Hey Everyone,


Here’s another small hotfix, this time fixing some performance issues with some quality presets

Note: If finding low performance on a custom preset, check the ssao value is set to off


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Fixed some incorrect quality presets causing lower than expected performance on quality levels lower than highest




Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix for a couple issues that came up in friday’s patch


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Fixed some bugs with regrow mode in multiplayer games that could cause regrown trees to vanish for client and be uncuttable for host in some cases
  • Fixed a case of player weapon getting stuck unable to swing during combat
  • Fixed player sometimes gliding when running up slopes and other objects



V0.42 – Tree regrow mode, multiplayer hole cutting, meat eating animations, bug fixing and more

Hey Everyone,


This patch introduces a new game mode, where trees  will grow back overtime as you sleep. Type: regrowmode in the title scene to activate this mode. With it enabled, a percent of trees will grow back each time you sleep at a shelter. Sleep enough times without cutting down any trees and eventually the entire forest will be repopulated. Note – to keep a tree from regrowing in this mode, remove both the tree and the stump so that  they don’t grow back inside your base.


For multiplayer we fixed some issues where enemy a.i. would often prioritize the host player over any clients if both were nearby, and have finally gotten hole cutting working for structures in multiplayer games, it’s actually even possible to cut holes right out from under other players. We’ve blocked this action for clients if iron forest mode is enabled by host to stop unwanted renovations to your buildings by other players.


A new meat eating animation has been added to help with immersion, and a new poison system for enemies has been added – now when hit with a poisoned arrow instead of simply taking damage they will move much slower for a short period of time – this is especially helpful for some of the game’s faster enemies.


Sticks can now be stored in and transported in the log sled, a ton of bugs have been fixed including one where it would make it impossible to open your inventory upon loading if you had saved without the plane axe in your inventory, there have been some a.i. Improvements especially with pathfinding around villages, some new particle effects added, and lots more tweaks and fixes all listed at:


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.42 changelog


  • Fixed limbs being difficult to chop from dead bodies
  • Fixed birds sometimes flying in small circles
  • Added additional particle effects to exploded enemies
  • Enemies will now die when falling from a great height
  • (Multiplayer) Floor/Roof hole cutter is now available ! Clients cannot cut holes in ironforest mode to prevent griefing
  • Caves – fixed 2 holes in cave 2
  • Fixed player head clipping through objects when doing downward axe chop
  • Added missing rabbit fur cost for bed in survival book
  • Fixed excessive random jitter sometimes occurring on floors after cutting holes
  • Fixed deer sometimes standing on edges of cliffs
  • Fixed survival book not mentioning rabbit fur cost of bed
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed random object spawned at the location of metal tin tray for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed distortion of damaged procedural buildings
  • New poisoned effect:  when shot with poisoned arrows enemy movement is slowed and damage output is reduced for a short time
  • Bigger structures that can’t be placed on houseboat floor can no longer be placed on its walls
  • Fixed enemies sometimes able to kill players who are in downed state
  • Killing enemies in trees should now cause them to fall to the ground
  • Enemies should no longer get stuck running inside cannibal huts
  • Log sled can now also be used for transportation of up to 58 sticks ! When sled is empty, hold a rock or stick to place the first and thus select the carried item type, after that the selected item can be added without needing to hold it first (like on regular holders)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed ghost tree structures loaded from a saved game not getting removed if tree is cut down
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed remote player plastic torch flashing when they enter the game
  • (Performance) Fake drop feature now re-uses existing instance whenever possible (only when used pickup is dynamic, otherwise we have to spawn a dynamic one), also fixes fake drop cleaning up decaying meat
  • Fixed extremities of foundation’s floor not perfectly overlapping the area, eventually causing foundation to be visible on the sides, also fixes some weirdness with holes on sides of floors and roofs not perfectly conforming with hole area. Might have an impact on look of previously made buildings/holes
  • Added new cheat code: “woodpaste”. Can be used to reset floor & roof holes in a saved game. Cheat works once when game is started then gets reset when going back to title screen. Does nothing for MP clients
  • Shortened minimum stairs locking length down to the minimum technically possible length with current formula
  • Downwards stairs (place first point up then aim down) now skips the platform part on the first chunk if locked shorter than the regular minimum length
  • Deadfall, HB, swinging rock, noose, rabbit and fish traps now cost one stick to reset
  • Ghost foundations can now be snapped back at first locked point regardless of what height is currently aimed at
  • Enemies will now attempt to jump up onto structures built low to the ground to get to the player
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client not seeing host climb rope animation, if loading a save game with no weapon equipped
  • Added new cheat code: type: regrowmode in title scene to activate/deactivate. When enabled 10% of cut down trees will grow back each night the player sleeps, For multiplayer games this needs to be enabled by host to have an effect on game. Only stumps will regrow into trees, so if you want trees cleared in some areas, for example inside your base, be sure to remove the stumps!
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed syncing of iron forest mode so clients no longer run distortion logic when it’s enabled, which could cause clients to see highly distorted structures that will never be destroyed
  • New art added: pamphlet
  • When a bush is burning, its remaining berries are now removed
  • (Multiplayer) Stalagmite destruction is now synced to nearby players
  • Improved enemy pathfinding around villages and firepits
  • Fixed jumping axe attacks sometimes not registering hits on enemies
  • Regular enemies will interact more with dynamic objects in the environment
  • It is no longer possible to place items such as bomb when in range of an interacting trigger (such as save trigger from shelters) to avoid blowing yourself up when trying to save with C whilst also holding a bomb.
  • Fixed gap between roofs and walls
  • Added ‘eat meat’ action to player when consuming cooked meat
  • Fixed repaired fish trap turning into rabbit trap
  • Fixed pause menu not visible on super wide monitors
  • Now filtering out rocks from clearing system (used by ponds etc), preventing to end up with invisible collision like at the pond near the cannibal village
  • Fixed lizard, crocodile and rabbit skin vanishing if player tried to pick them up whilst already carrying max amount. Dynamic version will now drop in it’s place
  • Fixed mud spawning underwater after rain
  • Burnt headless bodies now stipple in
  • Fixed cave waterfalls missing flowing water effect making them dark/hard to see
  • Improved raft buoyancy settings, should prevent it from not properly unlocking driver when leaving water
  • Fixed tortoises not dropping heads
  • Fixed tortoises not dying when set on fire
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed distant cut down trees not refreshed and showing billboard when late joining a game or joining a saved game
  • Fixed a bug when loading a saved game without owning plane axe preventing inventory system from functioning, notably causing both inventory and book to be impossible to open
  • Added generic protection against inventory initialization failure, game should keep working even if something goes wrong in there
  • (Audio) Fixed some environment SFX (like waterfalls) not working after loading a saved game
  • Added information about poison arrows to survival book
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed survival book on other players not using correct texture for front of book
  • Roof hole cutter now allows cutting several holes aligned with each other without completely cutting the roof in between holes
  • Fixed elephant leaf plant billboard turning off too soon
  • Fixed bird on hand not motion blurring correctly
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bird on hand not appearing on other players
  • Light molotov tutorial now gets hidden when opening inventory or book
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bow not being drawn back on other players
  • Upgrade recipes now show the 2d filling cog when there’s at least 2 different ingredients on the mat
  • Fixed small crafting ingredient (such as teeth) below crafting cog not reachable when crafting cog is hidden
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed enemies tending to target host more than clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client unable to remove tree stumps when far away from host
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed sky lightning getting stuck visible for clients when host is in snow biome and client isn’t
  • Fixed FPS lowering when survival book was opened



V0.41b – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix fixing some of the issues that came up after yesterday’s patch release


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.41b hotfix:


  • Fixed completing ghost tree structure causing trees of this type to keep the cut leaves when pooled/reused across the world
  • Calibrated floor & foundation floor log cost with new log size to match old cost for a given area coverage
  • Fixed loading saves with buildings ghost past ingredient requirements, it now automatically completes it (to fix rare cases of this occurring)
  • Fixed blocking while in hanging cut scene breaking animation
  • Updated navmesh in cave 2 to improve enemy pathfinding
  • Fixed boats not properly undocking when dock gets destroyed
  • Floor hole cutter now only cuts structure within the visible white rectangle area and no longer those that have been targeted and are above or below
  • Fixed roof hole breaking height calculation, causing roof shape to change when applying the cut
  • Fixed roof not calculating height properly depending on alignment with world
  • (Multiplayer) Further increased damage distortion of regular (not procedural) buildings for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bombs exploding over a foundation floor not distorting for client



V0.41 – Improved building visuals, Ragdoll enemies, Fish trap, Floating logs, Bug fixes and more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve remade the basic log and half log art used for custom building, we’ve kept the basic shape but improved texture look and shading. We’ve also added variations of the half log so floors no longer have a visible repeating tile and will instead pick from one of the random variations when created.


Floor hole cutting has been massively improved, we’ve made the cut appear as a ghost outline above your built floor which makes it visually easier to see the cut and also fixes frame rate issues with cutting the colliders in real time for the preview. Floor cutter can now also be used to cut through multiple buildings at the same time.


The survival book has had a pass on layout and readability. We’ve added color coding to the different sections to make it easier to jump to a tab based on color and to more easily identify the different buildable items. Custom building is now in blue, fires in yellow etc


Enemies finally have ragdolls! They should now fall against rocks and cave walls in a more realistic way. (but expect some bugs)


We’ve also added buoyancy to logs, now when they are dropped in water they will float instead of sinking to the bottom. The rabbit trap can now be converted into a fish trap if placed in water. We redid the houseboat to use the new half log art and set it up so it can now be moored at the dock. We fixed an issue with HBAO on ATI cards, improved the fire arrow system to be clearer when switching between arrows and made it so they require cloth to craft, fixed a bug where snow trees turned into normal trees when cut, along with lots more bug fixes and tweaks all listed below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.41 complete


  • (Performance) Reduced CPU overhead cost from animal spawning logic
  • (Performance) Reduced allocations from tree wind sfx logic
  • All mutants now have improved explosion gibs
  • Physics objects will react more to nearby explosions
  • Particles – replaced fire effect on lit arrows!
  • Fixed arrow fire wrongly showing fire hit particles when shot
  • New art added: Dead baby corpses combined
  • Fixed issue with HBAO artifacts on ati cards
  • Chopping dead sharks will now leave a headless ragdoll
  • Fixed walls sometimes snapping below when placing on custom floor
  • Hole cutter can now cut several buildings at once, whether side by side, at different heights and/or overlapping each other, making it a lot easier to edit complex/composed structures. Watch out for side effects of this change when trying to cut a single floor
  • Ghost floor is now red when it cannot be placed
  • Added rolloff to building distortion intensity, looks a lot more natural and avoids axe hits from distorting a whole house boat (for example ;)
  • Fixed book tabs not having sheen effect when player is in cave
  • Caves – Dead baby piles added to cave 4
  • Fixed pine tree cut having shimmering cut section where model was overlapping
  • Caves-  ROV added to cave 9
  • Ghost raft now stays above water
  • Ghost house boat now stays above water and can only be placed above water
  • Improved look of bestary drawing outlines
  • Caves – thicker collision on cave entrances
  • Option menu now updates its centering after resolution changed
  • Limited framerate to 60 in title screen to fix overheating issue on some graphics cards
  • Added low SSAO quality (effective with HBAO only)
  • Setup buoyancy on logs !
  • (Performance) Fixed extra physics cost for MP clients when there was a raft or houseboat in the game
  • Push houseboat icon is now outside its walls
  • hybrid ragdoll system added – enemies will conform better to the floor when dead or dropped from carried.
  • Fixed dropped bodies sometimes disappearing when dropped on a steep slope
  • New building: Fish trap ! Bring the legacy rabbit trap to a water area and it’ll turn into a net able to catch fish. Must be suitably placed in a fishing area to be efficient !
  • Arrows are now limited to 5 on the crafting mat and adding/removing arrows from the crafting mat moves all 5 without requiring to hold the batch button
  • Added cloth to burnable arrow upgrade recipe
  • Setup burnable cloth model on arrows
  • Fixed rock path rocks not getting a randomized rotation
  • Increased view range for all ponds
  • Pond spawned rocks now stipple on
  • Caves – reachable skull lamps now all dynamic
  • More health on elephant leaf plant
  • Touchbending added to saplings!
  • Fixed plane lod being drastically lower in save game versus new game for interior
  • Dead bodies can no longer be dropped when standing very close to walls/rocks etc
  • New art added: Revised log model, spike log model, and 3x half log variations
  • Ex Floors now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
  • Ex Stairs now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
  • Ex Dock now accepts log model variations + setup 3 variations
  • Setup new log model on wall, foundations, log pickup
  • Setup new defensive wall log model
  • Setup burnable cloth model on crafted club ! (recipe was already in but not working because this wasn’t setup)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed alt tabbing while chat input is open breaking all input
  • (Multiplayer) Enabled physics on log pickups for clients so that they may push logs
  • (Multiplayer) Improved granularity of dynamic pickups position syncing to reduce jitter
  • (Multiplayer) Client adding 2 logs to a log holder/sled with only one free slot will get back the extra log instead of it being forever gone
  • (multiplayer) Reduced pop when spawning creepy ragdoll bodies as client
  • Added docking capability to house boat ! Approach houseboat close to dock stilts until the dock icon shows up and use the “Take” button to toggle the docking. While docked the boat cannot move or rotate
  • Fixed being unable to block while jumping
  • Fixed being able to pass through the edges of some cave entrances
  • Replaced arrow type toggle icon with a suited one
  • WaterSkin and pot inventory tooltip now shows current water fill percentage
  • Fixed ghost tree structures not going down when tree is cut down
  • Updated houseboat with new log model
  • Fixed player still moving sometimes while inventory is open
  • Fixed foundation’s floor position locking possibly going out of sync with foundation’s one
  • Fixed aiming up or down from last locked foundation position allowing to go around the minimum chunk length limitation
  • Fixed cowman not showing up in bestiary
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bodies being dropped in wrong place for client when first dropped
  • Slightly lowered randomisation of floor logs (was giving bad result sometimes and it’s far less necessary now that we have variations)
  • Fixed houseboat on land not automatically unlocking the driving player
  • Setup new log model on procedural wall doors
  • Rebalanced procedural wall door physics to ease entering structures in some cases
  • Fixed dead bodies floating in air if dropped from a height
  • Better scale/position of deadshark head when held by player
  • (Performance) Revamped floor hole cutter preview, instead of cutting the actual floor or roof it shows a ghost overlaying it with no physics/navigation cost involved
  • Fixed player being shot out of cave 2 exit if they had entered via rope entrance
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed snow trees turning into regular trees when chopped in MP games
  • Fixed explosion damage not always being properly accounted for on buildings
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed damaged building distortion being so soft that it wasn’t visible



V.40 – Permanent death mode, Multiplayer houseboat, New building type, book bestiary and item pages, bug fixes and more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve filled out more of the survival book. The new bestiary section will contain information on the enemies as you encounter them in game giving some descriptions to make dealing with them a little easier. A New items section lists the animals and plants you find in the gameworld and ticks them off as they are discovered.


For the houseboat we’ve added a paddle to control it’s movement. Combined with the new dock building type getting in and out of the houseboat and raft should be a lot smoother. This is now buildable and working in multiplayer also!


A new permanent death cheat mode has been added, to play this type: rawmeatmode in title screen – this mode will permanently delete your current save game when you die and only allow you to save that game in one slot! Only recommended for those who want a much harder game.


Enemy A.I. has seen some improvements this patch and we’ve hopefully fixed  all cases of enemies being able to get into your base through solid walls although they can still leap in via trees or by jumping over rocks.


We’ve done some cpu optimization this patch mostly related to the hud interface and how some of the lods were set up which should help those with slower processors. We also added some new audio, fixed a bunch of bugs and lots more all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.40 complete


  • (Audio) Added hurt sounds to baby fire anim
  • (Audio) Balanced tree wind in distance, tuned waterfall large, tuned snow footsteps and snow jump in wet
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed book tabs flashing when second player held bomb
  • Fixed rotation when flat items are placed on the crafting mat using multiview positioning (ie: ropes)
  • (Performance) Heavily optimized cost of stippling system for objects that aren’t in viewing range (when using high draw distance it can lead to up to 2-3% FPS increase)
  • (audio) Added deafness when standing next to large explosions!
  • (audio) Fixed missing creepy mutant burning sfx for clients
  • (audio) Fixed missing animation sfx on cowman for clients
  • (audio) added snapshot to duck ambient audio when inside house boat
  • Fixed ocean floor ending too soon and allowing players to fall through or stop seeing sand
  • New art added: bloody gibs (added to armsy blown apart model)
  • Fixed tennis balls on dead tennis players being scaled too small
  • Fixed rope trap view distance set wrong and popping off too close
  • Fixed gap between emergency plane door exit and plane wall
  • Fixed area under yacht you could swim through that would remove underwater effects temporarily
  • Foam added around yacht in ocean
  • Improved yacht lod distance that high details appear
  • Revamped building explosion: buildings now suffer regular damage instead of having parts removed altogether and instead will collapse when their HP reaches 0
  • (Balance) Lowered explosion range of crafted explosive to 12 (from 15), 500 point blank damage to buildings
  • (Balance) Lowered explosion range of head bomb to 14 (from 15), 600 point blank damage to buildings
  • (Balance) Increased explosion range of dynamite to 17 (from 15), 750 point blank damage to buildings
  • Building explosion damage now has a rolloff applied based on the explosion radius
  • (Multiplayer) Improved building distortion calculation to better reflect accounted damage
  • Fixed ghost walkway not buildable
  • Player can no longer die from staying too long in plane crash sequence
  • Color highlighted items in the crafting section of survival book to make them clearer and stand out more
  • New building: Procedural Dock ! Must be built near water, places like walls except it stays over water at a fixed height, can have several chunks like other procedural buildings
  • (Performance) Fixed rocks never going to lowest lod level
  • New difficulty changing cheat code: rawmeatmode ! Enables perma death mode, can be turned off by typing vegan, vegetarian or meatmode. In this mode the second death in single player deletes the save slot and after loading a saved game or having saved once in a new game, it is no longer possible to save in another slot.
  • Reduced player melee damage to structures if hitting an enemy at the same time
  • (Performance) Optimised enemy ai routines around lots of built structures
  • Fixed misaligned water zone near upper part of map
  • Added a full reset when entering a trigger using a delayed action (ie: saving at a shelter), should prevent it from ever getting stuck
  • Fixed cooked rabbit meat looking like it is burnt
  • (Performance) Cleared out a bunch of small runtime allocations, helps reducing stutter/freezes
  • (Performance) Fixed/improved slowdown/stutter when approaching enemies or when enemies attack
  • Revamped sun rotation delaying formula, it is now based off time of day rather than sun rotation which allows greater control such as making sure it never cumulates delay past a certain point. This should prevent the occasional weirdness with sun rotation
  • Fixed dead sea weed not stippling in. Fixed small green rock not stippling in.
  • (Performance) Lowered amount of starfish and now stippling them in only when closer to player
  • Water collector’s water visual now scales with amount of water and visibly fills when it rains
  • Fixed water collector not working after being repaired and water collector giving infinite clean water if damaged whilst full
  • Improved lod switch for cockpit
  • Fixed cases of enemies glitching through walls
  • Fixed camera clipping through plane floor sometimes during intro stand up sequence
  • Fixed stairs ghost mode’s built stilt having a collider before being finalized
  • Fixed player getting dragged through a tree sometimes during drag away cutscene
  • Fixed some cases of enemies following player into water while attacking
  • New tick off system, can be found at end of book, currently wired with usable plants (either eaten or picked up with pouch) and animals (must grab cut off head)
  • (Performance) Added pooling to hud’s tutorial runtime generated entries and removed unnecessary anchors causing extra CPU cost
  • Fixed player view sometimes becoming misaligned after entering cave doors
  • Survival book – fixed wrongly linked pages
  • (Performance) Switched 1000 cliff caps that used unity lod for much faster lod system and now lowest low level will stipple on
  • Fixed slightly misaligned buttons for building tutorial fire and tutorial hunting shelter
  • Fixed log sleds not colliding with other log sleds
  • Fixed log sled getting stuck to player if hit while entering log sled
  • Fixed jagged icons in Hud tutorials
  • New bestiary chapter in book: fills with information regarding enemies as you encounter them !
  • Added a rowing paddle to house boat !
  • Fixed weapon block sometimes getting stuck when using a gamepad
  • Fixed yacht life preserver sticking through ceiling
  • Improved some plant billboard distances
  • (Multiplayer) Unblocked house boat
  • Fixed player body disappearing sometimes while driving raft/houseboat
  • Increased delay before adding find timmy task at start of game to 10s (from 3)
  • Fixed jitteriness sometimes when driving raft/houseboat
  • Fixed player camera occasionally facing the wrong way during planecrash
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed destroying custom effigies leaving parts flying behind
  • Custom effigy parts now properly collapse along the effigy
  • Fixed opening book immediately after entering place ghost mode causing player camera to lock up
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed raft paddle getting stuck if player leaves the trigger right after engaging control of it
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue of remote non driving player falling off raft while moving it (not very noticeable on raft but was mandatory with houseboat)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed red sphere showing under turtles for clients


V0.39 – Multiplayer and Single Player bug fixing, balance, tweaks and more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve focused on bug fixing and tweaks along with some small balance changes. We’ve fixed (hopefully) all cases of enemies being able to attack without actually playing an animation, fixed enemies sometimes applying double damage making the combat harder than it should be and fixed a bunch of small and big bugs with gardens, sharing tray, rain in caves, time not synced correctly for host/client, missing audio in multiplayer, and lots more all listed below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub




  • (Multiplayer) Fixed downed enemies blocking player movement
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed lock on distant doors loaded from a save file unusable for host
  • (Multiplayer) Client’s in game day time is now local until end of plane crash sequence for both host & himself
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed adding lizard on drying rack taking a long time to show up client side
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed story clues not showing up after loading a saved game for client (retro active)
  • (Multiplayer) Added motion blur to items on metal tray
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed some item positioning issues in metal tray
  • (Multiplayer) Cleared out  metal tray black list ! Flare/Skull/Cloth/Bomb can now be shared with it
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed rain stopping for clients when host enters caves
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client getting rain while in caves
  • (Multiplayer) Now retrying up to 3 times to connect when failing to join a game (fixes at least the case of joining back a game that was improperly disconnected)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed picking up flares in crates not removing the correct object
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed yellow crates not openning for host
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed missing sound when reloading catapult as client
  • (Multiplayer) Added held dynamite sparks syncing
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemies could exist in world but be invisible and unmoving for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemy attacks could hit player even if they didn’t complete the animation
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed missing audio on cowman for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed cowman not showing burnt texture as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed cowman blood not syncing on death as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed creepy ragdolls sometimes spinning weirdly as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed activating door locks as client when host is far away
  • (Multiplayer) Improved time of day syncing when joining a game to account for possible delay before receiving all required data to perform accurate local calculations (should prevent clients from sometimes starting game starving/thirsty even though it wasn’t saved like that)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed tree structures not properly synced so that cut leaves system and collapsing works properly for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed walky talky not working after loading a game that was saved in SP
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed not able to reset noose traps after removing dead mutant
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed players backpacks popping off early/having different visibility settings than body
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed rabbits in traps not resetting properly for clients causing issues with active rabbits later on in game
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed enemy body pickup trigger sometimes not working after enemy died while looking at it
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed sticky bombs not working for clients
  • (Multiplayer) Fix trees not syncing properly for clients after host went back to title scene once and started a game again
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed enemies not appearing in caves in multiplayer, if client entered cave alone
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed some animation glitches when fighting enemies as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed creepy mutant ragdolls disappearing for client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed mutant position popping slightly when dying as client
  • (Multiplayer) Clamped player velocity when chat window is open
  • (Balanced) Slightly lowered pale mutant speed and aggressiveness
  • Fixed missing twinkle when crafting items
  • Ocean update – lower memory allocations and hopefully fixed all cases of glowing sections visible from some parts of world
  • Fixed equip light message staying on screen when player dies
  • Fixed wrong darker material on one of the built stick from simple and rockpit fires ghost
  • Fixed rock hole in geese lake waterfall
  • Fixed some trees being hard/impossible to cut due to cut point being positioned too high
  • Caves – Removed all old rocks from cave 1
  • Caves – replaced cave 1 hanging skull lamps with dynamic versions
  • Caves – added more sfx to cave 1
  • Fixed big trunk suitcase launching player when broken apart and minimized amount of broken apart pieces
  • (Performances) Optimized fire warmth system
  • Fixed issues with mutants dealing damage to player while on ground/at a distance
  • Defensive Wall Gate can now be opened and closed from both sides !
  • Fixed incompatibility between stashing lighter while holding burning weapon and put out burning weapon features from last patch
  • Allowed back drinking dirty water in pot from inventory
  • Replaced deprecated input action name “useDistration” by actual semantics “WalkyTalky”
  • Fixed adding non crafting material items (ie: soda) on the crafting mat for storage in metal tray causing duplicate views to be created
  • Audio – Balanced tent flapping sound on old tents
  • Fixed burnt female body having wrong textures plugged in
  • Fixed all gamepad menu navigation issues
  • Fixed keycard not going to inventory when picked up
  • Fixed log count issue when placing platform
  • Fixed camera stutter when drinking at a lake with empty hands
  • Fixed louis suitcases breaking into too many pieces
  • Fixed incorrect outline shader settings on a bunch of inventory items
  • Fixed big creepies blood textures fading on instead of snapping on
  • Fixed seam in regular female blood texture
  • Fixed virginia ragdoll stuttering wildly sometimes
  • Fixed seams on Cowman
  • Overlay icons are now visible from either cave or outside world when located within sinkhole area (ie: in MP you don’t need to be in caves to see the marker indicating backpack location)
  • Fixed rope in cave 2 not correctly aligned causing hands to not visually attach
  • Added whoosh sfx when toggling custom wall addition
  • Building repair action icon is on the 3D billboard icon instead of the 2D action icon
  • Fixed Armsy getting stuck on wooden planks inside cave 7
  • Creepy mutants can now break down wooden planks
  • Fixed some items missing in some cave greebles causing performance to tank due to errors
  • Change book text to just ‘for timmy’
  • (Balance) Slightly lowered contrast on grey dying image effect to make it easier to see when in low health state
  • Fixed hits sometimes showing blood but no hit reaction, when attacking enemies
  • Aiming reticle now always looks up instead of aligning with ground
  • Aiming reticle now uses player position as base position for the trajectory calculations instead of item position (slightly less accurate but far more stable)
  • Defensive wall gate now has an icon an each side
  • Changed multi-thrower holder icons to the generic add/take ones
  • Fixed thrown spear sometimes passing through cave rocks and other objects
  • Position basket icon on catapult closer to centre
  • Fixed bug where enemy would spill blood without being hit or playing hit animation
  • Fixed water drink icon looking darker than all other icons
  • Fixed saving used content of yellow crates
  • Replaced door lock model by a single sided door lock one
  • (Audio) Lowered volume of cow man when close
  • Added tree structure cut leaves system to pine / moss / winter trees!
  • Garden now toggles to whatever seed type player has available, fixing issue of garden eventually getting stuck on a not available seed type without possibility to switch to another one
  • Added exit tutorial when in manual upgrading mode
  • Fixed plane going through water briefly sometimes during crash
  • Fixed hud visible during sleeping black screen
  • Fixed cowman sometimes not doing 180 attack on player standing directly behind
  • Re-arranged triggers so that switching between gate and repair trigger is easier when looking at a damaged gate
  • Moved shelter’s repair trigger position outside of its logs
  • Fixed wall lods not having a visible door past lod0
  • Now forcing sun rotation update until past the last frame of sleeping to ensure it is up to date afterwards
  • Sleep black screen is now 1s longer
  • It is no longer possible to add meat to drying racks built in water (like fires)
  • Fixed soil in gardens not casting shadows and darkened dirt piles to make them easier to see
  • Tennis players and lawyers now show up on passenger manifest
  • Fixed axe getting stuck occasionally when doing repeated ground chop attacks
  • Fixed player movement getting stuck when entering rockThrower while crouched
  • Caves – fixed hole in cave 3
  • Caves – lighting and layout work in cave 8
  • Caves- fixed hole in cave 7
  • Reduced rotation speed of enemies when doing jumping attacks, prevents enemies appearing to orbit around player position
  • Fixed molotov/burning weapons sometimes getting put out when player has water at ankle level
  • (Performance) Fixed high physics cost from sound detection system when moving around in caves
  • Audio – lowered volume of held dynamite

V0.38b – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix for some issues that came up in last night’s patch, as always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.38b hotfix


  • Fixed enemy clubs duplicating when picked up
  • Fixed wall door not being respawned correctly when wall was repaired
  • Fixed missing louis crate in caves, and made breakable – now contains cloth inside and made new model/textures





v0.38 – Rock paths, Improved roof building, Cave balance tweaks, Moon cycles, bug fixes and lots more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve merged the floor with the wooden path, so instead of them needing to be two separate items, they will instead act differently depending on how used. Place the floor directly on the terrain and it will act like the wooden path, place it on a foundation and it will act like procedural floors. With wooden path removed, we’ve added in a new buildable procedural rock path in its place.


Cave’s have seen some major balance tweaks this patch, from enemy placement to the location of some key items. In addition to this we’ve improved a bunch of cave collision issues, fixed a lot of pickups, improved some cave lighting, and added in some new distant cave groans/sounds


Stars had been missing for awhile due to a conflict with the ssao, however this has now been fixed and along with this we have added moon cycles, some new animations were  added to the opening plane crash, a new story item hidden deep in one of the caves, lots of balance tweaks, bug fixes and more all listed below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


0.38 changelog:


  • All equipment pieces on the crafting mat can now be equipped directly from there!
  • Enemies will attempt to run away from thrown bombs more often
  • Burning weapons are now put out and can be relit for remaining burn duration when entering a water trigger
  • Burning weapons are now put out and can be relit for remaining burn duration when stashed (i.e. when climbing rope)
  • Passenger manifest is no longer automatically equipped while in combat
  • A simple press on the “Lighter” button now stashes it when holding a lightable item (holding the button still lights the item)
  • Fixed equipping pot in inventory
  • Revamped roofs to show autofill preview by default (like floors)
  • Fixed switching floor between autofill and manual placement when there’s a preview floor displayed causing preview structure to remain visible and eventually causing improper icons to be displayed
  • Fixed lighter sometimes being equipped while survival book is open
  • Fixed teeth no longer dropping when hitting enemies
  • Fixed incorrect normals on plane seat metal
  • Plane crash set to nighttime and relit plane and abduction scene
  • Adjusted enemy layout in caves 1, 8 & 10
  • (balance) Increased player walking sound detection range
  • When woken from sleep, enemies will now walk towards the sound source
  • (balance) Increased speed and aggressiveness of large pale mutants
  • Fixed mutants occasionally getting stuck in fall pose when dropping down from ceilings
  • Changed armor hud display formula to be solely based off amount of pieces equipped and not armor value (boots cold protection no longer shows at all in this)
  • Now saving cloth (burning) weapon upgrade
  • Fixed plastic torch not getting bloody anymore
  • Each deer skin armor piece now has 10 HP and can be destroyed like all other armor types
  • Ghost stairs now use a half log as default mesh
  • Dynamite can now be attached to walls & trees
  • Aiming reticle is now 3x smaller and has a vertical cylinder halo
  • New art added – campsite junk
  • Added more props/layout and details to old film crew camp
  • Hanging scene now only shows the equip light tutorial and no other hud element
  • Fixed skin shading appearing black when using legacy renderer
  • (particles) Improved look of flies (made darker, especially in caves)
  • Player now conforms to the angle of terrain when dying and injured
  • Adjusted timmy toy position on plane to make it more visible
  • Fixed cave mutants when feeding on limbs sometimes not being alerted to nearby player
  • (balance) Increased health of pale skinny cave mutants
  • Caves – fixed intersecting sticks in cave 1
  • Caves – brighter lamps
  • Caves – fixed skulls inside walls in cave 1
  • Caves – removed bone texture from timmy drawings room
  • Caves – removed old rocks from Cave 1
  • Caves – fixed some rock textures
  • Caves – fixed bad value on hanging body in cave 5
  • Caves – brighter bible textures
  • Caves – work on badly placed stalagmites
  • (Performance) Halved mesh resolution of main building log
  • Increased quality of collision detection of flare gun flares so they work better in caves
  • Fixed ghost custom effigy rendering issues
  • Caves – Better collision on main cave rocks
  • Caves – Moved Climbing Axe to  cave 9
  • Creepy enemies now spawn blood particles when hit
  • Added a restore defaults button in main scene’s control settings panel
  • Fixed icons not refreshing when pressing escape while in control settings panel after changing an input mapping without saving
  • Fixed pressing escape while having the input mapping conflict resolution popup, it now has same effect as pressing the cancel button
  • Fixed a case of input mapping override not getting applied correctly
  • Audio – Fixed missing sound effect for cave door in sinkhole
  • Audio – Increased Bats flying out of caves sound
  • Audio – Fixed missing book opening sound
  • Audio – Increased volume of page turning sound effect
  • (particles) Added broken glass particles to plane crash scene
  • (particles) Dust and small rocks will now explode out of broken stalagmites when hit
  • Caves- adjusted tennis player lod so they don’t pop on
  • Caves- added more save tents deeper inside caves
  • Caves – replaced old skull lamps with dynamic versions
  • Caves- cave 7 entrance work
  • Caves – more lighting in cave 7
  • Caves- fixed hole in cave 7 where you could fall out.
  • Armsy is faster and more aggressive now when attacking player
  • New death and melee reaction animations added to armsy
  • Virginia is now faster and more aggressive when attacking player
  • Updated enemy cave layout to have more difficult enemies in later caves
  • Added back missing stars to night sky!
  • (Balance) Climbing axe now only works on climbing walls
  • Added blood particles to babies when hit, and to their ragdolls
  • Caves- Smaller peek hole in cave 8
  • Caves- Fix for door popping in inside the sinkhole.
  • Cave –  Fixed ceiling too low in cave 8 exit to sinkhole
  • Moon cycles added!
  • Audio – Fixed mutant audio not pausing when player was in inventory in single player giving illusion game wasn’t actually paused
  • Fixed ghost rock holder loading from save file as a stick holder
  • Audio – plane crash sound now gradually fades out if plane crash is skipped
  • New building: Rock Path ! Place and extend it like custom walls, conforms with terrain when placed, cuts grass when built
  • Fixed dropping bones & fixed inventory item tooltip displaying 0 bone after dropping last bone
  • Fixed enemy club not displaying pickup icon when dropped
  • Fixed dropped enemy club using old mesh/old texture
  • (multiplayer) Fixed player_net molotov fire looking different than local player molotov fire
  • Limited the amount of turtles that can spawn over time
  • Fixed ghost sometimes rotating automatically
  • Lowered opacity of stealth icon and lowered position on screen
  • Climbing wall made brighter, and added leftover old climbing props on wall to make climbable clearer
  • Updated enemy layout in cave 5
  • (balance)Added more supplies to cave4 room (virginia room)
  • (balance)Added food and soda near cave 5 air pickups
  • Replaced granite cave rock material with mineral rock material
  • Added more fat mutants to caves
  • Audio – New creaking large tree sound added
  • Removed loose sodas and cash pickups from caves, instead these are found on bodies, under bodies, or in suitcases/crates
  • Added small rock pickups to caves to aid with stealth (hint: try throwing them as a distraction)
  • Audio – added new distant cave variations to various caves
  • Audio – Bats exiting caves will now play multiple squeals and squeaks
  • Fixed custom effigy not working after being damaged and repaired
  • Fixed garden plant flashing big when planted before getting proper size
  • You will now only get cold in cave water if you stay swimming in it for 12seconds or more
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed saving inventory for clients
  • Fixed creepy mutants not breaking apart stalagmites inside caves
  • Merged walkway and procedural floor in a single placement tool, bring near terrain to swap to walkway or bring it back up to swap to extensible floor which can be added to a custom structure
  • (Balance) Added more rocks/layout to bottom of sinkhole and tweaked enemy positions/layout
  • New art added: Corpse piles, added to cave 6
  • Audio – added new extinguish sound for when molotov is put out by water
  • Survival book pickup added to the start of plane crash sequence
  • Add hit reaction animation to cowman
  • (Audio) Added experimental “Voice Count” in gameplay sound options to hopefully work around some audio issues for some players.