bow and arrow improvements! will no longer fly through enemies without damaging them. Arrows now stick in trees and other static objects correctly. Arrow pick up icon added and better positioning, and will now turn on pick up trigger when it sticks to any object
  • (multiplayer) Water Collector now works for clients in MP games
  • (multiplayer) Fixed infinite item/log from holder buildings in MP
  • (multiplayer)  Fixed bug where Sometimes when someone else completes a build, it says it still needs materials, then just eats the materials.
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issues with some built buildings not working correctly for all players.
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where clients could be kicked from host after 5-10 minutes
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where after being kicked out by the server, every single door placed in world would duplicate
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bug where items from cabinet/racks/shelves could vanish when host ends session, at random, or on loading the game.
  • Dead bodies around world no longer respawn after being picked up/moved when moving back near them
  • New creature added: Wild pig!



V0.14 Performance improvements! Underwater diving, trip wire trap, better custom building (including roofs!) Starvation! Thirst! and more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve added a bunch of performance improvements for both the multiplayer and single player modes.  All of our tests machines here (both NVIDIA and AMD) are seeing big improvements. We hope to have also drastically improved lag overtime issues in both multiplayer and single player.


We’ve also added a first pass at some more indepth survival mechanics. Thirst has been added, and eating has been made more important as it will not only affect your energy levels, but will eventually kill you. Stay cold enough for long enough and you will eventually freeze to death. Dive too long underwater and you’ll drown.


As well as lots more stuff all listed below – most importantly though, rabbits now scream when you kill them, and you can finally kill cook and eat the turtles! *(and take their shell to use as a shield/weapon)


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.


v0.14 completed:

  • (Custom Building)Procedural foundations now auto fill with experimental floor making structures simpler to build.
  • (Custom Building)Added valid angle & distance gizmo to Foundations, Floors, Walls and Roofs
  • (Custom Building)Added option to auto fill points of walls, and roofs from in snapping range (press C)
  • (Custom Building)Added no wall option to experimental walls segment rotation
  • (Custom Building)New buildable item: Experimental Roof! Once placed aim upwards to select height. This means it is now possible to build complete structures!
  • Reduced log cost of foundations for all buildings
  • Added monitoring system to alert players if their save game has been corrupted beyond repair
  • Save script now uses the grabber system (adding items to item holder next to a shelter no longer saves the game unexpectedly)
  • Fix for vanishing items in weapon/explosive rack when picking up items while already having the max amount
  • Fixed white log with missing texture in world
  • Fixed bug where breaking apart coneflower would spawn a broken chicory plant
  • Cave stalagmites now have collision
  • Lethal starvation system ! Be aware of your food supplies as staying hungry too long will eventually cause you harm.
  • Lethal thirst system ! Stay hydrated and healthy by finding a clear water source every day, failing this may result in death.
  • Lethal frost system ! Cold will now eventually kill you. When you feel yourself shaking and the screen frosting over, build a fire!
  • New buildable item: Rain Water collector. Requires 4 sticks, 1 turtle shell.
  • New item: Carryable pot. Found at campsites around world. Can be used to boil dirty water.
  • Can now drink at ponds and lakes. Ponds can be polluted and thus require water to be boiled.
  • Blue berries now give small amount of water
  • Fixed bug that would block an explosive holder slot when attempting to place a small rock/tennis ball on it
  • Fixed bug that caused the full screen to turn frozen after having a lag spike or pressing alt-tab while being cold
  • (audio) Added timeout before re-triggering ‘Sighted by enemy’ sfx to avoid issue where it’s called dozens of times in a row as new enemies see you
  • (audio)Startle, hit and die sounds added for deer, rabbits, raccoons and squirrels
  • (audio)Advanced tree wind effect added! Tree leaves will rustle as you move past them.
  • Fov slider added to options menu!
  • Dead mutants will sometimes have loot (meds, chocolate bars, soda)
  • Fixed bug where explosives wouldn’t affect distorted enemies
  • Rope trap now requires rope to construct
  • Improved regular mutant reactions to explosions
  • Increased inventory bomb carry limit to 5
  • New buildable item: Trip wire explosive!
  • Survival book traps pages reorganization. New small traps section (moved rabbit trap here, and renamed to ‘animal trap’ Food section in book renamed to Food and Water and water collector moved to old position of rabbit trap.
  • Home & yellow hammer overlay icons now disabled while in caves
  • Added option to always disable home & yellow hammer overlay icons to options menu
  • Any object that can’t be stashed now has G to Drop hint
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where lizard armor wouldn’t show up for other players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed player climb rope animation not showing for other players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Log sled position and contents not syncing correctly
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug where after time passes player avatar moves away from actual player location, while players name stays with players true location.
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Issue with screen re-positioning and orientation bugs that could occur after time
  • (multiplayer) Fixed walls disappearing after too many placed
  • Enemies will now switch to a burnt material when set on fire
  • New item added: Rebreather! Equip to dive underwater (there are several hidden throughout world)
  • New recipe added: Waterskin, 2x deer skin, 1 x rope
  • Bombs will now also explode dead bodies
  • Optimized fish a.i. and fixed some instances of no fish appearing in ponds
  • all animals can be killed with explosives now
  • Player can now swim underwater for a brief period of time (look for rebreather to swim underwater longer)
  • New item added: Turtle shell! Can be taken from killed beach turtles. May be used in crafting structures or as a makeshift shield to block attacks! (or even as a weapon)
  • Turtles now provide 2 delicious pieces of generic meat
  • Improved various bugs with noose trap
  • Fixed issue that would eventually cause a massive lag after burning trees down
  • Optimized a bunch of physics objects over time. Should fix general performance slow down after cutting down hundreds of trees and plants.
  • Optimized billboard script to improve cpu usage by roughly 10%
  • Improved cave physics use – which was causing some major performance issues even outside caves.
  • Optimized work scheduler to reduce lag spikes in greeble intensive areas (areas with large concentration of ferns)
  • Timer on title screen switches to yellow text that reads NEW PATCH RELEASING TODAY when time runs out (just in case we miss deadline by a few hours like last patch)


v0.14 patch update!

Hey Everyone,


We accidentally set the patch release time to 2AM PST Vancouver time!  The  0.14 release is really exciting, it has a big bash of performance improvements, new sounds for animals, a rebreather and underwater diving, as well as adding the new thirst gameplay system along with starvation and improved cold systems- however the time it should be set to release is 2PM on the 25th! (tomorrow afternoon) Not 2AM! as it’s currently set. So the in game counter will be off by a few hours.


We’ve added an extra fix to the clock to stop this happening again in future, sorry to anyone who was expecting it at 2AM. (or waiting up for it!)


The Team at Endnight