V0.67b hotfix

Hey Everyone,


For the full list of today’s v0.67 patch notes, please visit:




In addition, here is a small hotfix for an issue that was found tonight:



  • Fixed issue with players being unable to let go of log sled unless hit or taking damage.



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


Hey Everyone,


This patch adds a new weapon holder type. This can be built by placing the weapon display structure on the ground instead of on a wall, and once built can be used to show off your favourite weapon.


For the turtle shell sled introduced last patch, we improved the 3d model and textures, and also added proper sound design including audio for when airborne.


In multiplayer we’ve fixed the missing sharks, as well as fixed a bunch of sync issues, including some materials not showing correctly, and some items like speared fish or fired arrows not correctly appearing for clients.


The stats page has been worked on further based on feedback from last patch. The bars now  match closer to how the hud displays values and the tutorial pages were re-done to match the new style of the rest of the book. The books tabs were also improved to better match the redesign.


For dedicated servers, we fixed tree regrow not working, fixed water collectors not functioning and also added working ban, unban and kick options for admins of dedicated servers.


We’ve improved the animation transitions when equipping various items and weapons, so there should be less cases of held objects overlapping when quickly switching between items.


All fire types are now destroyable without having to be lit first, Explosive traps can now be triggered by projectile weapons, the deadfall trap has been re-worked to be wider so that it will kill more consistently. We Improved enemy textures to include more spec, some plant textures and models were improved, a new pot model was added replacing the old placeholder one, and we fixed a massive amount of bugs including an issue where killed lizards would tank the frame rate and a major crash issue that could occur in caves and on the way to the sinkhole.


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.67 changelog:


  • Fixed back index button on fire page not working
  • Fixed bug where controls for client could break after some animations towards end game were triggered.
  • (optimization)Animals in the overworld are now properly despawned when entering caves
  • It is now possible to add logs to damaged ziplines
  • Fixed some cases of the show hud option ticked off not behaving as expected
  • (DS) Fixed tree regrowth
  • Fixed enemies opening suitcases by running into them
  • (Multiplayer) Sharks are now working in multiplayer games
  • Explosive traps can now be triggered by projectile weapons
  • Fixed current feeling calculation in book stats page
  • Up and down weight trend arrows are now back in the stats page
  • Fixed player getting cold and wet from rain while in caves
  • (multiplayer) fixed some player clothing variations blurring incorrectly
  • Added new book tabs to match new look of book
  • Fixed enemy position when dropped on fire
  • Fixed log on zipline offsetting from the zipline rope if placed while standing too close from the zipline and within collision range of player
  • (Multiplayer) Improved log on zipline movement smoothing
  • Fixed survival book not opening properly sometimes when closing inventory and immediately opening book
  • Fixed camera snap when opening book with very low mouse smoothing setting
  • Logs traveling on zipline are now visible from further away
  • Fixed lizard ragdolls causing low framerate in multiplayer games when lizards are killed
  • Improved enemy spec textures
  • Turtle shell model and texture re-work
  • Plant 18 and 15 rework
  • Correction for previous page button on Crafting tab saying Bestiary 5 instead of 4
  • Fixed player able to get stuck in corner of one of the huts in the large cannibal village
  • Fixed player arms clipping with body when looking down
  • Tennis racquet now uses single arm block animation
  • Flare gun now displays amount of ammo in the inventory tooltip
  • Fixed head on drying rack not pickupable for a long time before turning into skull
  • Fixed missing amount display on mushrooms inventory tooltip
  • Fixed an error when zipline is destroyed while riding it leaving player in a broken and infinite zipline riding state
  • New held pot model and textures
  • Fixed some wrong icons in inventory
  • Fixed some overly glowy icons in world
  • Fixed game crashing while in caves sometimes if progressing through and not killing enemies
  • (multiplayer) Player can no longer be revived after being killed by a shark or drowning
  • Optimized animator cpu usage in multiplayer
  • Optimized physics cpu usage
  • UI – Fixed ‘Mouse X Sensitivity’ saying ‘Mouse sensitivity’
  • Fixed UI widget staying visible if grabbing log quickly from log holder after it gets destroyed
  • UI – Bottom left messages are now hidden while in inventory to avoid overlapping with item tooltips
  • Added hole cutter removal to ceiling skull light
  • Fixed hole cutter removal for rabbit skin decoration
  • Water detection of basic, rock pit and bon fires is now significantly more forgiving so that fires must be clearly underwater to be prevented from lighting up
  • New building: Ground/log weapon holder ! Wall weapon holder now swaps to a on-ground log version that can be placed anywhere by not targeting a wall. Costs 1 log. Relevant items have a specific positioning on that structure
  • Fixed hole cutter targeting lit fires from far away
  • Caves – Fixed water zones not lining up in Cave 9
  • Fixed raft making water splash sounds when on land
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue with syncing skin variations, including red paint
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed missing craft sfx when combining items with the metal tray
  • Fixed inside of yacht being climbable with the climbing axe
  • Fixed bone arrow feathers missing alpha channel and some birds missing alpha channels
  • (multiplayer)Fixed loose bag floating visible in coop player seat at start of game
  • All 4 fire types can now be destroyed without lighting it first
  • Survival Book – new tutorial page design
  • Caves- fixed some buggy swim areas
  • Fixed mushrooms always having sheen in inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Hole cutter can no longer target boat or the sled while it is currently being driven by someone
  • (DS) Fixed water collector not working
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed foundation based structures with only foundations damaged not offering repair prompt to clients until host first inspected it with the repair tool
  • Fixed happy birthday traps sometimes not killing enemies after being reset once by player
  • Added new audio to turtle shell sled, and new airborne sound effects
  • Destroy supporting structure under either side of a zipline now destroys the zipline (not retroactive)
  • Setup stats page to display Fullness & Hydration (thus matching hud display) instead of ‘Stomach’ and ‘Thirst’
  • Happy birthday and dead fall traps can now damage players
  • Happy Birthday and dead fall traps have been tweaked to increase chance of enemies dying reliably when trap is triggered
  • Fixed a case of enemies sometimes not receiving damage when Happy birthday trap was sprung
  • Improved log mesh/textures in HB and deadfall traps
  • Improved look of stats page materials
  • Fixed an issue with some tutorials possibly remaining visible if active while dying
  • Fixed creepy mutant ragdolls able to trigger traps, causing them to trigger indefinitely
  • Creepy mutants will now stagger backwards when hit by traps
  • Creepy mutants can now damage traps with their attacks
  • (Multiplayer) Speared fishes are now visible on remote players !
  • Fixed bone arrows blurring wrongly when equipped on bow
  • It is now possible to take items off weapon racks while not having room for it in the inventory in which case a pickup version of the items is dropped
  • (Multiplayer) Player interaction system is now reset after player gets respawned, so that dying may clear out interaction bugs
  • Fixed issues with disconnecting from sled by other means than the regular, intended let go like taking damage
  • Fixed regression from last patch causing the repair prompt to not show up with repair tool equipped if logs are needed to repair a structure
  • Soda cans should no longer fly out as high when boxes of them are opened
  • Fixed getting knocked down from explosions while in inventory breaking all interaction and movement
  • (Performance) Optimized boat foam system, games with many boats will benefit from this most


