V0.45 – Armor mannequin, improved animal navigation, carryable dried meat, new story pickups, bug fixes and more

Hey Everyone,


This patch adds a new armor mannequin, making it possible to store different armor types for retrieval later. We also added a new alternate log and rock holder which can be toggled by hitting the R key, these store double the amount of each item.


Dried meat can now either be eaten directly off drying rack by holding the eat key, or taken into inventory by tapping the key. This allows you to carry dried meat with you and eat it when you like.


We worked on improving animal a.i. navigation, so deer should hopefully not run through rocks anymore. We also fixed some enemy navigation issues that should reduce cases of enemies running against walls and rocks endlessly.


Almost every item you can hold in your right hand can now be used as a weapon! So if you want to hit someone with raw meat you now can. We also added a tiny amount of damage to thrown rocks, so if you want to throw them at each other in coop games you’ll now do a point or so of damage.


We did a bunch of improvements to controller usage especially in menus, making it much easier to select options, start games and more using just a controller.


Climbing axe can now be used on outside world cliffs again! There are a couple new bits of art added, including new gore models for caves, new mud models for after it rains and new mud on arm textures which should look more realistic. Items should no longer fly up into the sky when player approaches them!  Some new story items and pickups have been added, along with this we also fixed a ton of bugs and more all listed at:


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.45 changelog:


  • Fixed rock path keeping last autofill setting instead of disabling it, resulting in a state where rock path cannot be used after placing another wall or fence in autofill mode
  • Fixed repaired anchor version of tree structures having a rope
  • Fixed shutting down upgrading system before having applied all 5 views of a single glass shard upgrade leaving crafting system in a partially broken state
  • Fixed disassembling upgrades not properly clearing up bonuses (100% retroactive)
  • Fixed disassembling upgraded stick upgrades breaking it
  • Fixed disassembling upgrades causing burning upgrade cloth to no longer show up in inventory
  • Fixed material icons not visible when building a structure nested with a dynamic one (like houseboat) that has moved after ghost was placed
  • Interacting with docking trigger is now exclusive so that it is no longer possible to interact with other nearby triggers at the same time
  • Improved gamepad menu navigation, currently selected menu element highlighting should now be consistent when going back and forth in menus
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed invite popup not usable with a gamepad
  • Fixed some dynamic objects sometimes flying up into the air when approached
  • Fixed missing collision from some cannibal art props around the world
  • It is now possible to nest small buildings in both treehouses (considered dynamic, so it has same limitations as the houseboat)
  • Several small buildings like rabbit skin decoration and snack holder can now properly be nested to dynamic structures (like houseboat or tree structures)
  • (Multiplayer) It is no longer possible to equip items that are added to the metal tray directly from it, it needs to be moved back on crafting mat or inventory first (this is to prevent a duplication exploit)
  • New building: Large Log Holder ! Once placed, the ghost regular log holder can be toggled into a large holder. Holds up to 12 logs
  • New building: Large Rock Holder ! Once placed, the ghost regular rock holder can be toggled into a large holder. Holds up to 40 rocks
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed issue with missing buildings for clients when loading a saved game with lots of structures (instead of attaching all buildings at once they will instead be attached to the networking system up to 100 at a time per frame, this delays just a little the time it takes for everything to show up on clients and should likely be unnoticed)
  • (Multiplayer) Sped up time it takes to attach all trees at start of game
  • (Audio) Added impact sound for when hitting tents with weapons.
  • (Audio) Added impact sound for when hitting cannibal camp fires with weapons.
  • (Audio) Added new sound event for spear throwing.
  • (Audio) Added new sound for bone fence weapon impacts.
  • Optimized cpu usage on enemy ai routines
  • Fixed high cpu usage when survival book was open
  • Improved collision on old white tents, lowered wind distortion and added stipple effect when they become visible
  • New mud art
  • New muddy arms textures
  • New mud now stipples in instead of popping on
  • New bloody gore cave models added
  • Fixed nav mesh not updating correctly when some structures were destroyed
  • Viewing passenger manifest can now be cancelled by pressing attack
  • Fixed passenger manifest being activated at inconvenient moments such as when enemies are nearby
  • Fixed player weapon sometimes becoming unresponsive for a moment when near trees
  • Fixed shell attack not responding during jump
  • Fixed shell attack clipping with player camera
  • New building: Armor mannequin ! Stores a total of 10 Lizard Skin, Deer Skin, Stealth Armor or Bone Armor in a suited shape
  • Fixed case of wrong weapon stats being used after upgrading a weapon and closing inventory with escape (without selecting a weapon)
  • (Performance) Fixed unnecessary CPU usage from metal doors
  • (Multiplayer) Adding more items to a holder than its maximum capacity now attempts to return it
  • (Multiplayer) Now showing an icon next to other player name indicating they currently are inside a cave
  • Added Storage page 3 tab in book
  • New story item added to (spoiler, removed)
  • New story pickup added to (spoiler, removed)
  • New story pickup added to (spoiler, removed)
  • New story item added to (spoiler, removed)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed tree structures vanishing instead of visibly collapsing for clients when supporting tree is cut down
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed a case of fake drop causing duplication in MP, fixes duplicating animals meat when full
  • (Multiplayer)Fixed cave fires doubling up visually when lit
  • Improved popon of some rivers in parts of world
  • Fixed player able to glitch through houseboat collision under some circumstances
  • Hand icon will now point towards the selected menu item when navigating title scene and in-game menu with a gamepad
  • Software cursor shown when using gamepad in book now has a more reasonable size
  • Fixed some gamepad navigation issues in options
  • Disabled prev/next action icons shown when using gamepad in book
  • Grabbing sled is now hold “Take” action instead of simple press
  • Increased max amount of rocks in sled to 26 (from 15)
  • Fixed sled rocks using sheen material instead of regular one
  • Arrow basket, bone basket, drying rack and skull light can now be nested with dynamic structures (ie: houseboat)
  • (Performance) Turned off some additional cave floors that were on even when player was above ground
  • Deer should no longer run straight through walls and structures
  • Climbing axe can be used on above ground cliff faces again, (except for sinkhole)
  • Fixed broken glitchy waterfall particles in sinkhole
  • Fixed player sometimes surviving fall into sinkhole
  • Fixed some cave entrances popping on too close
  • Dried meat on rack can now be collected with a simple press of the “Take” action (instead of holding it for 0.5s which will still eat it)
  • It is now possible to eat dried meat in inventory
  • Player can now attack with held items such as fish, dead rabbits and generic meat
  • Picking up small rocks/tennis balls when holding logs no longer drops the logs
  • Fixed player animation breaking sometimes when picking up a spear while doing a downward axe chop
  • Small rocks will now deal damage when thrown at player or enemies
  • (Performance) Fixed star system having high CPU usage when in caves
  • Fixed placing several buildings ghost with the Batch feature blocking opening inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed meat client gets on drying rack always fresh regardless of actual decay state meat had for host
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client adding edible/spoilt meat on rack turning to fresh meat
  • Improved texture resolution on cave corpses in cave6
  • Fixed incendiary upgrade on spear not saving
  • (Multiplayer)Optimized mutant transform cpu usage for clients



V0.44c – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s another small fix to last night’s 0.44 release. Fixing a couple small bugs that came up overnight





  • Fixed dropping meat leaving a broken unusable view in inventory
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed swapping ghost tree structure as client causing it to be grabbed by host even if far away



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.44b – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix to tonight’s 0.44 build, fixing an issue with animals in vegan mode, some small controller fixes and a bug that stopped cave climbing axe from functioning.




  • Fixed animals not spawning in vegan mode
  • Fixed selecting ghost in book with a gamepad using “Build” or “Take” action instead of “Fire1” wrongly placing ghost even if not meeting requirements, allowing for example to place rope on ground
  • Fixed bug preventing to change gamepad input mappings
  • Fixed cave climbing axe not functioning



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.44 – AI improvements, memory reductions, building improvements, skin holding racks, bug fixes and more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve done a bunch of a.i. and pathfinding improvements. Enemies will now attempt to climb structures you build, and if inside a structure, break down through the ceiling to get to you. The new pathfinding improvements also fix a bunch of issues with enemies having troubles on certain floors of custom buildings and on certain structures- along with this we’ve managed to lower memory by a few hundred megabytes for the a.i. which should result in less instances of the game crashing especially on lower memory pc’s


For building, we’ve re-worked how anchor connections work, they should now be much easier to attach and should act more consistently. We also added the option to choose if you want elevated structures to include a rope or not — this enables you to build bridges between tree houses and opens up a lot of possibilities for more complex tree structures. There’s also a new connected rope model, so ropes no longer just float in the air in front of structures. Building autofill feature has also had several improvements to simplify its use – it will now memorize the last setting used and prevent blocking placement when building on terrain in wrong mode.


We also added ability for players to remove all upgrades from a weapon, as we found people could get stuck with a bunch of upgrades they didn’t want. We found and fixed a save game issue that could wipe save games both locally and on the cloud, added a new skin rack building type that allows you to store lizard, deer and rabbit skins. Added some new audio, fixed a bunch of multiplayer and single player bugs and more, the full list of changes can be viewed at:


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


v44 changelog:


  • (Audio) Added new ambient emitters to more empty parts of world
  • (Audio) Added sound effect when opening wooden doors on cabins and doorways
  • (Audio) Added new sound for fish trap being triggered
  • (Audio) Added new sound for air tank dropping when inventory is full
  • (Audio) Fix for crafting sound sometime being inaudible in inventory!
  • (Audio) Impact sound for bone, stick and rock fences when hit with weapon.
  • It is now possible to rotate ceiling skull lamps and decorations in ghost mode
  • There is now a 60s minimum duration to rain after it actually starts to rain
  • (Multiplayer) Setup cloud forming for clients before rain starts
  • Wall auto-fill mode is no longer available on terrain, it always uses manual placement
  • Walls/Fences and Floors/Roofs each save and restore the latest autofill/manual mode
  • Now enforcing a UI refresh after sleeping, should prevent tutorial that should be in bottom left corner to remain at top of screen occasionally
  • Fixed repairing a damaged stick marker breaking its color toggling
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed time of day looping really fast when host isn’t responding
  • Fixed regression with stick & rock bag changes causing poisoned arrows to not show up as such (but functional anyways) and incendiary upgraded spear to not work correctly
  • It is now possible to remove fixed upgrades from weapons (tooth/feather/glass): Place an upgraded weapon alone on the crafting mat and press the “Craft” button. Upgrades will visibly fall off the weapon and about 40% of the tooth/feather/booze will be returned to the inventory if there is room for it
  • Caves – better collision on curved rock wall
  • Built rope now has a visible connection to structures
  • Updated world nav mesh system, reduced memory cost and improves navigation inside and around player built structures
  • New buildings: Skin rack ! Has slots for rabbit, deer, and lizard skin each with room for 15 items
  • Fixed platform anchors icon being inside its foundation instead of outside
  • Collision added to some tourist models you could walk through
  • (Audio) Fixed one of the big rock types in world not sounding like rock when walked over or hit
  • Fixed rope bottom trigger position not set correctly if ground is at the verge of its max distance
  • Fixed rare type of dead tree that had cut point too hard making it hard/impossible to chop down
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed decoration place icon staying up after placing one as client
  • Fixed ceiling skull lamp not snapping to procedural ceilings
  • Fixed toggling back and forth between book and inventory switching back to default weapon or no weapon
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed meat decaying state resetting when dropped and grabbed by another player
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed client toggling stick marker or sled flag color not properly syncing to other players
  • Added a cap to damaged building distort ratio for building with lower max HP, fixes really high distortion on smaller buildings like skull lights
  • Fixed ghost skull light placing floating above ground
  • Tree house, Tree House Chalet and Tree Platform can now be toggled with the “Rotate” button after being placed on a tree (but still in ghost mode) to a version in which rope has been replaced by an anchor !
  • Blocked small rocks and regular rock pickups from spawning in lakes and ponds to fix issue where drink trigger could be blocked by these
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed error when picking up rabbits in traps as client causing it to be duplicated
  • (Performance) Work around some engine physics allocations on player to reduce garbage memory generated each frame
  • Enemies will now attempt to climb structures to get to the player and break down the ceiling if on the roof!
  • Improved positioning of ropes on several buildings anchor (not retroactive, already placed ropes will likely be slightly off)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player movement breaking if hit while waking up on plane
  • Fixed held rock and other weapon speed not being affected by low stamina
  • Fixed spear attacks not draining stamina at all
  • Added stipple to plane food carts and blue/green tents
  • Planting seeds in garden now uses the “Craft” button (use to be the “Take” button but was inconsistent with other feature that imply adding items in world, like food on fire)
  • Fixed cooked rabbit (from rabbits burnt live) not edible
  • Added hit proxy system to main stairs colliders (was only on stilts previously)
  • New casting based anchoring for single anchor structures (currently climbing ropes only), grabs anchor in view near center of screen instead of within range of ghost, thus requiring less accuracy in aiming and being a lot easier to lock with anchors
  • (Audio) Fixed cave footsteps playing on terrain footsteps instead of on rock footsteps
  • Added splash particle when throwing small rocks into water
  • Fixed ghost procedural stairs bug preventing from locking perfectly fine short stairs (within constraints)
  • Removed delay on picking up rocks and other small items before equipping
  • (Multiplayer) Now returning extra ingredients added to ghost building by going faster than syncing speed to complete the required amount
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed input getting stuck and unusable if interacting with chat at wrong time when dying
  • Massively lowered memory usage pathfinding takes and fixed a memory leak when going back to main scene multiple times
  • Fixed loading game on a computer for the first time clearing cloud saves!
  • Changed default “Build” action mapping for gamepads to the bottom row 1 button (“A” or “Cross”) – note that this change won’t override custom settings if any
  • (Performance) Reduced CPU usage when survival book is open
  • Fixed some icon positioning issues in book
  • Fixed some cases of weapon switching to default axe or none when toggling between book and inventory
  • Fixed some issues with thrown upgraded/incendiary spear not acting as expected
  • Fixed equipping items from crafting mat losing its active bonus
  • Player death camera will no longer show extra in world enemies walking around



V0.43c – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s another small fix for an issue with auto fill/manual placement of walls which could have issues when building over lakes or other triggers


  • Toggling between autofill and manual placement for walls, floors and roofs is now done with a simple press of the “Craft” button (instead of hold), fixes issues with other trigger breaking the toggling such as drink trigger when building over a lake

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

V0.43b – hotfix

Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix to last night’s patch release, fixing an issue with the new rock and stick bags and saving/loading.



  • Fixed max amount bonus from having stick or rock bag in inventory stacking up each time a saved game is loaded



As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.43 – Stick and rock bags, super meds, building improvements, bug fixing and more

Hey Everyone,


For this patch we’ve added new craftable stick and rock bags. Once crafted, these will increase the amount of rocks and sticks you can carry in your inventory. Along with this we’ve also added new craftable super meds, which will restore more health and stamina than regular meds. Recipes for these can be found in the survival book.


We’ve added autofill preview to procedural walls so they work similar to placing floors. Responsiveness when building on top of platforms/floors has been improved, and should result in less cases of structures snapping underneath you instead of on platform. On foundations, walls will now attempt to auto fill the entire floor area, not just the foundation shape as was previously the case.


For mutant a.i. we’ve added the ability for them to attempt to eat food from drying racks, or if there is no more food hanging to destroy these racks. We also fixed some issues with a.i. running to targets  they couldn’t get to and animal a.i. spawning inside player structures.


Along with this we added some new sounds, more props to cave camp sites, fixed a ton of bugs for both single and multiplayer and more, the full list can be viewed below.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V0.43 changelog:



  • Audio – added sounds to book opening on plane
  • Audio – fixed timing of meat eating to fit new animation
  • Fixed some structures not getting cut out of nav mesh correctly on loading save game
  • Mutants will now attempt to eat food from drying racks, once there is no meat left they will destroy the rack
  • Fixed some cases of enemies running somewhere when there was no path to the target
  • Prevented animals from spawning inside player built structures
  • Added new craftable item: Meds+. Craft with 1 marigold, 1 aloe and 1 coneflower, restores 100 health points
  • Added new craftable item: EnergyMix+. Craft with 1 coneflower, 1 chicory and 1 aloe
  • Fixed 2d filling cog not functioning properly in specific cases, i.e. upgrade recipe matching some ingredient with a recipe which currently has all its ingredient on the crafting mat but not valid amounts yet (like arrows & speed+ upgraded stick)
  • Clamped garden plants scale to prevent it from ever going into negative
  • Caves – Camping garbage added to cave 10 and 2
  • It is no longer possible to be brought under terrain by the climbing down top of rope animation.
  • It is no longer possible to use the top rope trigger to initiate rope climbing from below it, bottom trigger should be used instead. This prevents playing the climbing down rope animation when not effectively trying to climb down
  • Fixed greebles switching from regular to snow when standing right on the edge in between
  • New craftable item: Stick Bag. Combine 2 ropes, 3 cloth and 1 rabbit skin. Increases stick carry capacity by 10
  • New craftable item: Rock Bag. Combine 3 ropes, 3 cloth and 3 rabbit skin. Increases rock carry capacity by 5
  • Updated meds crafting page in survival book
  • Fixed repair building trigger position not calculated properly, causing icon to possibly be inside the building depending on its orientation
  • Moved shelter’s icon a little bit more outside structure
  • Eating marigold now gives 5% fullness (same as other plants) and plays eating sound when used
  • Increased cooked meat trigger size, should make it easier to target meat over the fuel fire trigger
  • Unlit molotov thrown at lit fires now fuel it (but still doesn’t light unlit ones)
  • Increased duration collapsed building pieces remain to 5s (from 2.5)
  • Fixed collapsing foundation not releasing its logs individually and instead staying glued in oddly shaped chunks of several logs
  • Improved look of Pine Tree Top Heavy – straighter trunk, removed lower branches.
  • Fixed glowing mutant leader straps
  • Fixed wrong uv’s on back of some magazines and pickups
  • Fixed missing backfaces on dropped lizard and rabbit skin prefabs
  • Caves – better collision on rockground rock type
  • Caves – fixed holes in cave 6
  • Fixed repetition of female head on stick art placed around the world
  • Improved responsiveness of weapon when attacking while recovering from a swing
  • It is no longer possible to place a defensive wall reinforcement on gate chunks
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed fish trap resetting when there’s a fish trapped remotely
  • (Multiplayer) Fish trap no longer syncs its sprung state, since fishes are local to each player it allows traps to catch fish on each player side independently. Resetting fish trap is still common to all players
  • Fixed player collision getting stuck on enemies standing directly below player
  • Life buoy now make sound when pushed and now float in water
  • Player blood map seams fixed
  • Fixed ghost roof default visual not centered and weirdly offset
  • Fixed resetting fish trap not having a delay allowing currently caught fish to escape
  • Fixed all types of maple trees not blowing up when within an explosion happening mid range from a player
  • Fixed some tree/tent intersections
  • Revamped procedural wall auto fill: in the same fashion as floors & roofs, walls now show a preview of the result of “auto fill” feature. By default it tries to guess what mode is desired and toggles between manual and auto fill depending on ghost touching terrain or a player made structure, holding the “Craft” button (C by default) allows to toggle between modes manually. After doing so it no longer switches mode automatically until a new wall is being made
  • Placing a procedural wall on a foundation with floor will now cover the floor area instead of matching the foundation shape (so if foundations have an open side the ghost wall will cover that part as well instead of leaving it open, note that as all constructions it can be cancelled if not wanted)
  • Now checking against existing wall chunks (or derivatives such as fences) when placing a ghost wall (or derivatives) and skip placing new chunks over existing chunks that share exact same position and size (for example, after autofilling a wall and cancelling a chunk, autofill can be used a second time to fill the gap without spawning doubled up wall chunks overlapping the existing ones)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed cave pre-placed fires not being lightable
  • Better lod for sinkhole base lowest lod and matched to latest layout
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed gamepad not having same restrictions as keyboard when using chat, causing issues such as allowing to double jump and possibly breaking all input
  • Increased chance of enemies dodging thrown molotovs and other projectiles
  • Enforcing trigger validation while paddling raft to ensure driver unlocking when landing
  • Defensive wall gates are now considered dynamic buildings which doesn’t allow nesting other structures to it (not retroactive)
  • Vertically snapping structures (like decorative skulls) can no longer be parented to dynamic buildings which do not allow it
  • Timmy drawings can no longer be attached to dynamic buildings which do not allow it
  • Fixed excessive distortion when damaging gardens
  • Fixed logs thrown into the sinkhole staying floating mid air, they now properly go all the way down !
  • Fixed screen sometimes shaking randomly when walking around the world
  • Fixed meat clipping into player body while eating
  • Fixed player crouch getting stuck sometimes when moving through shallow water
  • (Multiplayer) Reduced some jerkiness in squirrel animation as client
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed player slowly rotating to the side and ending upside down when using chat box while swimming
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed flickering on back of tabloid magazine when viewing another player holding it
  • Fixed player getting thrown up in the air if standing on top of an explosive
  • Added screen distortion effect to plane tv screens when plane begins to crash
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed game freezing when closing inventory after adding more items than shown using metal tray on the crafting mat (i.e. add metal tray and 40 leaves to crafting mat then close inventory without combining)
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed (again)backpack overlay icon not showing up in world after dying in a cave
  • Fixed lizards and other animals not falling from trees that are cut down
  • Lizards will no longer try to climb trees that the player is chopping
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed interaction distance with item holder trigger of sled being really short
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed cutting stumps away from host not not blowing up
  • New memory and performance optimizations added to pathfinding



Hey Everyone,


Here’s another small hotfix, this time fixing some performance issues with some quality presets

Note: If finding low performance on a custom preset, check the ssao value is set to off


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Fixed some incorrect quality presets causing lower than expected performance on quality levels lower than highest




Hey Everyone,


Here’s a small hotfix for a couple issues that came up in friday’s patch


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Fixed some bugs with regrow mode in multiplayer games that could cause regrown trees to vanish for client and be uncuttable for host in some cases
  • Fixed a case of player weapon getting stuck unable to swing during combat
  • Fixed player sometimes gliding when running up slopes and other objects