    • (DS) Fixed Kick and Ban features, admin commands now also supports kicking, banning and unbanning by name


  • Caves- replaced old bloody tables with new models
  • Fixed regression with redman on yacht animation breaking
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed banned players list not working
  • (Multiplayer) Possibly fixed remote player heads missing sometimes




Hey Everyone,


This patch includes an almost total redesign of the survival book. We’ve added color bands across sections to make it easier to know which section you are currently in, and also matched the hover over buttons to use this same color. Along with this the stats page has been redesigned, it should now be both easier to read and give more context to how stats relate to the HUD elements.


A similar re-work was done across the HUD itself. We’ve kept the same basic ideas everyone is familiar with but cleaned up the look visually, with subtle gradients added to make the bars easier to understand, and cleaned up shapes that retain the same basic ideas whilst looking visually cleaner.


The build/item tracker has been reworked to feel less jarring. Items now smoothly animate in and out instead of popping visually. We wanted to make this feel like a mental checklist players are thinking of, and so have added a strike out line as each item has its requirements filled, as if you’re striking them off a list.


We’ve changed a bunch of stuff with how collision works, and how mouse movement feels. We also added some new mouse smoothing options giving players the ability to alter this to how they prefer or turn it off completely. Along with this there has been a re-work of the cave collision making it more accurate to the 3d rendered geometry, and also how multiplayer collision works – previously clients would rely on hosts collision for ragdolls and a.i. meaning dropped bodies for clients could fall through rocks unless client was very close to host.


Along with the collision changes, we added new head shot damage to enemies. A good projectile shot to the head of a humanoid enemy will now do much more damage than a body shot.


Animal A.I. was improved, We made deer run further and longer from players instead of forgetting instantly they were almost just killed. We also fixed some long standing issues with animals getting stuck on walls, and some animals not catching on fire when they should. To make being killed by either a crocodile or shark clearer, we now animate the player spinning around to show what just killed them.


It is now possible to add logs to ziplines, which should make this a useful way to transport logs across long distances. This is a first pass, we’re planning a lot more polish on this especially in multiplayer.


You can now collect mushrooms using your pouch, and even plant them in gardens you build in caves. Poison mushrooms can now be used similar to poison berries in inventory.


We did a pass on water collection, now pot will be properly held and also animate to scoop water up, it should also look better when placed on a fire.


We added a new ability to turtle shells, you can now use these as makeshift sleds. This system works most effectively in the snow, and can be used as a way to make a quick exit if surrounded by enemies.


Along with this we added some new cannibal village props, fixed some issues with loading games with an insane amount of buildings in 64 bit (over 10,000 structures!) Started in on some slow enemy CPU optimizations, balanced chainsaw weapon, improved how previous weapon selection works, improved hud performance, Improved the hole cutter to allow it to remove more items including paths and some decorations, and also prepared project for a switch to a newer unity version (which didn’t make it into this patch) and more.


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.66 changelog:



  • Fixed Sea Turtles sometimes being blocked by walls
  • Sea turtles will now be set alight if passing through a fire
  • Higher resolution textures on turtle shell
  • Hitting enemies with repair tool should no longer make them bloodied
  • Fixed very large save games sometimes crashing on load on 64 bit systems
  • Optimized cpu usage of all enemy ai routines
  • Better collision on some cannibal village props
  • Added new large bloody tables and broken bloody table variations
  • Deer now run away from player more after being attacked
  • Player will now spin to face direction of attack after being killed by a shark or crocodile
  • Improved cave wall collision accuracy
  • Improved look of cannibal village hut thatched grass textures
  • Fixed bodies ragdolling weirdly if dropped on bonfire
  • It’s No longer possible to attach bombs to enemy gibs
  • Held small rocks and tennis balls are now dropped when sitting on a bench
  • Fixed player arm clipping through camera sometimes during axe attacks
  • Fixed slightly laggy movement on player camera during plane crash
  • Fixed animals sometimes not pathing correctly around structures and other obstacles
  • Lowered overall movement speed while attacking with chainsaw
  • Reduced chainsaw damage against creepy mutants and end game boss
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed small meat not visible in remote player hands when held
  • It is now possible to bind mouse buttons to axis actions such as movement
  • Looking at a damaged structure (not needing logs for repair) while holding a log no longer shows the repair widget and instead shows the missing repair tool icon
  • Fixed loading saves with toy not initializing properly all renderers
  • Fixed flashlight not properly set as the current light item after selecting it in inventory
  • Fixed prev page button in Boats page of book pointing to Traps 2 instead of Traps 3 (defensive structures)
  • New HUD elements added. Replaced stomach drawing, and cleaned up and created new HUD backing, and added new gradients for bars
  • (multiplayer)Fixed player standing up after being killed while in injured state
  • (multiplayer) Enemies and animals will now collide with rocks for client players when the host is very far away
  • (UI) Revamped build mission UI items are now striked off and animated when completed
  • It is now possible to add logs to ziplines to let it transport them across to the other end!
  • When the Drop button is pressed and an actual item is dropped (rather than stashed) the previously equipped item is now equipped automatically
  • (Performance) Simplified physics setup of defensive wall reinforcements
  • (UI) New design for collected item messages and tutorials
  • Mushrooms may now be collected using the pouch ! It is now possible to carry up to 10 mushrooms
  • Gardens created in caves now have the option to plant mushrooms instead of seeds.
  • Survival book pages re-worked for majority of pages. Some pages are still wip such as bestiary, and older crafting pages
  • Fixed player camera breaking if taking damage during hanging in cave cutscene
  • You can now use equipped shell as a sled by jumping and doing a downward attack
  • Arrows, spears and flintlock pistol can now deal increased headshot damage to enemies
  • Hole cutter can now also remove rock path, deer skin, rabbit skin and skull decorations
  • Added mouse smoothing setting with option to set this to zero
  • Fixed player sometimes able to jump while crouched in vents and other tight areas
  • Improved held pot pose and added gather water animation when using pot at lakes and ponds
  • You can now make poison arrows using poisoned mushrooms
  • Fixed a case of prefab bundle loader going on and off quickly when placed as greeble creating several routines for a single object and causing the bundle to end up unloaded automatically after finishing loader as if unused (would result in some items not appearing when they should such as types of corpses in caves)
  • Added cpu ocean optimization when far away



Hey everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix fixing two issues in yesterday’s 0.65 patch release.



  • Fixed defensive wall gate not buildable
  • Fixed end boss enemy spin attack not damaging clients


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server to get the latest fixes.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


Hey Everyone,


This patch includes a new 64 bit launcher. This will allow you to use as much ram as your hardware allows, which should be especially helpful for players with large bases, or those hosting games and running low on memory. A 32 bit exe is also still included for players on 32 bit systems.


The flare gun now has new reload animations and sound effects, as well as an aim down sights mode. Held flare also has new sounds and animation, and flare will now be visibly sparked before being lit.


Animals now get bloody when you hit them, with the damage being location based. This helps makes it much clearer when you have actually shot one with an arrow or have partially injured one. We also added this same system to the stewardess and some of the dead hanging bodies in the world.


There are a ton of new props around the cannibal villages and inside some of the beach huts. New buckets, bed mats, benches, plates and chairs in an effort to make those locations feel more lived in.


The endgame boss has had a pass at making it more difficult to fight, including being faster and attacking more often and with more variety of attacks, as well as being more aggressive in chasing down players attempting to keep their distance.  In co-op mode the boss health will increase based on the amount of players in the room. In addition to these difficulty changes, the player can now re-spawn in the bed in front of the room instead of making you traverse all the way back there if you die during this encounter.


Along with this we did some sound effect polish including lowering the volume of the chainsaw, improved textures on the skinned animals, made some fixes to the achievements we released last patch, improved controller support and lots more for the full list see below.


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.65 changelog:


  • (Multiplayer)Fixed camcorder strap clipping into player’s hand
  • Fixed flintlock not properly returning to aim mode if aim button was held down after firing
  • Fixed player visibility not being affected by held flaming arrow light
  • Improved skinned textures on rabbit, lizard, deer and crocodile
  • Flare gun now has aim down sights mode and a reload animation
  • Fixed standing fire doubling up after burning out/getting destroyed
  • Further memory optimization of some end game animations and assets
  • Fixed dead rabbit dropped from hand using wrong texture
  • (Translations) Fixed case of “added to backpack” dynamic text not translating
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed sleep on yacht achievement for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed building related tasks and achievements for clients
  • Improved snap to items in inventory with a gamepad feature, it now targets groups of objects with same properties (so that it goes through the pile of sticks in 1 click but allows to target fire arrows amongst normal ones, decayed meats etc)
  • Ghosts and building requirements updated for raft and houseboat
  • Ghosts updated for small and large holders to match finished log visuals
  • (Audio) Fixed missing SFX when killing a held live rabbit
  • (Audio) Tuned volume levels of chainsaw
  • (Audio) Added gore footsteps to some gore assets in endgame areas
  • (Audio) Added reload sound to flare gun
  • (Audio) Added sound to new held flare ignite animation
  • Held flares now have a ‘light flare’ animation as they are equipped
  • Overhead smash attacks now produce blood sprays correctly when hitting an animal or enemy
  • Dead flight attendant can now be hit with weapons and with get bloody
  • (Translations) Updated Finnish translation
  • Player will now drop from a climbing wall if climbing axe is unequipped
  • Fixed some parts of the building system still using legacy “Take” action instead of the “Build” action
  • Fixed regression in previous patch caused by an optimization of ocean system leading to ocean looking laggy while swimming, optimization is now only effective while not swimming in ocean
  • Fixed enemy textures sometimes turning black when killed in traps
  • Caves- fixed player head intersecting with Climb walls
  • Fixed asset bundles system unloading dependencies before a bundle is completely out of use
  • Caves – fixed holes in cave 9
  • (Performance) Fixed one of the LOD scripts so that it doesn’t go on and off constantly when standing at visibility threshold range
  • Added slight battery charge upsurge when equipping plastic torch, it now equips and flashes for a split second before getting stashed to showcase battery is out of charge
  • Fixed walky talky not equipping when out of plastic torch battery charge
  • (Multiplayer) Now syncing Zipline and Crane sfx
  • (Multiplayer) Sped up scrolling in game browser x7
  • Animals now appear bloody when struck!
  • Added new bucket, bench, wicker sleeping mat and plats/bowl models to cannibal villages
  • Endgame scene will now attempt to load again if the initial loading fails, which may occur if harddrive is under heavy load.
  • Fixed held plane axe clipping through player hands
  • Fixed bird landing on hand misaligned while holding the flintlock or flaregun
  • Larger animal heads (shark, crocodile and deer) have collision so the player cannot stand inside them.
  • Fixed block animation getting stuck while interacting with crane and other triggers
  • Boss enemy in the end game section has been made overall more aggressive and difficult to kill
  • Previously, stairs built in a circle could not be completed if you were standing in the circle, even if you did not intersect with the stairs. They should now be buildable so long as you are not intersecting with the stairs
  • Fixed offset plant pickup and sheen icons on some plants
  • Replaced fxaa with a working version
  • Fixed ghost leaf shelter rendering over book
  • After dying in endgame while fighting boss enemy player now respawns next to a bed and has a wake up animation
  • (UI) Fixed issues with using a gamepad in the options menu, it can now be fully navigated and used, including sliders (use the right stick) and remapping screen (use triggers instead of right/left click to edit & delete mappings)
  • (UI) Fixed DS browser scrollbar mess + improved perfs
  • Changed gamepad snap in inventory feature to free by default
  • Decorated the beach houses with new props and pickups
  • End boss health now scales with the amount of players currently in the game
  • Added herb health pickups to some cannibal village locations
  • Increased health on deer
  • Fixed issue with accuracy of the map revealing system
  • Revamped cave exploration tasks, instead of being based of invisible triggers it is now based on revealed map areas, which should make cave exploration tasks clearer and the spelunker achievement possible without cheats
  • Fixed player not taking armour damage from enemy stomp attacks
  • Fixed blood screen effect missing when hit with stomp attacks
  • Fixed stashing map leaving it active in hand
  • Fixed arrows not sticking into rabbits correctly
  • It is no longer possible to take damage before finishing loading & plane sequence (if playing) at start of game
  • (DS) Fixed animal pool not getting cleaned up properly when leaving the game to title screen, leaving further runs with no visible animals when playing as client
  • Explore Hanging cave task is now made available when going through the main entrance instead of after the hanging cutscene




Hey Everyone,


For this patch we added a first pass of achievements, this includes 45 so far. These should all be unlockable currently in single player, however a couple may not be fully activated in multiplayer games just yet.


The camcorder introduced last patch now has 6 vhs tapes you can find in the world. These tapes can be watched to learn more about what might have happened before you crash landed


The crane building now has a new rope added to it’s base. You can use this rope to bring the platform either up or down.  The new machete can now be upgraded like other weapons, and has also been balanced to be more powerful against small bushes, and can even chop down trees, although it’s not the best tool for that job


There were a couple big bugs since v0.63 that have been fixed, these include numerous issues with the logsleds, issues with spears vanishing and thirst and hunger texts getting stuck on screen.


Localization has been improved for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.  We also added language support for Czech, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish


Along with this we added some new audio, fixed some settings in ds games not working correctly such as enemies on/off, trees regrowing and building destruction, and fixed a bunch of small and large bugs, for the full list visit.


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


v0. 64 changelog:


  • Fixed some issues with logsled being harder to push
  • Fixed save game timestamps not showing correct save time or correct amount of days survived
  • Fixed equipping armor whilst holding flashlight causing player to revert to a 2 handed pose and when opening door animation plays
  • Fixed tree stumps from old saves not being cuttable in newer builds
  • Added in a hover effect for the main index tab in the survival book
  • Added lobby is full message when the lobby is full for multiplayer
  • Fixed crane sometimes trying to cut the floor right below when placed
  • Crane properly ignores collision in view after locking first point (could turn red/unplaceable if looking at a tree for example)
  • Fixed thrown spears losing ground collision after hitting an enemy or animal.
  • Fixed attack input sometimes locked after firing flintlock and then switching to another weapon
  • DS – Fixed tree regrow, allow building destruction, allow enemies in creative settings getting overridden on game start
  • Fixed zip line structure not updating nav mesh correctly
  • Walls, fences and affiliated can no longer be placed through trees
  • Audio – Updated machete weapon sfx to be consistent with other weapons of similar type.
  • Audio – Flintlock bullets now have impact sfx for plants, mutants, animals and other world objects.
  • Audio – Added gore impact sfx for when exploding Armsy enemy type.
  • Audio – Added sound event for applying mud
  • Audio: Fix for the dynamic life buoy, now plays correct events when pushed on terrain and no longer triggers log hits when colliding with rocks.
  • Audio: Updated enemy death animation audio tags.
  • Fixed zipline ghost rope not fully covering entire length of the structure
  • Fixed crane icon job when it cannot be placed & improved invalid placement detection
  • Fix dead fall trap visibility in some angles.
  • Fixed small campsite with some purple pots
  • Fixed Temporary shelter, Log Cabin, and Skull lamp ghosts appearing as white outlines regardless of color setting in options
  • Fixed issue with drinking water from lakes at extreme edges of waterline
  • Fixed thirst and hunger warning messages not leaving screen even after drinking or eating
  • Fixed terrain quality not applied when starting game
  • Fixed missing cassette tape 5 + walkman combine recipe
  • Machete can now be upgraded with teeth, booze or feathers !
  • Balanced Machete to be faster and more effective at cutting bushes and saplings and can now also be used to chop trees
  • Fixed log sled freaking out when placing dead bodies into it
  • Fixed some small holes in caves
  • Fixed dropping the leftmost fish in inventory spawning wrong prefab
  • Crane now has a control trigger at the bottom and thus can be pulled down without being on the moving platform
  • Walked steps are now only accounted for when player owns the pedometer
  • Fixed some wrongly scaled bodies at camp sites
  • (Translations) Added Czech, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish
  • (Translations) Updated German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese
  • (Translations) Improved error detection in languages, notably with popup texts which could retain the last selected language value if current one was wrong
  • Fixed issues with settings of timmy’s toy crafting recipe possibly causing an error that would leave it in an invalid state
  • Fixed a race condition in inventory and crafting logic allowing to craft item past the max amount (but not take it in inventory) by adding the product on crafting mat and then back in inventory
  • Killing a held live rabbit gives you now both skin and meat
  • Fixed translations positioning in stats page of book
  • Caves – polish pass to Cave 10
  • Fixed flashlight causing endgame glass to flashbrightly
  • Fixed issue with enemy motion blur sometimes not correctly enabling
  • Fixed crossing passengers off the manifest
  • Fixed sled add item sfx not playing after moving sled
  • Now also checking for the finish game achievement to unlock creative mode (so that it remains available for an account even when changing computer)


  • Prevented bone from getting equipped when gained from eating meat


V0.63b – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix to last night’s 0.63 build, fixing an issue with some language settings causing p2p connection issues


V0.63b hotfix


  • Fixed a bug with some languages causing P2P servers to be stuck on creating lobby screen
  • Fixed player clothing variations missing correct motion blur setting



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


Hey Everyone,


This patch adds a bunch of new buildable items, a new weapon, an improved flashlight, along with a ton of bug fixes and some big memory improvements.


For buildings, we’ve added two types of ziplines – one that can be attached tree to tree, or tree to ground and another more complicated version that works by placing two large gates apart from each other, with the rope being procedurally created between them.


We also added a crane type structure, which will be useful for transporting logs and other items higher up into your base or you can place this in the middle of your buildings as an elevator type system.


A new birdhouse structure can be attached to trees, and if in an area with birds should attract birds, leaving you feathers when they fly off.


The new custom garden, replaces the regular garden. It works the same however you can now decide the size and shape as you layout the ghost. The amount of available grow spots increases with the bigger you make it.


We added a bunch of new small buildings also, mostly decorative, a new fireplace model, a bone chair, a chandelier, picture frames, wooden couch and a new small table


We found a big issue with memory use and defensive walls which was causing each wall built to add substantially to the overall memory and was causing major issues in larger save games. We also found and fixed similar issues on some smaller items that were repeated frequently enough to cause memory to rise.


For translations, we added a bunch more missing translation keys, fixed a bunch of formatting and capitalization issues, and added a first pass of spanish and simplified chinese as well as updating the portuguese translation.


Along with this we added an aim down sight system for the flintlock, a new tactical flashlight, which replaced the old flashlight and provides way more light, added an option to change the color and opacity of ghost objects in game, added a new weapon type, and a new surprise story item pickup that will become a much bigger part of next patch. There are also a ton of bug fixes, and tweaks for the full list check below.


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub






V0.63 changelog:


  • Fixed book opening on its own when plugging in a gamepad at runtime
  • Fixed breath bar not decreasing when player first enters water
  • Tweaked flag colors to better differentiate between green and blue
  • Fixed hud not enabling if starting a game with it disabled
  • Fixed baby enemies not appearing bloody when hit
  • (multiplayer) Fixed blood not appearing to clean off for client characters weapons
  • Fixed short procedural wall collision being slightly wrong
  • Fixed issue where you could sprint infinitely by spamming the sprint key
  • Fixed player blocks also blocking hits from behind
  • (multiplayer) Improved performance issue when hitting animals with arrows
  • (multiplayer) Fixed Arrows stuck in animals not being synced correctly between players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue where fish trap could vanish if players went far away and then returned
  • (multiplayer) Trapped Cave fish are now correctly synced between players
  • Fixed issue with equip weapon animations interfering with open book animation
  • Fixed some structures missing dust when broken apart
  • (Performance)Optimized clothing and hair geometry on player
  • Fixed certain endgame cutscenes breaking if player was attacking while activating the cutscene
  • Fixed shooting arrows downward while standing on logsled causing player to fly up into the air
  • Fixed picking up bodies in end game breaking player animation if spear was held in throw position
  • (Audio) Added extra sounds for endgame boss
  • (Audio) Made walking on glass a little louder
  • (Audio) Tuned endgame boss audio events to fill the space better
  • (Audio) Added blood drips to endgame
  • (Audio) Added impact event for when arrow hits plane wreckage
  • (Audio) Additional polish pass of ambient audio emitters in endgame area
  • (Audio) Added new audio event for hitting dirt terrain with stick to keep consistent with other stick/spear weapons.
  • (Audio) Added sound for pushing raft on ground and water.
  • (Audio)Added body part impact sound events when male and female mutants are exploded.
  • Fixed boats and rafts being able to be built on top of each other
  • Fixed animation bug, if you attack while trying to drinking water
  • Added collision to trapped enemies in saved games
  • Fixed issue with enemy hit animations conflicting with being caught in noose trap
  • (UI) Fixed XInput setting reset when opening the menu
  • (Multiplayer) Prevent spamming take from food holders (and similar) as client from providing several of the item stored until host responds
  • (Translation) Added missing translations keys in title scene, options menu,  MP Screen, Hints, pause menu, items/meats inventory tooltips, todo list, tick off system, available recipes list
  • (Translation) Fixed texts missing/capitalisation/formating in title scene, options menu,  MP Screen, book for the French language
  • (Translation) Added Spanish, Simplified Chinese an updated Portuguese
  • (multiplayer) Fixed bug with generic meat on fire turning into small generic meat for client
  • Added look down sights mode for flintlock!
  • Hole cutter now properly clears out the yellow hammer on ghost structures
  • Hole cutter no longer has issues when targeting ropes
  • Added “Ghost building tint” option in gameplay/interface, allows picking one of white, blue, purple or green
  • Added “Ghost building opacity” option in gameplay/interface
  • New weapon added: Machete !
  • Trapped enemies now load with correct props
  • (Audio) Added placement sound when adding explosive to tree
  • New building: Zipline ! Has 2 gates, place either one high up and the other below and at distance, it will procedurally create a rope in between.
  • New building: Tree Zipline ! Both endpoints can be hooked to trees and optionally second end point can be hooked with terrain
  • New building: Crane ! When placing it you have to first choose its bottom position then its height up to 4 stories high, it then cuts floors and removes structures in its way when placed. Takes small storage structures and can be used to transport logs and other items higher up.
  • Fixed flare on crafting mat appearing lit when it wasn’t
  • (Audio) Added new sound fx when raft is pushed
  • Fixed turtle shell not making a sound when swung
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issues between MP player list, pause menu, book, and inventory screens
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed players being able to interact whilst player list was active
  • New building: Bird house! Once built will attract birds, who will likely drop feathers
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed motion blur missing on some enemy types
  • (DS) Fixed issue where enemy weapons could cause error spam
  • Fixed issues with male pale enemies in noose trap
  • Fixed issue where trapped enemies props could vanish
  • (Multiplayer) Mutant dropped teeth pickup are now synced on host and client.
  • (DS)Teeth now appear in dedicated server games
  • (DS) Fixed turtles behaviour on dedicated servers.
  • Pressing E to lock the first point of procedural buildings is no longer possible
  • (DS) Fixed invalid password message not showing in some sessions when attempting to join with the wrong password.
  • (DS) Fixed issues with incorrect material count on custom structures
  • Weather system now prevents rain from showing up during the plane sequence
  • (Caves)Fixed water zone in stalactite room
  • (Caves)Fixed a couple areas you could get stuck in in the stalactite room and cavern room
  • (DS) Fixed some issues with attempting to load regular multiplayer games into dedicated server games
  • Fixed tree sap collector cutting leaves when attached to a tree
  • New item added: tactical flashlight! Replaced old flashlight. Is much brighter and has a better 3d model.
  • (DS) Fixed issues where errors would spam after exiting boss fight and attempting to load into server
  • (Survival book)Moved Defensive Structures to last page of Traps section of book
  • (Survival book)Added side numbers to sections of book that have more than one page
  • (DS) Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in burning animation on dedicated server games.
  • (Performance) Massively reduced memory use taken up by defensive walls, and optimized a ton of other models to improve memory usage
  • New building: Custom garden ! Replaces the legacy garden, amount of available grow spots based on its size. Ground with slope/holes will prevent from placing it really big
  • New art added: crashed helicopter
  • It is no longer possible to grow plants in garden while in caves
  • (DS) Added network configuration diagnostic to help admins
  • Fixed issue where stumps to trees would be instantly cut if using a chainsaw in single player games
  • Fixed L to light prompt not always appearing on lightable items
  • Fixed some small overlapping and intersecting items in plane
  • Fixed some small gaps in world
  • Herbal meds, and energy mixes now have fake drops, and will drop if you try and carry too many
  • New buildings: Fireplace, Bone chair, Bone chandelier, Bone frame, Stick frame, Wood couch and Small table.
  • It is now possible to have several structures on a single tree (for example, platform and zipline!)
  • Fixed major issue with hud & pickups after completing last structure requiring bones
  • Fixed building airborne structures in sinkhole locking to their max height
  • Fixed grabbing rope in sinkhole sending player high up above terrain level












Hey everyone,


This patch was focused on a ton of bug fixes, polish, optimizations and some anticipated dedicated server features.


For memory, we’ve switched a bunch of items to use asset bundles. This should lower overall runtime memory, keeping unique items out of memory until needed. This should also speed up load times and help prevent out of memory crashes.


We’ve done a ton of polish work on caves 1,2 and 4, fixing small holes, gaps you can get stuck in, floating items, and also cleaned up a bunch of item placements.


For the UI we have continued the re-work of the options menus, reworked the assign buttons menu, added in the new style MP menu’s and added better dark backing to ingame options to make items easier to see. Additionally we made some large performance improvements on the ingame UI tutorial display which were previously using a bunch of CPU just to display message updates.


For audio, we added in a new system that will change how things sound depending on if you are inside a built structure or outside, making the audio feel way more immersive. This is especially noticeable if you are inside a structure whilst it’s raining outside!


We added gibbing to all animals, so now if you blow them up you get a pretty gory result. We also improved the boar and crocodile a.i. Which should make them more aggressive and dangerous. We fixed some cases of birds flying underground, and fixed all animals not reacting to thrown rocks or low damage weapons.


Some of the building improvements include ability to now place baskets on top of built tables! Weapon racks now spawning the held weapons if the rack is destroyed, and the catapult now using the same item placement system as all other systems (you no longer need to be holding an item to place it in the thrower)


We’ve made more progress on languages, adding partial support for Japanese, Korean and Portuguese, as well as adding full support for Chinese, German and Russian. Note: languages should still be considered experimental and there are some bugs where some keys may still appear in english at times but we hope to fix these issues soon.


For multiplayer, we fixed a bug where suitcases would disappear if host went into a cave whilst client was outside a cave, synced sleep time to all players in a multiplayer game and added new hair variations for one of the character types.


For dedicated servers we added the ability to launch using any existing cheats or game options, such as vegetarian mode, tree re-growing on/off etc


Along with this there are a bunch more bug fixes and tweaks, full list below.


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub




V0.62 Changelog:


  • Fixed home icon not going away if trigger is active while it gets destroyed
  • Fixed crouch mode inverted when opening options menu
  • Fixed procedural bridges not registering damage when hit
  • Fixed tree sap collector ghost construction hammer position
  • Fixed error in multiplayer when hitting bushes or water zones with arrows
  • It is now possible to jump when placing ghost buildings with a gamepad
  • Switched stick marker and sled flag icons to new system (same has house icon on shelters). On the first time loading an old save it tries to match the former color to the closest available color
  • Fixed UI switch widget sometimes wrongly bringing up the list when it should just update the currently shown icon
  • Improved differentiation between green & blue overlay icons color in world
  • Fixed birds not being set on fire when shot with flare gun
  • Fixed enemies playing trapped animation when loading a game with enemies caught in a noose trap
  • Fixed animals not reacting to being struck by thrown rocks or low damage weapons
  • Fixed birds sometimes flying underneath the ground
  • (UI) Grey panels in options now light up when hovered
  • Fixed missing combine prompt for some items when backpack is on the crafting mat to assign items to quick select
  • Fixed spears and arrows not sticking into fig trees
  • Fixed repair hammer sometimes not responding properly if used while equip animation is still playing
  • Improved collision mesh on logs
  • Improved selection mesh of bone armour pieces in inventory
  • Caves – Pass on Cave 1 holes and items placement.
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed dirt piles remaining in world if owning garden gets destroyed
  • Fixed item inventory tooltip issues with broken toy, feathers, flintlock, Gun parts, blueberry and coneflower seeds, deer skin and leaves
  • Crocodiles can now attack players standing directly behind them, and will generally attack more often
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed repairing structures on Large Raft launching player into air
  • Fixed pressing R on fires with nothing but cash in inventory causing the widget to rotate continuously
  • Fixed right hand equipped item reverting to default weapon when passing through non rope caves entrances
  • Fixed loading a save with chainsaw fuel fully depleted not updating the fuel UI properly
  • (Multiplayer) Dead backpack now preserves item bonuses such as fire, poison or bone arrows
  • Replaced old repair & log needed display with a new circular widget
  • Fixed player stats being affected by armsy knocking down trees
  • Fixed boars not moving at all after being hit
  • Caves – Pass on Cave 4 holes and item placement
  • (UI) Updated look of MP screen to match the new UI design
  • Fixed boar attacks sometimes not connecting properly with player
  • Fixed some cases of sfx not playing when using repair tool at distance from structures
  • Hybrid buildings (using a preplaced structure combined with procedural foundations, i.e. the gazebo) now properly account for both the structure and the foundation repair hit & log requirement before allowing the repair to complete
  • Fixed excessive snapping distance when placing procedural walls & fences near other walls
  • Fixed plane axe using wrong icon during hanging scene
  • Custom rope now validate anchor height before enabling the icon so that only working anchors are advertised
  • All animals now explode into chunks when hit by explosives
  • Reduced chance of player doing unintentional ground attacks when attacking enemies standing downhill of player
  • Fixed proximity check for several structures ghosts (so it cannot be placed within trees)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed gun ammo respawning on client cache when loading.
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed clients not seeing trapped fish in caves.
  • Effigies now properly use the new light fire icon
  • Included missing dust effects in most structures
  • Effigies can now be repaired (preserving the on fire state)
  • Arrow and bone baskets can now be placed on tables!
  • Bottom collision of procedural wall windows is no longer thicker than the model, fixing nested structure like wall planter placing visibly away from the wall
  • (Multiplayer) Trapped fishes are now synced correctly between players
  • (Audio) Updated physics sfx on items in endgame area.
  • (Audio) Added new rock debris audio emitter in collapsed walkway leading to endgame office areas
  • Contents of catapult’s basket is now saved
  • Repairing catapult no longer clears out the content of its item holder
  • (Translation) Improved support for missing keys in translations files, labels now retain previous value for missing keys, if a font for a language isn’t installed (or the game cannot reach it) the language won’t be listed in options
  • (Translation) Added Chinese, German and Russian (all keys)
  • (Translation) Added Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (WIP, only 284 first keys)
  • After destroying a weapon rack, stored items are spawned and can be picked up
  • Suitcases no longer disappear when host is in cave and clients out
  • Player is no longer launched into the air, when destroy a bridge
  • Players next sleep time is now synced in multiplayer
  • Fixed some incorrect USE/TAKE naming on various inventory items
  • Fixed passenger manifest being invisible if players tried to take it for the first time from a saved game
  • Fixed deer and rabbit skin ghosts becoming invisible if placed on ground
  • Fixed some areas in world with incorrect collision allowing players to float/walk above terrain
  • (Audio) Added new audio system for inside structures! Audio will now sound differently if you are inside a closed structure or not.
  • Fixed some loose ropes in overworld being placed floating above items
  • Fixed babies not getting bloody when struck
  • Improved look of cannibal village huts and added variation in wood construction
  • Fixed marigold, aloe, coneflower and chicory not dropping their world pickup if you have too many in inventory and try to collect them.
  • Arrows stuck into fishes and are now retrievable.
  • Removed old beach towels.
  • Removed unbreakable boxes – now only breakable box will spawn
  • Removed loose flares in the world, replaced with more openable flare boxes
  • Fixed tree house branch clearing being undone when tree was cut
  • New small decorative prop added: captains hat
  • Fixed Large raft repair and destroy issues
  • (Performance) New asset bundles for improved memory usage. Tennis players, first class passengers, dead frozen bodies, cannibal village tree, Hanging woman Plane bathroom, pilots, cockpit, Anchor, Old boats and hanging bodies now add to memory only when in range
  • Fixed issues with dock sometimes being hard or impossible to place even in a valid location
  • Fixed destroying unlit effigy while targeting the light trigger leaving the icon active
  • Fixed bonuses from upgrades on weapons not properly restored after loading a saved game (retroactive !)
  • Added new backsplash texture to loading screen hint
  • Fixed destroying animal trap leaving trapped animals inactive on spot
  • Fixed hint text not specifying that ‘lit’ effigies will scare enemies away from camp
  • (Multiplayer) Added new hair variations to multiplayer character type
  • Added a 15% opacity dark backing behind options to improve readability when background is bright
  • Fix weapon rack positions for Flare Guns, Flintlocks, Tennis Rackets, Katanas and Upgraded Spears.
  • (DS) New command line options: -veganmode, -vegetarianmode, -resetholesmode, -treeregrowmode, -allowbuildingdestruction, -allowenemiescreative
  • (DS) New config file options: veganMode <on|off>, vegetarianMode <on|off>, resetHolesMode <on|off>, treeRegrowMode <on|off>, allowBuildingDestruction <on|off>, allowEnemiesCreativeMode <on|off>
  • (DS) New admin commands: /treeregrowmode <on|off>, /allowbuildingdestruction <on|off>, /allowenemiescreative <on|off>
  • (DS) Added -configfilepath <filePath> command line option, if target file doesn’t exists it tries to create it with the default values
  • (Performance) Lowered CPU usage of building placer system
  • Fixed blood not being cleaned off weapons if they got bloody during rain. Previously would only clean off if bloody when rain started
  • Fixed lighter in inventory using old version of lighter art compared to held version
  • (Audio) Fixed Swinging rabbits, fish,lizard, bones, tennis racket, turtle shell and lizard missing whoosh sound effect when swung
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed some underwater particles being visible for players who died in water on respawn
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed foundation built in caves not working properly for clients
  • (UI) Updated control remapping screen to new design, also fixes some issues introduced last patch
  • (UI) Increased size of the main UI font asset (improves crispness)
  • Fixed chainsaw missing icon in the weapon rack UI widget
  • Fixed cave ground not properly initializing down cave 1’s sinkhole ledge
  • (Optimization) Improved CPU performance of the on screen tutorial messages
  • Fixed a water area in cave 1 that was missing it’s trigger making it not swimmable
  • (Multiplayer) Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players
  • Grabbing items from food holders and skin rack type of storage while full will now attempt to drop the item on ground if a pickup exists for that item
  • It is now possible to add items to the catapult by choosing which item through the UI like other holders
  • (DS) Fixed catapult not working at all in dedicated servers
  • Catapult now filters out all weapons (flintlock, stick upgraded etc cannot be added to catapult holder but simple sticks & rocks can for example)
  • Repair log requirements must now be fulfilled before performing the repairs with the repair tool
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed foundation with collapsed chunks not properly initialized for late joining clients causing collapsed chunks to be there for the client and leaving client unable to repair it







V0.61C Hotfix

Hey Everyone,


This hotfix should fix all the issues from today’s 0.61 patch. MP games and save games should all be back to normal. Issues such as not being able to chop trees, or not seeing items in MP games, treehouses disappearing etc all should all be fixed with this update.



  • Fixed a host of issues in some MP games that had rope traps built in them, including some item holders not working and trees not being cuttable.



NOTE: The dedicated server tool has also been updated. If you are running a dedicated server, make sure you update it to have these fixes available to players on your server


Thanks to everyone who helped us figure this out by sending us their save games!
As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub